30 Burning Man Accessories, Clothing, Costumes, Outfits, and Essentials


Looking for the best Burning Man accessories, clothing, costumes, and outfit essentials?  Look no further!  I’ve compiled this awesome list of tips, ideas, and things to buy to bring out to the playa.  Attending Burning Man is famous for being an incredible life-changing experience, but you need to be well prepared to survive the harsh conditions of Black Rock City, Nevada.

While this list focuses a bit more on what to wear to Burning Man like fashion for men and women, hats, bags, goggles and glasses, etc — you’ll also want to do your research and make sure you have all the proper camping essentials as well.

Burning Man tickets are not easy to come by, but I’m so stoked that I’ve got my hands on one this year, have an RV reserved with some amazing people, and a fun camp to join.  Now all I got to do is do a bit more online shopping, and I’ll be 100% ready for this years burn!

Let’s start with the basics. You CAN’T journey out to Black Rock City without something to protect your eyes, because the dust and wind can get absolutely brutal. While some people go above and beyond with fancy custom Burning Man googles on Etsy, there are some perfectly decent budget options on Amazon.

I’m a big of these Vintage Aviator Style for $11.99.  There are a ton of color schemes available, they’re affordable, and they’ll look great out on the playa.

You don’t really need “burner” goggles specifically though, because standard Snowboarding goggles are extremely popular as well.  Check out these Oakley Goggles for $39.99 as they come with excellent reviews from a top-rated company.

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Burning Man Accessories

2) Desert Head Scarf

I’ve personally bought four of these now, and am completely obsessed with them!  They’re absolutely perfect for the playa, music festivals, or other dusty events!  They are comfortable, lightweight, and incredibly useful! 

I love that they come in a wide variety of color schemes, so you can buy a few and mix & match with all of your different Burning Man outfits.  I pretty much am wearing one of these at all times on the playa, and they’ve really come in handy during those insane dust storms!  

Price:  $11.99 (Read Reviews & Check Availability)

Burning Man Costumes

3) An Outback Hat

There are tons of different hat options to wear out on the playa, but I really love my Dorfman Pacific Outback Hat.  It’s simple, stylish, and very practical.  It gets really hot & sunny out there while you wander around the desert, and you definitely need some type of hat to keep the sun out of your eyes.  While this is a bit more focused towards men, I think it’d actually look great on women too.

Price:  $37.95 (Read Reviews & Check Availability)

Burning Man Costumes 2019

4) Faux Fur Coat

While this probably won’t be getting much use during the day…it gets really freezing at night and a faux fur coat is an essential burning man fashion accessory!

I actually spent several days trying to find good faux fur clothes at thrift stores around California, but I, unfortunately, didn’t find anything great.  So I just personally bought this Old DIrd Men’s Long Sleeve Faux Fur Warm Coat, and can’t wait to wear it at Burning Man!  

I also noticed that this SZTOPFOCUS Women Faux Fur LED Coat for $62.99 was extremely popular for Burning Man girls outfits at night, and looks great on just about anyone! 

Some other great Faux Fur Coats on Amazon that would look great at Burning Man:

JTENGYAO Leopard Faux Fur Coat: $64.88

Burning Man Fur Coat


5) Camelbak Hydration Pack

One of the most important things on the playa is staying hydrated, and there’s no easier way to do that then bringing a top-notch Camelback.  I’ve already written a post about my favorite Camelbaks & Festival Hydration Packs, but here are the best two options from the Camelbak brand. 

There are also tons of more budget-friendly options which only cost $20-30, but from my experience, they don’t work as well and the material isn’t great.  I just purchased an official Camelbak, and now it’ll be essential to surviving Burning Man!



Another option is just purchasing a Hydration Bladder, and you can put that into a backpack you already own!  I did that for Midburn in Israel, and it actually worked out really well.  

Burning Man Accessories

6) Revolver Fashion Leggings & Booty Shorts

I met the owner of Revolver Fashion at the incredible Lucidity Festival in Santa Barbara back in April, and have been obsessed with their collection ever since. They had a vendor stall set-up, and they’ve got so many amazing items that are perfect for Burning Man costumes!

