How to check out the birthplace of Victor Hugo in Besançon


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When a single of the most well-known countrymen to have ever existed in France was born in the quite heart of your personal city, you will undoubtedly want to economise on the truth in the kind of statues, museums, and tourist brochures. Such is the case with the birthplace of Victor Hugo in Besançon…

Statue of Victor Hugo in Besancon, france

Soon after all, although Hugo was born right here, this Franche-Comté area city is generally overlooked and in favour of much more preferred nearby destinations. Nonetheless, what is maybe most surprising when you check out the Maison Natale de Victor Hugo is that you quickly learn that although he was born right here in Besançon, Hugo left at just six weeks old, under no circumstances to return. Ever.

And so, it was right here, in an otherwise uninteresting and unassuming townhouse, exactly where the author of French literary performs such as the Hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Miserables was born throughout the 19th-century to a Basic of the French army and his wife. Nearby, the Lumière brothers, who went on to create cinematography as we know it these days, had been born a tiny much less than a century later.

Birthplace of Victor Hugo vintage photo

Birthplace of Victor Hugo, as noticed at the turn of the 20th-century, by means of Wikimedia

Victor Hugo and the Besançon Connection

Situated in the East of France, not far from the border with Switzerland and ideal-identified for its UNESCO Globe Heritage Vauban fortifications, Besançon is generally dubbed the ‘greenest city in France’ thanks to its numerous parks and green spaces. Filled with museums and complete of history, this underrated French city even has a single of the greatest astronomical clocks in Europe as effectively as a lot of Roman ruins worth discovering.

And of course, this area of France (Franche-Comté- actually, ‘Free Country’) is no stranger to well-known Frenchmen. Soon after all, just a single town more than, in the charming city of Dole, Louis Pasteur (inventor of the rabies vaccination, amongst other items) was born. Wander about Besançon these days and you will quickly learn a lot of monuments named for Pasteur, who attended the city’s university.

Interior of the museum, How to visit the birthplace of Victor Hugo in Besançon

Victor Hugo was born on the 26th of February 1802 at 140 Grande-Rue. And although there’s an complete museum committed to Hugo these days it is identified that in correspondence, Victor addressed a letter to the inhabitants of his birthplace (residents of Besançon are identified as ‘Bisontins’) just when

“Je suis une pierre de la route où marche l’humanité ”

How to visit the birthplace of Victor Hugo in Besançon

How to check out the Maison Natale de Victor Hugo (Birthplace of Victor Hugo)

For just €2,50 (and much less if you are a student or have an additional particular tariff), you can wander the townhouse exactly where the good French writer was born. Split more than 3 levels, the basement consists of a cinema space (although the films about Hugo are in French) and the upper two floors include many artefacts and placards about Hugo’s life.

To accompany on your check out, you will be supplied with an audio guide that is incorporated in your admission charge. Obtainable in French, German, English, and numerous other languages, selecting a single of these guides up is an absolute need to if you want to make the most of your check out.

How to visit the birthplace of Victor Hugo in Besançon

Of specific note inside the museum, which was opened to the public in 2013, is the show on the ground floor which pays homage to the numerous men and women of value inside Hugo’s life. Amongst these featured are other good thinkers, politicians, and other writers of the day.

Meanwhile, the initial floor is thematically displayed, with suggestions surrounding ideals that Victor Hugo himself was passionate about. For instance, the influence of the state vs the person, the rights of youngsters, and other essential challenges are debated amongst objects which Victor Hugo himself when owned.

Other attractions of note close by to the Maison Natale de Victor Hugo incorporate Besançon Cathedral and La Porte Noire Roman monument. If you are seeking for an adorable café exactly where you can get a piping hot coffee and freshly produced cake, then a trip inside the ever so quaint Marotte et Charlie is an absolute need to!

How to visit the birthplace of Victor Hugo in Besançon

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