Kayangan Lake is by far the most well-known spot on Coron Island and for great cause. You cruise into the ‘parking lot’, which in itself is an immaculate reef with crystal clear water. Soon after parking the boat you take a quick hike up the stairs to the viewpoint prior to clambering down the other side to attain the popular Kayangan Lake. It is a crystal clear freshwater lake with unbelievable underwater rock formations, which make it a single of the most extraordinary internet sites in Coron, Palawan.

Exactly where IS KAYANGAN LAKE

Kayangan Lake is positioned on Coron Island. Coron Town is exactly where all of the vacationers keep is essentially on Busuanga. It gets a tiny confusing but all you require to know is that you will be staying in Coron Town and taking a boat more than to Kayangan Lake and Coron Island to pay a visit to all of the other lagoons, snorkel spots and shipwrecks. You can see exactly where Kayangan Lake is in relation to Coron Town (Busuanga).




The straightforward answer about how to get to Kayangan Lake is: by boat

You will most most likely be staying in Coron Town, which is exactly where the hotels, bars, restaurants, and airport is positioned.

The subsequent query is about which boat. There are lots of tours offered and they variety in cost. Selections are a complete-day island hopping tour, rent a private boat or a multi-day expedition about Coron Island and nearby islands. I will detail all of the choices beneath.

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Selection 1: The very first and most well-known selection to pay a visit to Kayangan Lake is Tour A.

To book your ISLAND HOPPING TOUR A you can Click Here to verify the availability and book on-line (It is just $20 USD)

  • It involves Kayangan Lake, Coral Garden Snorkel, Cyc Beach and Lunch

Selection two: Major Dream Boat Man Expedition: Big Dream Boat Man is a 3-evening Coron island hopping tour expedition that is diverse from the rest. Rather of battling the crowds, the sea of life-jackets and the lines, Major Dream Boat Man requires you to the hotspots such as Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon prior to the crowds come. Soon after spending a single day at the hotspots, Major Dream Boat Man veers away and guides you on an expedition to some of the hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path places in Coron, which in my opinion had been equally as impressive if not much more so than the popular spots on Coron Island. We cost-free-dived at WWII shipwrecks,  camped on secluded beaches, swam with stingrays, counted the stars from the beach at evening and ate like kings for the duration of our island hopping tour with Major Dream Boat Man.

To book your Major Dream Boat Man Expedition you can Click Here or if you want to see my detailed weblog post (and my most epic drone photographs ever) you can pay a visit to my weblog post about my expertise: BEST ISLAND HOPPING BOAT TOUR IN CORON: Major DREAM BOAT MAN Overview

Selection three: The third selection is to book a private tour, which ordinarily fees about $50 USD upwards.



Kayangan Lake in Coron, Palawan is an amazing spot to hang out for a number of hours if you like to discover. When most vacationers will snorkel for 20 minutes and move on there is essentially a lot to see and do right here. There’s a cave that most persons do not know about, epic cost-free-diving and of course the popular viewpoint.

Freediving at Kayangan Lake

When it is now compulsory to put on a life jacket at Kayangan Lake (two vacationers died carrying out some fairly complete-on freediving so they tightened the guidelines for snorkelers) you can nevertheless get away with cost-free-diving right here. I ordinarily hang out by the edges of the left side of the lake, place my life jacket on a rock and cost-free-dive down by the cliffs underwater. This underwater landscape is up there with my preferred snorkel/cost-free-dive spot in the planet. Epic jagged rocks make you really feel like you are on the moon as you dive deeper. Make confident you are cautious as it is a freshwater lake so you will be considerably significantly less buoyant than in salt water generating it tougher to return to the surface. If you are not 100% confident in your swimming/cost-free-diving capabilities please keep your life jacket on. Technically every person requirements to hold it on but these guidelines are for the masses and I’m prepared to bend them figuring out that there is pretty compact to no-danger for ME  as I do fundamental freediving at this portion of Kayangan Lake. I created this video on my final pay a visit to to Kayangan Lake.


