Sir Walter at Evening – Scotland


Apr four, 2019

Daniela Tiranti

How the Photo was Taken

I took this photo with a Moto G5 (S) Plus which had the screen all broken. I utilized the telephone since the snow killed my genuine camera two days earlier. I didn’t alter the photo at all.

Photo Place

March 20, Edinburgh. It was late and we had been attempting to go back to the hotel. We asked a bus driver if there was a stopover close to Waverley Station. He mentioned, “Yes, just about the monument.” We had no notion what he was speaking about. We got off when he told us to, and then I saw this magnificent tower, wonderfully illuminated. “Ah, that is the monument.” Getting in front of Sir Walter Scott took me back to my lessons at the university, back to the time I did not believe I would travel anyplace. This is the second biggest monument devoted to a writer in the planet. I felt tiny subsequent to its endless history.

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Daniela Tiranti

I am an English-Spanish translator who loves photography and traveling. I’ve just began a weblog focused on traveling even though employing a wheelchair.

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