Prices range between their whole product line, but check out the Revolver Etsy Shop and buy some funky leggings or booty shorts for the playa!

My favorites are defintiely the colorful Animal Print Leggings, and I just bought myself a pair of their Psychedelic Meggings

Burning Man Outfit Ideas for Men

7) Fanny Pack

Haven’t you heard…? Fanny packs (or bum bags depending on where you’re from) are cool again, lol.  They’re the perfect Burning Man outfit accessory and the easiest way to carry around all your belongings, especially if you don’t enjoy wearing a backpack or Camelbak.

There are literally hundreds of amazing fanny packs to choose from, and it really just depends on your preferred style/vibe.  You can easily buy one for each of your Burning Man outfits!  I brought two different styles to match all my crazy costumes, but here are a couple I think everyone would enjoy.  

Galaxy Fanny Pack – Festival/ Burning Man Accessories by SoJourner: $14.99

Kayhoma Boho Fanny Pack | Burning Man Fashion: $13.99

Burning Man Outfits

8) Leather / Cotton Utility Belt 

If you’re looking for something a bit more fashionable for your Burning Man outfits, these leather utility belts are super popular!!    

I’ve actually seen these being sold at festivals like Envision & Lucidity for over $400, but you can easily buy some cheaper ones that’ll be just as stylish and practical on Amazon for anywhere between $30-$150.  I think they are great when paired with nice fishnet stockings/ leggings on women, and can be useful when you need to carry a few items around your waist.  

There are also some amazing custom Utility Belts on Etsy you should take a look at!  I’m thinking about buying one for Burning Man 2019!  Here are a few other options on Amazon though that have excellent reviews and aren’t too expensive.  

Burning Man Outfits

9) Custom Military Burning Man Hat

So these custom military hats on Etsy are absolutely badass! While there are budget-friendly options you can find on Etsy, they can also get ridiculously pricey (with some costing over $500).  If you’ve got the money though – it’ll be the best addition to your Burning Man outfits and costumes!  

I actually made my own (with the help of my amazingly talented and crafty friend Melissa), and I got tons compliments on it during Midburn.  You can take a look at the one I made in the bottom photo!   

If you want to follow in my footsteps, I purchased this Deluxe Military Captain’s Hat on Amazon, and then went to Michael’s and bought everything I needed to decorate it.  It’s actually a ton of fun to make your own, but can be a little complicated (just make sure you have the right glue!)

Burning Man Hats

Burning Man Costume Accessories

10) Luna Bazaar Paper Parasol

Staying out of the sun is important at Burning Man, so why not carry around one of these beautifully fun and simple paper parasols!  They’re quite popular on the playa, extremely affordable, and will help prevent sunburn/ overheating.  They also look amazing in photos, which is an added bonus!  

They’ve got a wide variety of colors, so you can easily buy a couple and match them with all your outfits/ costumes!  Burning Man Fashion Tip: Buy some LED wire and glue it along the side of your Parasol!  It’s a great and simple way to make you shine brighter, and easier for your friends to spot you.     

Price:  $11.94 (Read Reviews & Check Availability)

Burning Man Accessories 2019

11) Kaleidoscope Rave Crystal Lense Goggles

These are a funky and fantastic burning man accessory, and the kaleidoscope lenses are crazy cool and trippy to look through!  I bought myself a couple of pairs of these, and I think they are a great addition to all of my various outfits. 

I actually loved wearing them around my neck, or have them strapped around the top of my hat, which you can see in the photo below!       

They’re affordable, stylish, and just overall a solid purchase.  There are several different options/color schemes available, so take a quick browse and pick up a pair!  

Price:  $13.99 (Read Reviews & Check Availability)

Burning Man Costume Fashion

Burning Man Style

12) INTO THE AM Face Dust Mask

As previously mentioned, playa dust should be a major concern for anyone making their way to Black Rock City in 2019, and you want to protect your face as much as possible!    

Pick up one or two of these affordable and stylish face masks (with multiple designs), keep it around your neck, and then pull it up over your face when the weather gets a bit crazy.    

