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Travel writer Shivya Nath, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Travel writer Shivya Nath, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

The Shooting Star by Shivya Nath is a travel book of uncommon insight and depth

New travel book by Shivya Nath, The Shooting Star, is a song of freedom, adventure, and voyages each inner and outer.

“As his anklet shone in the moonlight, it all of a sudden struck me that this man, just a humble fisherman with a worn-out sweater and no slippers, was a dreamer and explorer at heart. Probably the exact same heart that had produced me board a flight, alone, to a spot like this.

And however, we had been various, Not mainly because he lived in ‘paradise’ and I came looking for it. But mainly because he realized that paradise is just the spot exactly where your heart belongs.”

The Shooting Star travel book by Shivya NathMy favourite passage in The Shooting Star, a new travel book by travel writer and blogger Shivya Nath captures every little thing I adore about her writing. The sensitively observed scene, the way she weaves in her personal private quest, and the insight she draws from the expertise. Really couple of travel writers get all of these issues appropriate.

Early in my profession as a travel blogger, I came across Shivya’s travel weblog, also referred to as The Shooting Star. I was really impressed each with her writing and her thoughtful method to travel. I’m not confident who reached out to who, I can not don’t forget, but we met in Delhi for tea in Hauz Khas. This was in 2010 or 2011 or 2012 maybe.  I’ve been following her weblog, her writing, her profession – and often Shivya herself – ever considering the fact that. I’ve had the superior fortune to meet up with her in Scotland, Canada, and many areas in India more than the years

The truth is, although she is quite a few years my junior, Shivya has inspired and influenced me like practically no 1 else.

Writing that inspires with passion and compassion

I knew the broad strokes of her life story, but not the information, till I study the book. In it, Shivya generously shares of herself. She shares her private journey, as nicely as quite a few of the immersive travel journeys she has taken in areas like Ecuador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mauritius, Ethiopia, Georgia, and her native India.

Irrespective of whether she is a writing about meeting a fisherman on the beach in Mauritius, or diving into a secret waterfall with a guide in Dominican Republic, or going by means of the rigours of the Ayahuasca ceremony in the Amazonian rainforest, or sharing her personal story of rebellion and the pursuit of freedom of adventure, Shivya is usually telling a larger story. Her writing is far beyond the travel writing norm mainly because it is informed each by compassion for the persons she meets and passion for actualizing her dreams and her prospective.

Travel writer Shivya Nath of The Shooting Star in the Pin Valley

Shivya Nath of The Shooting Star in the Pin Valley

The hero’s quest

Shivya’s writing is far more than just informative, it is inspiring. Yes, I discovered a lot about the life of the young Buddhist nuns in the Himalayas of India, and the indigenous Quechua persons in the Andes of Ecuador. But the underlying subtext, the message, is 1 of wonder, curiosity, and deep respect for the diverse peoples of this planet. Her travels and her writings are filled with a deeply felt humanism, driven by her personal “hero’s quest,” and her thirst for adventure, information, and self-awareness.

As a traveller and a writer, Shivya has produced a name for herself and constructed a robust following of persons who admire her strength, courage, and perseverance. She defied a lot of odds, and the issues of her protective household, to strike out at the young age of 23 to stick to her dreams of planet travel and inventive storytelling. She shares her story not with an eye to fulfilling an ego-primarily based need for fame or fortune, but to inspiring other people – particularly other young Indian females who are similarly burdened by cultural traditions and societal expectations. To them, she is a hero, a pioneer, a function model, and certainly, a shooting star.

Travel writer Shivya Nath, the Lake District, UK

Travel writer Shivya Nath, the Lake District, UK

My life is my message

There’s a popular saying, “My life is my message.” The exact same could be mentioned of Shivya. Her life is her message. The way she tirelessly pursued her travels and her storytelling profession is itself a message. It is a message of brotherhood / sisterhood and hope, a vision of a smaller sized planet exactly where persons care for each and every other and the earth, and exactly where every person – young Indian females incorporated – are no cost to learn and manifest their prospective.

For me, Shivya is a function model mainly because of the way she has maintained her vision and her values. In a planet that has come to be increasingly superficial, she has continued to seek out the genuine. In a planet that is obsessed with consumption, she has come to be a vegan who owns couple of possessions. In a planet of mass tourism, she is committed to getting the off-beat and the unexplored. In planet of pithy listicles, she writes lyrically of meaningful experiences.

Shivya has concentrate, integrity, talent, and awareness a lot beyond her years. Her writing is lyrical, insightful, and alive with meticulously observed detail. She draws the reader deeply into the areas and the scenes she describes, each the exterior planet of landscape and culture, and the interior planet of the persons she meets and her personal journey. She’s not just a brave traveller, but a brave writer, as well, as she chronicles inner and outer journeys.

I hope this book is just the very first of quite a few. I’m confident this book is just the very first of quite a few.

The Shooting Star. Published by Penguin Books. 2018. If you are in India, you can acquire it from Amazon India.

Adhere to Shivya on her weblog, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Travel writers Shivya Nath and Mariellen Ward

Shivya and I in Khan Industry Delhi in 2015 (displaying off new haircuts)

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