Snorkeling at Kayangan Lake

Of course, the most well-known activity at Kayangan Lake is snorkeling. Most vacationers will hold their lifejackets on and verify out the underwater cliffs from above. 


Awuyuk Cave at Kayangan Lake

On the left side of the lake, pretty close to to the boardwalk is Awuyuk Kayangan Cave. It is about 10-meters to swim by means of and in components in pitch black. It is a quick adventure but fairly fascinating and ideal accomplished with a guide. Searching back out towards the light from inside the cave is a scene not to be missed.


The popular viewpoint of Kayangan Lake is essentially not of the lake funnily adequate. The viewpoint is at the prime of the stairs prior to you head down towards Kayangan Lake and essentially appears out to the region exactly where the boats are parking. It is gorgeous and the water clarity is so great that you can see the cliffs continue down beneath the surface. In peak occasions there can be a line right here, which can be fairly hectic but if you come early in the morning it is significantly much more relaxed.

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Drone flight at Kayangan Lake

If you are fortunate adequate to have a drone, this is an incredible spot to fly. In reality, all of Coron tends to make for spectacular flying. Nevertheless, they do it get in touch with it the ‘Drone Graveyard’ for a cause. With cliffs at all diverse heights, negative signal and vibrant sun for pilots, this area has claimed a lot of drones more than the years. Fly higher, fly slow and appreciate the view from the sky.

Guidelines TO Prevent THE CROWDS

The ideal way to prevent the crowds at Kayangan Lake is to arrive at opening time, which is 7 am. You can do this by hiring a private boat or going with Major Dream Boat Man. If you join a common group tour you will inevitably be there at peak time most most likely.



Your entrance charge for Kayangan Lake is most most likely organized by your tour operator but the technique is not that you require to purchase the tickets in town prior to you arrive. They are attempting to regulate points much more these days so that is how it performs. The charge is 300PHP per particular person, which is $six USD.



Coron Town is the base for all of your adventures in Coron. It is a tiny bit much more high priced than some places in the Philippines but there are nevertheless price range choices. In Coron Town you have the bars, restaurants, transport, areas to book tours and you are close to Mt. Tapyas and Maquinit Hot Spring. It is also just a $three shuttle to the airport. Beneath are my 3 picks plus a single all-inclusive resort (I’ve stayed a number of occasions) that involves private island hopping.

Spending budget Choose: Fat Monkey Hostel – The Fat Monkey Hostel has excellent vibes and you can get a genuinely inexpensive dorm area or a fundamental double area at fairly significantly the lowest cost in Coron. It is in the city center so you are close to all the bars and restaurants.

Worth Choose: Kokosnuss Garden Resort – A massive swimming pool in front of a hotel that appears like a castle. A hugely-rated breakfast is integrated with your private area. Just 1.2km from the direct town-center it is close to lots of bars and restaurants. For just $40 a evening this represents about the ideal worth you will discover in Coron.

Luxury Choose: Coron Soleil Garden Resort – I stayed at this resort in 2018 and it was extremely good. A massive pool stretches down the length of the resort and it is a relaxing location to chill out soon after island hopping. We spent the nights at the bar right here and chilling in the pool prior to heading out to dinner. The rooms are pretty luxurious but this resort is essentially only just more than $100 per evening for a double area.

All-inclusive (Consists of private island hopping): Casa Fidelis Resort – I had the most incredible keep at Casa Fidelis. Soon after spending a single evening in the busy Coron city I packed up and headed out to Casa Fidelis. A 20-minute drive from the city, the rustic resort has a genuine household atmosphere. We had been greeted by workers, household, and close friends upon our arrival.

The villa had a massive patio region that looked out more than the garden. Stepping stones led you from the area to the dining region, exactly where we had decadent spreads of gourmet meals for each and every meal. A single evening we even enjoyed a excellent sunset from the garden at the resort.

I hugely advocate this resort if you are seeking for an whole Coron expertise. You will not have to be concerned about what to do in Coron. It is a fantastic resort if you want to see the ideal of this gorgeous area and also appreciate the luxury of getting each and every detail taken care of. 



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