When it’s paired with some goggles and a Burning Man hat, it’s a damn good look!

Price: $9.95 (Read Reviews & Browse Designs)

Burning Man Essentials Packing List

13) LSERVER Bohemian Wrap/ Hooded Blanket Cape

Another amazing and stylish way to stay warm while exploring Burning Man at night is with one of these awesomely affordable bohemian wraps/ hooded blankets.  All of the designs are stunning and would look amazing out in Black Rock City. Made 100% from material acrylic wool, it’s comfortably soft and warm and perfect for late night strolls.

While these are meant more for women, I actually think they’re unisex.  What do you think?  I tend to enjoy more of the fur coat kind of look, but I’m tempted to pick one of these up for myself this year.  

Price:  $19.79 (Read Reviews & Check Availability)

Burning Man Fashion Ideas for Women

14) A Bike & Brightz Blinking LED Accessory

Stop what you’re doing and buy one of these Burning Man Bike LED Lights right now!  This was one of my favorite things I had on the playa, and it truly is an essential item!  

You NEED to make sure your visible while riding your bike around Black Rock City at night, because if you don’t you might get hit by other people.  Think about how many bikes are riding around, and combine that with people under the influence, it can be quite crazy! 

I think it’s absolutely crucial to decorate your bike with as many awesome LED lights as possible!  I know some people who spend weeks decorating their own bicycles into wondrous creations!  I definitely plan on pimping out my bike a bit a whole lot more at Burning Man this year!

Price: $12.99 (Read Reviews & Check Availability)

Burning Man Bike LED Accessories

15) Gold Temporary Tattoos

Not only are these cheap and affordable gifts to give people, but it’s also a fantastic and easy way to take your Burning Man outfits to the next level.  It’s all about attention to detail, and these gorgeous gold temporary tattoos are guaranteed to be a hit on the playa! 

So comfortable you may forget you are wearing them, but because those around you will be so enchanted by your charm and prowess, you will soon remember.

Long lasting, water-proof, non-toxic temporary tattoos with high-intensity shine.

Price:  $16.95 (Read Reviews & Check Availability)

Burning Man Fashion Style for Women

16) Tribal Jewelry/ Coin Tassel Chain Necklace

Necklaces and jewelry can really make your burning man outfits pop, and there are a couple awesome tribal/ coin tassel necklaces available that cheap and beautiful.  Take a look at the two options below and pair it with a couple different outfits.  Both of these are less than $10!!

Price: $8.97 (Read Reviews & Check Availability)

Price: $7.99 (Read Reviews & Check Availability)

Burning Man Jewelry 2019

17) Summer Ruffle Shawl Collar Sleeveless Cardigan Lightweight /  Sleeveless Long Cardigan

These comfortable/ sleeveless shawls are perfect for casual Burning Man outfits during the day! They flow really nice, breathe really well, and can be paired with tons of different types of Burning Man styles. 

I picked up one of each of these below, and personally love wearing them!  There are two different brands that create similar products, so check them out below and pick your favorite color!

“Creates a gorgeous slim drape without making you feel tight. It will hug you just right.  Great outfit for Summer days; Works great with unlimited numbers of tops and bottoms.”

COOFANDY Shawl:  Price: $21.99  

H2H Casual Shawl:  Price:  $25.50

Burning Man Outfits For Men

18) Neon Glowing Electroluminescent Wire

Trust me – you’re going to want to buy at least two or three have of these!!  

It’s pretty crazy how useful LED glowing wire is when you’re putting together differen outfits.  For starters, it’s important that something in your outfit glows a bit!  It makes your visible while riding your bike, and just makes any outfit idea a little better!  

I think it’s fun to wrap around certain outfits, add to your backpack, and use as extra lighting when it’s dark.  It’s perfect for the late-night raving, adding it to your parasol, and will keep you visible to your playa friends.

It can also be a really fun way to decorate your campsite!  For the price, it really can’t be beaten. Super useful product. 

