7 Terrific Issues to Do in Trondheim the City in the Middle of Norway 


Tiny did I know that Trondheim and Trøndelag had been representing the essence of Norway. Trondheim is a friendly city that provide the elongated Trondheims fjord, higher mountains, history, northern light, eagles and also the major meals area in Norway with outstanding culinary practical experience.


Trondheim becoming Norway’s third biggest city with more than 190 000 men and women and as a student city it is complete of life, wanderlust and courage. Moreover the men and women are rounded and hospitable with a smile. If spending some days in Trøndelag or even just 48 hours in Trondheim city, these are some of the good items to do in the city center.



There are fjords and landscape in the most delightful interaction 


Trondheim the City in the Middle There are fjords and landscape in the most delightful interaction




I honestly did not know, that Trondheim is Norway’s major regional meals area, that is coming from a Norwegian girl. It tends to make sense for the reason that Trøndelag and Trondheim are in the heart of the sea and the thick forest. The area has a tremendous all-natural asset, and you can go diving just about every day for the world’s ideal scallops! Trondheim is a Mecca for foodies. Save you grand dinner plans for Trondheim, coming from a girl living in Oslo. In Trondheim a number of restaurants rank amongst the ideal in Scandinavia, numerous delivers five Cours Meals with Wine pairing, this is not low cost, but an practical experience for life, that ought to be splurged one particular day when becoming in Trondheim, Norway.


Røst Teaterbistro 

To Rom og Kjøkken 


Folk og Fe



Other low crucial regions are Ladekaia for some quick meals and a good costal view, if you want burger verify out Bror burger spot in the city center and if you want to be at sunny side go to Solsiden for a fjordview at the city.




The cathedral is constructed more than the tomb of St. Olav, the Viking king, who is recognized as the patron saint of Norway. The Nidaros Cathedral is the most well-known landmark of Trondheim and has to be visited and explored. The creating of the cathedral began in 1070 and was completed about 1300.


Pilgrims from across Europe have walked to Nidaros – the old name of Trondheim. Moreover, Nidaros architecturally speaking is the world’s northernmost Gothic Cathedral. A single of the suggestions is climbing the 172 actions of the Cathedral tower and be spoiled with a spectacular view of the city.


Trondheim and the famous Nidaros Cathedral




Bakklandet is the soul of the intimate city center of pedestrian streets, cobblestone and wooden creating that tends to make you fall in really like with Trondheim. Go strolling for an hour or two about Bakklandet and learn numerous of the cute corners and colorful tree homes, possibly step by Bakklandet Blomster for flower inspiration or the regional coffee shop. Do not overlook the well-known photos of the Wharves at the old city bridge.

Bakklandet is a must visit when being in Trondheim




Trondheim has some beautiful microbrewery that is an absolute to be tasted. My favourite is ØX Tap Space, which has a good choice of diverse brews. We want to don’t forget the pioneer Microbrewery and EC Dahls Brewery which is the regional beer everybody drinks on tap if ordering a frequent Pilsner.


Great beer in Trondheim at ØX Tap ROOM




Lade Trail is the excellent spot for a Sunday stroll or any other day! Stroll from the City center towards Lade Trail (Ladestien). The tranquility of nature will surround you. 10 miles of coast and saltwater blowing into your hair. The trail has beaches and sheltered bays either for swimming or chilling, moreover some hilltops for the panorama view more than the fjord of Trondheim.

Have a coffee break at  Ladekaia or have lunch! The menu is good, and if you are coming in by the evening possibly you have a romantic sunset! It is also the excellent spot for Northern light. Back in the day they Laddekaia was applied for storing ammunition in the course of the second globe war.






If you have been to Aker Brygge in Oslo, nicely then you know the idea of Solsiden, it is a cozy spot to meet by the water in the city center for either a glass of wine or complete dinner practical experience.




If the climate is sunny, possibly go exploring the Island of the monks. The islet has served as a spot of execution, a monastery, a fortress, prison, and a Planet War II anti-aircraft gun station. Nowadays, Munkholmen is a popular recreation web page either go exploring the history or go sunbathing and swimming.


Trondheim is an genuine city that has a important quantity of magical light and men and women, the town is varied and has a vibrant neighborhood for students.


Moreover, Trondheim is the spot to really discover the Norwegian cuisine and numerous of the exceptional sources that come out of the soil, climate and sea currents. Trondheim was blessed when Mother nature allocated her sources. If you are not in the city life of Trondheim, there are endless of exploring possibilities particularly if you want a fisherman’s paradise.




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