How to arrive in Moscow without having receiving ripped off – Pearls and Passports


Moscow appears like a scary city to arrive in. It has 4 airports, Domodedovo, Sheremetyovo, Vnukovo and Zhukovsky airport. You will almost certainly arrive at Domodevdovo or Sheremetryovo. All through the years I’ve study several horrifying accounts of how folks have been confused or ripped off when they arrived into the city.

I’m going to inform you specifically how to steer clear of this.

Passport manage

Russian customs can be pretty daunting for an individual who does not speak Russian and who is not familiar with Russian’s naturally moody faces.

*As quickly as you exit the plane, adhere to the indicators in English to passport manage. When you get there take away your passport from it is wallet and wait in line.

*If you are unsure what line to join merely show your passport to a single of the attendants and shrug your shoulders. They will quickly point you in the appropriate path.

*Take your glasses off when you attain the counter and wait patiently till they let yo by means of the mechanical gate.

Collecting baggage

The baggage carousels are close to passport manage and they will say in English which carousel the bags for your flight will be on.

*Just grab your bag and head out of the door to customs. They also have cost-free trolleys out there if your baggage is bulky or heavy.


Russian customs is related to anyplace else. They randomly cease folks to search or X-Ray their bags. Fortunately I have in no way been selected.

Russian customs has the identical guidelines as most other nations except you can’t bring additional than 50kg of luggage into the nation. When I arrived I had close to to the quantity and was terrified that I would be checked, fortunately I was just ignored as I confidently walked by means of.

Ordering a taxi

Now comes the aspect exactly where you could conveniently be ripped off. If you adhere to a single of the several males shouting ‘Taxi, taxi!’, you can be certain to be ripped off and almost certainly for an obscene quantity. I took an unregistered taxi when for a quick journey and they attempted to charge 4000 rubles, about £54! When we wouldn’t spend it he became violent, locked the taxi doors and attempted to retain my buddy hostage.

Do not take an unregistered taxi in Moscow.

You have 3 options.

*Obtain a sim-card from a single of the vendors on the floor. Download Uber, Yandex taxi or Gett taxi and order a taxi to take you to your address. You will be offered the registration of the vehicle and the colour and wait outdoors to attempt and spot the taxi. It is normally very busy but immediately after a when you will obtain every other. If you cannot obtain the taxi driver merely order a further a single. This is the way I get household immediately after a flight. It is a bit chaotic but hey, you are in Moscow! It normally charges 1100 rubles (£15)

*The second decision is to order a taxi from the yellow taxi counter. This normally has a fixed cost of under 2000 rubles (£27) to take you to your accommodation. Personally I’ve in no way attempted this way but several of my good friends have and they state that it is protected and powerful.

Russian taxi drivers do not generally speak to the prospects so you don”t have to be concerned about the language barrier. They also do not count on ideas but do appreciate a modest a single of 50-100 rubles.

*At the baggege carousels there are personal computer screens from Gett exactly where you can order a taxi. Final time at the airport they weren’t operating, I did arrive at four.30am even though so possibly they are only operational through workplace hours?


*Have your hotel address written on paper or your telephone in Cyrillic and English. Just show it to the taxi driver if there is any confusion.

*Remain confident and calm outdoors the airport and do not speak to any one who tries to engage you in conversation. Some males hang about outdoors providing to enable folks with their heavy bags or into taxis.

*A modest quantity of Russian taxis do not have seat belts.

*Please do not take an unregistered taxi!

Arriving in Moscow shouldn’t be a scary method. Just keep calm and relaxed and you will get to your hotel protected and as rapid as attainable.






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