**This is also the best alternative to glowsticks (which is advised NOT to bring to the playa, as it always leads to MOOP).

Price:  $7.99 (Read Reviews & Check Availability)

Best Burning Man Accessories

19) An Adult Animal Onesie

In the past few years, I’ve seen the popularity of onesies absolutely explode at festivals and parties around the world.  They are one of the easiest ways to dress up in a fun costume, and is perfect when paired with a fun fanny pack, utility belt, or Camelbak.  They also can be pretty warm, so you most likely won’t need a heavy jacket when it’s colder at night.

I’ve been known to photograph festivals like Groove Cruise while running around in a Zebra Onesie, lol.  What I love about this Burning Man fashion idea is that it’s probably the easiest and most simple way to dress up, be comfortable, and have a great night of dancing!        

Price: $26.99 (Read Reviews & Check Availability)

Burning Man Fashion Ideas

20 ) Kalisi Kimono

Travel Inspired | Goddess Worthy | Wearable Art

I met the owner of this amazing company called KALISI while at Envision Festival in Costa Rica, and we had such an amazing time together.  Her designs are absolutely beautiful that I couldn’t help but purchase a Soliwe Kimono from her, and I completely love it.  Every time I wear I get tons of compliments, and will definitely be rocking it out again on the playa.

In fact, the entire Kalisi collection would be amazing for Burning Man stylish outfits, so take a look and support my friend KALI.  She’s an amazing human, and has created an amazing product line!

Here’s a picture of me wearing mine during a magical beach sunset in Costa Rica.

Burning Man Style Costumes and Clothing

21) A Colorful TUTU

Did you know at Burning Man there’s a day called “Tutu Tuesday”…?  YUP – so you should definitely bring a TUTU!!   


But this classic outfit for ballet performances doesn’t need to be for only one day, because Tutu’s have become quite a Burning Man style favorite!  They’re extremely simple, fun, and will simply make anyone look spectacular.  The best part is they come in every color imaginable, budget-friendly, flowy, and comfortable.  

I plan on purchasing one or two of these in different colors for Burning Man accessories this year.  A few I’ve found on Amazon I really like are:

Leg Avenue Organza Tutu | $11.22

Classic 5 Layered Tulle Tutu | $14.99 

What to Wear to Burning Man

22) Animal Spirit Hood/  Faux Fur Hat

These fun and affordable spirit hoods come with handy pockets in the paws, soft material, and overall super comfortable.  They’re a great addition to any Burning Man outfit idea, and can also help keep your head and neck nice and warm while wandering around the playa at night.

I purchased one of these a few months ago and have worn it to a couple of festivals now, and I really like it.  Definitely, a fun item to have in your Burning Man costume closet.  There are a lot of different options out there, but these two I really like and come well reviewed.

Night Owl Full Animal Hood:  $17.99

White Wolf Hood Faux Fur Hat: $18.99  

Burning Man Spirit Hood Hats

23) Handheld Fan 

Having one of these beautifully designed handheld fans can really be a lifesaver out during the day when it’s blistering hot!  I’ve brought a couple of these out while exploring/ biking around the playa, and I’m telling you – they can provide some much-needed relief!

You can match the color design to your Burning Man outfits, and will look amazing in any photos you take (and are just super handy).  They’re cheap, so pick up one or two and thank me later!  

Rbenxia Spanish Floral Folding Hand Fan: $10.99 

INNOLIFE Colorful Flower Peacock Sequin Fan : $19.99

Unique Burning Man Gear

24) CGID Retro Round Polarized Sunglasses

I bought myself a pair of these for Burning Man last year, and I think they are absolutely perfect!  They’re cheap, stylish, and super comfortable.  I personally think that bringing a couple of pairs each of Burning man goggles and polarized sunglasses is a must! 

If you’re anything like me, there’s a good chance you’ll lose a pair, so you don’t want to bring anything too expensive.  I’m a big fan of this ocular kind of style, and it’s simply a great Steampunk style on the playa (and will go well with tons of different outfits).

