I typically watched the Singapore Airlines crew members at the Arlanda Airport in Stockholm – they have been generally passing by in excellent alignment. I bear in mind watching them in awe, absolutely mesmerized by the reality that even immediately after the extended overnight flight from Singapore to Stockholm, they would appear flawless, smiling and sort with absolutely everyone. They have been the brightest instance of grooming for me.

That is what the legendary ‘Singapore Girl’ is about immediately after all – excellence.

‘Singapore Girl’ is the iconic Singapore Airline’s uniform which was initially introduced in 1968, promptly becoming a trademark for the airline and remaining the similar till this day – similar hues, similar pattern, similar line. Singapore requires pride in producing a uniform that completely represents its signature excellence and its higher-class elegance.




Pierre Balmain made the Singapore Girl in 1968, inspired by the conventional Malaysian uniform, the Sarong Kebaya (the earlier version of the airline’s uniform). The sarong kebaya is created of Asian batik, a style which now identifies as the signature Singapore Girl style. 

There is one particular frequent style, however there are 4 unique colours, every representing the designation of the Singapore Girl who wears it.



The uniform became a trademark for Singapore Airlines and nonetheless is till this day – 50 years from its launch!

Fashionable and sophisticated with conventional Asian components, it is by far the prettiest uniform the skies have ever observed. The Singapore Girl wearing it adds worth to this timeless piece with its hospitality – a true symbol of excellence.

The in-flight solutions provided from the Singapore Girls are iconic with their smiles and kindness of character getting their very best assets. Some could locate this sort of service, a bit “robotized” but truth is, the Asian service tradition is primarily based on the “far better observed than heard” motto. This says a lot about the value of each look and character of all crew members.


Singapore Girls, 1975

The ‘Singapore Girl’ is a international iconic uniform, luxurious and contemporary – a symbol worthy of the several awards and the company’s commitment in prodiving service excellence. It is viewed as a national treasure, a gem that managed to resist the most current style trends, loyal to its conventional Asian roots.

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Images through Singapore Airlines &amp Pinterest.


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