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If you have been following me on Instagram, you will know that I declared October the month of self-care. Not in a hedonistic, self-pleasure searching for way, but rather a single deriving from a sudden realisation, or a reminder rather, that self-enjoy is exactly where it all starts. I enjoy to travel, inspire, and be a fantastic pal but you can not pour from an empty cup. As mine started dangerously nearing the bottom, I decided to fill it with enjoy, care and kindness.


I took up yoga and meditation. Filled up my bedroom with crystals, plants, candles and books written by amazing females. As winter inevitably drew nearer, bringing gushes of rain and grey clouds more than my East London property, I was determined to surround myself with light, even on the days when I didn’t rather really feel like letting it in.
Above all, nonetheless, I chose to commence each and every day by asking myself a very simple but potentially life-altering query:
What is the kindest point that I can do for myself now?
It so occurred that a single especially grey and uninspiring morning, I woke up feeling like a trip to the seaside might do just the trick.

Strolling by the beach to the sound of the waves might be just the cliche, soul-cleansing point I required, I believed. Luck had it that later that day an e-mail landed in my inbox, inviting me on a mid-week break at Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall, a location I’ve been lengthy wanting to tick off my travel list. A swift browse by means of the web site, painting comforting pictures of coastal walks with ocean views stretching for miles, and I was on a morning flight to Newquay a couple of weeks later.

Soul Cleanse by the Ocean

Newquay welcomed me with the smell of salt and a distant wailing of seagulls. A quick taxi ride, the driver’s Cornish accent cutting by means of the sea air, and I arrived at the Watergate Bay Hotel. Comfortably snuggled among the rugged cliffs and the Atlantic ocean, the hotel stroke a best balance among contemporary an soulful. Treading sand on the lobby’s floor carried the memories of wind-blown coastal walks. The welcoming, vibrant interiors, complemented by wall-length windows facing the beach like a gorgeously painted, moving image had an immediately soothing impact.

Watergate Bay Hotel review, Cornwall, A Girl Who TravelsWatergate Bay Hotel review, Cornwall, A Girl Who TravelsWatergate Bay Hotel review, Cornwall, A Girl Who TravelsWatergate Bay Hotel review, Cornwall, A Girl Who Travels

As I’ve found, the hotel’s contemporary space wasn’t brief of cosy corners, conveniently filled with comfy blankets, peppermint tea at hand and a bunch of travel magazines, best for these cosy evenings in when time passes gradually, measured out by the sound of the waves. There was also a Swim Club with large windows overlooking the ocean, and a hot tub ideal outdoors.
My area was a dream, the nautical theme a best match for the views outdoors. These, as it later turned out, had been even additional enjoyable when admired from the comfort of a wonderfully indulgent bubble bath, my tiny moment of indulgence interrupted only by a distant sound of seagulls.

Watergate Bay Hotel review, Cornwall, A Girl Who TravelsPhoto 17-10-2017, 12 36 22Watergate Bay Hotel review, Cornwall, A Girl Who Travels
As you might picture by now, my remain was absolutely nothing brief of dreamy. Swiftly immediately after dropping off our bags my pal and I headed to the pool, a glass of prosecco in hand as it only seemed proper to indulge. The Scandinavian-style jacuzzi outdoors turned out to be just the spot to admire the views. It was especially excellent in the aftermath of the storm Ophelia, as the sky took on dusty yellow hues and the rough waves joined in the spectacle just as the sun was about to set.

Meals for believed: Taste of the Bay Expertise

The Watergate Bay is not just about the views. As a self-proclaimed foodie, I was content to locate out that the hotel locations just as significantly emphasis on the neighborhood cuisine as it does on the aesthetics, a single complimenting a different. Filling your lungs up with crisp, coastal air is soothing for the soul but it is the hearty, seaside meals that add a significantly-required feeling of comfort, practically like a warm blanket on a rainy day.

Watergate Bay Hotel review, Cornwall, A Girl Who TravelsThe Beach hut, Cornwall, Watergate Baythe beach hut, watergate bay reviewWatergate Bay Hotel review, Cornwall, A Girl Who Travels

Undoubtedly, Watergate Bay Hotel’s enjoy for neighborhood meals was the cause why they’ve partnered with Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall as a portion of their 4-day break supply. The deal offers foodies like myself a rather delightful chance to dine at Cornwall’s prime restaurants – the hotel’s brassier Zacry’s, the not too long ago refurbished Beach Hut and Fifteen Cornwall.
Coastal walks undoubtedly worked up our appetites. As my pal and I would return to the hotel, rosy cheeks and wind-blown hair, absolutely nothing could rather beat a hearty portion of fish and chips at the hotel’s Living Space or equally scrumptious clams at the Beach Hut. Dining at Fifteen Cornwall, a social enterprise assisting young folks break private barriers, sweetened the, currently deliciously fantastic, deal. Their new 5-course tasting menu extravaganza, designed by the newly appointed head chef Adam Banks, added an further flavour to our final evening.
My remain at Watergate Hotel Left not only left my soul but also stomach complete and my heart smiling. If you as well are in a will need of a bit of soul looking this autumn or are dreaming or a relaxing break by the sea, pay Watergate Bay a pay a visit to – I guarantee you won’t  be disappointed &#x2764

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