Price: $13.30 (Read Reviews & Choose Colors)

Burning Man Steampunk Sunglasses


25) Standard Bandanas

Having a few bandanas/ headscarves is essential to surviving in Black Rock City.  I always bring several different options with me to festivals and have purchased this pack of a dozen of assortment bandanas to give to people when need me. Hell, they make for a basic but great gift.  I loved giving a few of these out to friends in my camp, and having extras when I needed them.  

Price: $13.99 (Dozen Assorted Pack)

Burning Man Bandanas

26) Harem Yoga Pants

While it’s awesome to dress up in wild Burning Man costumes, I think that comfort can play a huge role in enjoying your time out on the playa, and there’s nothing more comfortable than a solid pair of harem yoga pants.  It ties perfectly into the Burning Man/ hippie fashion, and there are tons of solid options to choose from:

Bohemian Harem Loose Yoga Pants for WOMEN | $12.95

100% Cotton Boho Aladin Yoga Harem Pants UNISEX | $21.95

Yoga Pants for Burning Man 2019


Interested in spinning and practicing your Poi at Burning Man…?  Pick up a couple of these and do it!  It’s a fantastic place to do so, and I always personally love playing around with Poi myself.  The flow motion can be so therapeutic, that is until you mess up and smack yourself in the face, lol.

This brand is Amazon’s top choice, comes very well-reviewed, and is super budget friendly.  Even if you don’t use them that much, they will provide a good amount of fun out on the playa.

PAINT THE AIR WITH LIGHT AND COLOR: LED Light -up set of glowing LED poi attached to adjustable leashes. Beautiful lights with 8 different settings and soft core design. Fun to do and learn!”

Price:  $24.99 (Read Reviews & Check Availability)

Burning Man Toys Accessories

28) A Funky Wig

One of Burning Man’s 10 principles is self-expression, so I think it’s important to get as funky as possible!  Why not rock a crazy wig you’d never wear in the real world, and have that be a key part of your burner outfit for a day?

Price:  $10.74 (Read Reviews & Check Availability)

There are TONS of wigs available online, so start doing some online shopping and find something funky to bring to BRC. I literally brought five different wigs in my RV last year to the burn.  Better to be over prepared, right?  

Burning Man Wig Outfit Clothing


These are amazing to wear out on the playa!  Not only are they super breathable, but they are easy to work with when it comes to planning outfit ideas.    

My top tip would be to check out some local thrift shops for unique vests, as you can find some really cool and awesome things to wear!  I bought a really cool faux fur vest to wear at Burning Man this year, and have bought several others for $5 a piece at Goodwill.  They have tons of options online as well, in all types of price ranges.  

They’re comfortable and relaxed, and more Burning man fashionable then a standard tank-top.  Definitely bring a few of these!  

Price:  $48.00 (Read Reviews & Check Availability)

Burning Man Vests Fashion

30) Retractable Lip Balm Holder

Last, but certainly least…one of the best Burning Man accessories you can carry with you at all times (and not lose) is a retractable chapstick holder. The weather is insanely dry, the dust can really impact your lips, and you’ll want to keep your face hydrated.  It’s a small purchase, but you’ll be glad you have it once you’re walking around Black Rock City.

Price:  $9.40 (Read Reviews & Check Availability)

Burning Man Essentials

Bonus Accessory Idea = PATRIOTISM

Are you an international attendee traveling all the way to the U.S.A to experience Burning Man? Why not wear something with your countries flag on it to demonstrate your patriotism!?  As a travel-blogger, I really love meeting people from different countries, and Burning Man is a lot more internationak than I expected (which was awesome).  

I used to live in Australia, so it was great to see a few people out there rocking the popular Budgy Smuggler brand out in Black Rock City, lol.

Burning Man Accessories

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Burning Man Accesories

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Burning man Packing List

Thanks for reading about these Burning Man Accessories!!

Are you going to Burning Man this year?  So am I, well…as long as I find a ticket !! Be sure to reach out to me on Instagram or Facebook, and we can try and plan to meet up somewhere on the playa!  Would be awesome to connect with you!  

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Burning Man Fashion, Accessories, and Outfit Essentials

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