five Motives to Celebrate Halloween in New Orleans


There’s absolutely nothing like New Orleans when it comes to festivals and merrymaking. Stroll about the French Quarter and you will inevitably see a parade or, if you are fortunate, a second line. Exactly where in most cities street jazz musicians execute singly, in New Orleans you see them in groups, and there is absolutely nothing sweeter than hearing jazz music as you stroll along Bourbon St. Far more than any other festival, having said that, my preferred is Halloween in New Orleans. It is certainly a incredibly unique time in the Crescent City.

Right here are a couple of motives why you should really go to New Orleans for Halloween.

halloween in new orleans - costumed couple

1 of the lots of elaborately-costumed couples in the course of Halloween.

You will get to see beautiful Halloween costumes in New Orleans

Initially off, New Orleanians are not shy about dressing up. Give them a slight explanation to be in costume and they’ll show up with complete make-up, wigs, and period dresses. Most come with partners or with close friends, but some do go solo. Just place on your preferred character and stroll about the French Quarter. You will inevitably meet folks you can hang out there.

No costume? No difficulty! Just stroll about the French Quarter and you will see a lot of shops promoting costumes. When you have had your initial beignet at Cafe Du Monde along Decatur St., for instance, head to the shops on the exact same street.

halloween in new orleans - group costume

It is excellent to celebrate Halloween with close friends!

Complete disclosure: Whilst I did go about the French Quarter just about every day in the course of Halloween week, I didn’t place on a costume. I would have wanted to dress up as my sorcerer character in Dungeons &amp Dragons, but I’m as well shy to randomly strike up a conversation with strangers.

For introverts like me, a New Orleans Halloween is absolutely finest celebrated with close friends! In case nights can get wild, make positive you have travel insurance coverage for the United States just before you come.

Attend the Voodoo Festival

halloween in new orleans - scary costume

Do not be as well shy to ask to take their pics.

Did you know that New Orleans is effectively-recognized for voodoo? It is an Afro-American religion brought to Louisiana in the early 1700s by enslaved West Africans in the course of the French occupation.

They brought their cultural practices and religious beliefs with them, rooted in spirit and ancestor worship, such as their understanding and abilities of making charms and amulets for protection or harming other people. The most renowned voodoo practitioner in New Orleans is Marie Laveau, the “Voodoo Queen,” whose grave you will see when you take the St. Louis Cemetery tour (see under).

Note that there are two voodoo festivals in New Orleans. 1 is the Voodoo Music + Arts Knowledge taking place on October 26-28 at City Park. It is a number of days of excellent music and arts featuring a number of effectively-recognized musicians. These who have performed right here in the previous involve Metallica, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, KISS, Eminem, Neil Young, Snoop Dogg, Duran Duran, The Smashing Pumpkins, 50 Cent, No Doubt, Ozzy Osbourne, and renowned Louisiana musicians like The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, amongst other people.

The other Voodoo Fest is a cost-free occasion held just about every Halloween by Voodoo Authentica. It celebrates the Voodoo religion by educating the public about Voodoo there will be priests holding presentations and speaking about the spirits of the Voodoo pantheon.

At the six-hour occasion, there will be book signings and spiritual consultations. You can also acquire potions, oils, and gris gris bags (talismans for excellent luck or protection from evil), as effectively as handmade voodoo dolls. The festival will be closed with an ancestral healing ritual.

things to do in new orleans - lalaurie house

The infamous LaLaurie residence in the French Quarter.

Go on a cemetery tour

When you appear at a map of New Orleans, you will notice that there a lot of cemeteries scattered about the city. There are 3 cemeteries named St. Louis alone, 3 St. Patricks, and two Lafayettes. Predictably, cemeteries are integrated in New Orleans’ tourist attractions.

The most effectively-recognized cemetery is St. Louis Cemetery #1 not only since of its proximity to the French Quarter and downtown (walking distance from Canal St.), but also since Marie Laveau was buried right here. Believers leave offerings at her tomb, praying for blessings.

The infamous Madame LaLaurie, a New Orleans Creole socialite who was recognized for torturing and murdering slaves in her residence, was also stated to have been buried right here, though her time of death remains a controversy.

Want to see exactly where the Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage will be buried when he dies? He currently purchased a pyramid-shaped tomb at St. Louis #1. It stands empty at the moment, of course!

Note that St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is closed to the vacationers and the common public unless accompanied by a licensed tour guide. Tomb owners get a cost-free pass.

visit the tomb of nicolas cage

This is actor Nicolas Cage’s tomb, kept vacant till he desires it.

Study the truth about ghosts in New Orleans

Like any old city, New Orleans has its share of ghost stories. There is no greater time to listen to them than in the course of Halloween! As I wanted anything various, I chose a skeptic’s ghost tour. It is fundamentally the exact same as any other ghost tour the guide will take you to homes with effectively-recognized ghost sightings and inform you what occurred there. What tends to make it various is that they will inform you the truth about every single ghost story.

Right after all, if I just wanted to hear about ghost stories in New Orleans, I can just Google them. What’s not effortless to locate out is the genuine stories behind what appears like urban legends currently. If you are a believer in ghosts, you may possibly want to skip this tour.

Mansions are decorated for Halloween in New Orleans

1 of the lots of homes Uptown decorated for Halloween.

Mansions are decorated for Halloween in New Orleans

It is not only folks that get decked out in the course of Halloween in New Orleans, the homes get on in the entertaining, as well. If you want to see scarily-decorated mansions, head to the Garden District.

Just take the green streetcar that runs by means of St. Charles Avenue and get off at State Street. From there, stroll about and see how grand the homes are, even with skeletons and ghosts hanging from trees.

My preferred is the large residence at the corner of State and St. Charles (featured photo). Can you see the captions on the skeletons? You have Sam E. Terry, Obstacle Corpse, Marrow-Lyn Monroe, Bone of Arc, and additional.

Attend street parties at the French Quarter for halloween in New Orleans

The French Quarter is the location to be in the course of Halloween.

BONUS: Attend street parties at the French Quarter

Halloween in New Orleans is produced all the additional unique since of the LGBT neighborhood. They go out in complete costume and you can join in the entertaining. The street parties are commonly held along Bourbon St. or St. Ann, and the proceeds from the occasion will be donated to a shelter for folks living with AIDS.

Of course, New Orleans wouldn’t be New Orleans without the need of the floats. The Krewe of Boo will have its Halloween-themed parade on October 20, featuring beautiful floats that are elaborately made in maintaining with the theme.

Mardi Gras beads and other throws are collectible or consumable, such as candies, pralines, voodoo doll pins and magnets, amongst other people. The parade begins at Marigny, but you can just wait at Jackson Square. With the street musicians there, and the different artwork on show, you will have lots to occupy your time just before the parade arrives.

So if you are preparing a go to to Louisiana, make positive to time it effectively so you can celebrate Halloween in New Orleans. It is such a vibrant city with so lots of points to do, and if you can not go in the course of Mardi Gras season, Halloween is the subsequent finest point. Whether or not you will go as a participant or an observer (like me), you will absolutely delight in the joie de vivre that is New Orleans!

Exactly where have you celebrated Halloween? Do share in the comments section under.


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