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4 November 2018 - Each time Christmas or a birthday rolls around, the question of travel gifts for women raises its head. It’s not easy finding something original, small and light (it has to be carried) and useful enough to make a difference when you travel, or if you’re staying home for a bit, a gift or gadget that reminds you of your travels.

I’ve been known to buy all sorts of travel-related gifts so I’ve added them below, along with a few things I’d love to try because friends of mine rave about them. Each gift costs less than $30 (or pounds or euros, wherever you live) and will bring you plenty of enjoyment or use.

Passport Amigo
I recently ordered one of these clever travel trinkets: A handy travel wallet that doubles as a keepsake. Tuck your passport, a travel notebook and your travel documents into the pockets, and map out your itinerary on the cover. When you get home, put the wallet, ticket stubs and other small mementoes into a keepsake box. Rifle through whenever you need a whiff of your travel memories.

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Thailand Food Map
This is only one of a range of food maps, totes and T-shirts designed by my lovely friend Jodi Ettenberg, a superb food travel blogger who is quite ill and has had to stop traveling as a result. Let’s buy a few of her creations for Christmas – not only are they wonderful, but each purchase will help Jodi get back on her feet.

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BUBM Double Layer Electronic Accessories Organizer

This is the larger model of an older single flap organizer I love. I carry more things than I should and I outgrew the single flap. I’ve managed to fit a lot of stuff into this – my computer and phone plugs and cables, two chargers, spare cables, earbuds, my mifi and plenty more. It’s also light and attractive.

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BASU eAlarm +
I’ve often carried a personal safety alarm but this one seems particularly versatile: it’s small and sleek and hooks onto your belt, bag or keychain with a sturdy carabiner. Simply tug on the USB-like insert to trigger a 130-decibel sound. You can even rig it up as a tripwire to secure your hotel door or campsite entrance.

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Hydrapack Stash Water Bottle
When you travel with just a carry-on (which I highly recommend), space is at a premium. I hate wasting money at the airport for ridiculously expensive bottled water (not to mention the environmental waste). This collapsible option can be reused and its compact design makes it easy to slip into your daypack.

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Anker PowerCore 5000 External Battery
Most of us travel with at least a cell phone, and would be lost without our travel apps. This external battery will eliminate tearful searches around airports for non-existent plugs or power points: just charge up and use! It’s small, and easy to carry.

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Universal Power Adapter
Every world traveler needs an adapter at some point. This all-in-one version makes powering up easy and uneventful – it keeps you connected in more than 160 countries, and can charge up to 5 devices at once at high speed. And yes, there are more subtle colors… 

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YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags
I love shoe bags! I tend to reuse plastic grocery bags but these look like a much nicer way of preventing my dirty shoes from ruining my clothes. The standard size should keep most shoes stored safely, but hiking boots may need an upgrade to extra large.

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Foldable Hangers
Have a friend who travels for work and needs wrinkle-free professional attire? These collapsing hangers save space and make it easy to store your clothes neatly when arriving at your destination. Fun colors make them easy to spot, even in the bottom of your bag.

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Trtl Pillow
We all want to travel as comfortably as possible, but  traditional travel pillows are bulky and awkward (and the inflatable ones aren’t very soft). The Trlt pillow solves all that: its sleek design holds up your neck or chin, without all the puff. This is one I plan to try on my next trip – it comes highly recommended.

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Audible Membership
Know someone who loves listening to audiobooks? A couple of months of free Audible is the perfect gift for those long flights or hotel rooms without CNN. The perfect way to take along favorite books anywhere – flying, of course, but walking, biking or just sitting on the bus. 

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Scratch-off World Map
Know someone who is trying to visit every country on Earth? (Me!!) My map arrived safely in a nice, hard cylinder and it’s the perfect inspiration for further travel. It reminds me of where I’ve been, but more so of where I still have to go. Perfect for the gap year student, job leaver, recent retiree… or YOU.  

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