Obtaining tailor piece created Shanghai


Here’s a confession: there’s absolutely nothing I delight in extra than obtaining the chance to build and design and style my personal garments!  When I identified out there have been quite a few fabric markets in Shanghai that does tailor pieces to order I was enthralled.

I’ve had a custom piece created in Hoi An, Vietnam ahead of, but that didn’t turn out to be an completely pleasant expertise – you can obtain out why right here. This time about, I was determined to discover from my blunders and leave with one thing absolutely nothing quick of fabulous.

A rapid on line search and I discovered ShiLiu Pu Cloth Market place was the a single I wanted to take a look at very first. Compared to the South Bund Fabric Market place, it is a lot smaller sized and is identified to function with nearby buyers extra.

ShiLiu Pu Cloth Market place

Bouncing into the ShiLiu Pu Cloth Market place with higher hopes, I quickly realized the marketplace was pretty specialized and catered especially for quite a few products: cashmere coats, males and women’s company suits, dress shirts and Qipaos, the conventional Chinese dress.

Additionally, immediately after chatting with the merchants, I also discovered buyers at this marketplace typically only bought the fabric. The tailors right here have been exceptionally pricey right here and only guests employ them.

A bit deflated but nevertheless not prepared to give up hope but, I stopped at a stall that looked like they had one thing inline with what I wanted. The lady functioning at the stall was seriously good, but immediately after explaining my notion and displaying photographs of what I wanted for more than half an hour, I was nevertheless skeptical if my thoughts have been having by way of. On major of that, she didn’t set up a lot self-assurance in me given that she didn’t create a single note down!

I decided to contact it a day and attempt my luck at the South Bund Fabric Market place as an alternative.

South Bund Fabric Market place

Spread out in between two substantial warehouse buildings across the street from every single other, the Fabric Market place is a mission to get by way of! One particular of the buildings is a lot quieter than the other and appears to cater to nearby, typical consumers. Merchants barely had any samples hanging in front of the stalls right here and no one even bothered greeting me.


The second creating clearly caters to foreign purchasers, with most merchants speaking English and prepared to sell. There’s barely any fabric rolls right here, as an alternative, you will obtain lots and lots of samples and styles to pick from. I was also shocked to obtain the initial quotes right here have been a lot reduce than the ShiLiu Pu Cloth Market place. On major of that, client service was a lot far better. Sellers right here have been prepared to go above and beyond to make a sell, like shipping it to your hotel or agreeing to do rush orders for no further expenses.

Regrettably, I wasn’t seriously in the marketplace for cashmere coats or suit jackets at the time and ended up leaving empty handed once again. Even though, it is one thing I’d extremely look at if I’m ever back in the region hunting for these products!

Charm Tip

Merchants in Shanghai do not seem pretty comfy functioning from sketches or photographs. As an alternative, they appear to favor copying or replicating from their personal styles or tactile examples brought in.


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