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As soon as you get your parents to realize how badly you want to go, make them much more comfy with the concept of a lady traveling alone to your location. Send them hyperlinks to articles, itineraries and female solo travel blogs. Let them see or speak to other ladies who’ve traveled there so it feels regular, secure and exciting.

I Skyped an American living in India and sent my Mom hyperlinks to HippieinHeels (American blogger who’s knowledge is India) when I was functioning and traveling solo in India. Hearing from actual girls living there created my Moms and I really feel so considerably greater. 

Also, give them up to date information on your location from material/passports/en/nation.html. Provide actual details so they do not fall for crazy media headlines or what ever their buddies post on Facebook. Also enroll in STEP (Sensible Traveler Enrollment Plan) so you are emailed updated information and the embassies in every nation have your information.

If you are parents are much more logical, attempt sending them statistics on the likelihood of receiving in a car or truck accident v a terrorist attack. 

three. Remind Parents that the Globe Is not Poor but You are going to Nevertheless Take Actions to be Safe 

Danger does not just lie abroad. Something can occur anyplace, even in the States. Worry should not hold you back from undertaking what you dream. Rather of living in worry, you merely have to take precautions, be conscious of your surroundings and trust your instinct. 


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