The Very best Cafe in Lisbon – Cafe da Garagem


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It truly is the most effective cafe in Lisbon. We figured this out as quickly as we stepped inside.

The location is relaxed, properly-decorated and delivers comfy chairs completely positioned in front of massive windows overlooking the city beneath. There’s a excellent balcony with tables, also. I consider the view from this cafe is one particular of the most effective views of the city by far.

The meals and drink right here are superb and low-cost. We enjoyed coffee followed by a bottle of vinho verde (12 Euros) and a massive cheese and homemade jam platter that was far more than sufficient for two individuals to get stuffed on.

The employees are friendly, the atmosphere cozy and I can not consider of a greater spot to commit a couple of hours in Lisbon, particularly in the evening as the sun sets in front of you. (The cafe opens at 3pm or 5pm based on the day.)

As one particular assessment I study place it, “Location ought to be packed, but it is amazingly quiet.

I totally agree with that statement. It is the most effective cafe in Lisbon that apparently not lots of individuals know about.

This is Cafe da Garagem.

My girlfriend located it on the web one particular day when we wanted to escape the incredibly touristy Rossio Square. We had been searching for one thing distinct and this location popped up, along with the words ‘hidden gem’.

Best Cafe in Lisbon - Cafe da Garagem

It is a funny location to attain, I’ll say that. Positioned on the very same hill as, but underneath, the imposing Castelo de Sao Jorge, we had to take two lengthy outside escalators upwards, meander along a couple of narrow residential lanes, stroll up two massive flights of stairs and then discover the fairly very simple entrance. It is about a 15 minute wander from Rossio Square in the finish.

But all that climbing and meandering is worth it!

As quickly as we took a seat in front of the windows, we had been thrilled that we chose this cafe for our evening break. It wasn’t also crowded at all, the wifi worked very properly in case you want to browse or do some perform on your laptop and no one appears to care how lengthy you remain there. It is open till midnight as properly.

Nonetheless, it truly comes down to the view. It is worth it just for that, particularly considering the fact that you will be far away from the tourist crowds on the Santa Justa viewpoint or any of the other properly-recognized lookout spots that most vacationers flock to.

Why not get pleasure from a ideal mixture of atmosphere, comfort, top quality meals and drink and a slightly off the beaten path place along with that view rather? That is the mixture that made Cafe da Garagem the most effective cafe in Lisbon in our opinion.

Delight in!


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