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I only have a handful of travel associated regrets, but regrettably, I have a new 1 to add to that list.

I completely and wholeheartedly regret going to the town of Saksun in the Faroe Islands.

The town itself exudes a dark and dreamy sort of beauty and appears like nowhere else on the planet. It has all the components of a spot that I’d enjoy to check out, but regrettably, it lacks charm and alternatively projects hostility onto these who check out, which all culminated in a seriously unpleasant encounter on what ought to have been an remarkable day.


Positioned on the northwest coast of Streymoy (the similar island that is dwelling to the capital of Torshavn), Saksun is dwelling to an remarkable waterfall, an remarkable lake and some definitely beautiful regular Faroese turf roofed homes.

It is dwelling to just eight inhabitants, and regrettably, this is exactly where the trouble lies.



Now, I really feel as although I ought to preface this by saying that there have been a handful of effectively documented incidents in the previous of vacationers behaving badly in this town. Trespassing and illegal drone flight by misbehaving vacationers has left the inhabitants of this town feeling frustrated and disrespected – feelings which I fully grasp and will make no try to disregard.

Nonetheless, the undeniably negative actions of a couple of absolute dickheads has now brought on stated inhabitants to view all travellers as possible assholes, and treat them with the hostility that such a point of view can trigger.

I created a genuine point to attempt and be as respectful as I possibly could be, and it nonetheless ended up with me becoming threatened and verbally abused.




So, here’s what occurred.

Just after almost cracking open each mine and Dan’s skulls while slipping and sliding up the trail subsequent to the waterfall, I stood back to admire the beauty of the landscape and spotted what looked like a trail going down previous the church towards the beach.

I had completed study in advance and discovered that there is a modest turf home on the correct side of the valley, down close to the water, and it is this home that has been trespassed on the most. So when I spotted what I believed was a trail top to the left side of the valley, it created sense to me that this was the public path and trail.


I followed this road down towards the church, and this is exactly where the difficulty seriously started.


At the finish of this road have been a couple of modest indicators saying ‘keep off the grass’. I took this to imply ‘stay on the trail’, as there was a incredibly clear stretch of what looked like an exceptionally effectively trodden pathway.

So, off I went, producing certain to stroll on the slippery and treacherous muddy ‘path’, as the indicators had stated to hold off the grass. At this point, I was totally beneath the impression that I was performing the correct factor.


Just after a tiny when, the muddy ‘trail’ began to disappear and staying off the grass began becoming tougher and tougher till sooner or later it was fairly considerably not possible. At this point, I began to doubt that I ought to continue onwards and I stopped exactly where I was to take some pictures prior to turning about and heading back to Dan and the vehicle.

This is exactly where items went incorrect.

I turned about to see walking towards me Dan in the distance, so I stayed exactly where I was and waited for him to attain me. After he got to me, we stood and admired the views for a couple of extra minutes prior to beginning the stroll back to the vehicle.

No extra than a couple of minutes later, I abruptly heard a rumbling and a man on a sort of quad bike swiftly came into view.

It took me a couple of seconds to register the appear of fury on his face, but as quickly as my brain could comprehend it, I also realised that yep, we had absolutely created a error.

As quickly as I had realised this, I opened my mouth to apologise but prior to I could, this Faroese guy leapt into an abusive tirade. He informed us that we have been trespassing, and I attempted to clarify how I’d misunderstood the indicators, which brought on him to start off mocking us and asking us if we have been ‘fucking blind or fucking dumb’. He then began yelling about how he was ‘so fucking sick of stupid vacationers raping this land’ and it was this comment in specific that seriously created me upset.

In the previous, I have divulged the reality that I was raped in Ireland in 2012, on this weblog, and honestly, possessing an individual examine purely mistaken trespassing to rape is totally unacceptable.

I am effectively conscious that we ended up in the incorrect location and that we did the incorrect factor, but how dare this absolute imbecile examine rape to this specific scenario.

He naturally has no notion what becoming raped feels like, and I hope that he never ever does, nonetheless, he ought to almost certainly study a tiny bit of sensitivity and self awareness.

His swearing, yelling and abuse continued for far also lengthy prior to he lastly rode off on his turf pulling quad.

To that note, I’d like to point out that the massive quad bike he chased us down on was almost certainly performing a lot extra harm to the land than we have been!

I would urge everyone who is going to the Faroe Islands to skip Saksun. The individuals living right here clearly do not want guests bothering them, so individuals ought to respect that.

Nonetheless, I have a couple of thoughts. Firstly, the tourism board and web page ought to quit advertising Saksun as a spot to check out. Secondly, the inhabitants ought to make some indicators that say some thing a bit much less vague than ‘keep off the grass’. Thirdly, to the Faroese asshole with the quad bike, possibly quit complaining about vacationers ruining your land while you run about and ruin it your self?


It is seriously a shame, mainly because Saksun is undeniably beautiful, but no matter how fairly it is, I’d never ever want to go back.


Finding to the Faroe Islands: We flew with Atlantic Airways which solutions everyday routes to Copenhagen, twice weekly connections to Edinburgh and common routes to Reykjavik
Auto Employ: We hired a modest 2×2 by means of 62°N, the biggest car provider in the Faroe Islands
Turf Property AirBnB: We spent 5 nights in this fabulous AirBnB, click right here to get a discount on your initial keep with AirBnB!
Camera: Pictures captured with an Olympus OM-D E-M1 in conjunction with M.Zuiko 7-14mm f/two.eight and M.Zuiko 12-40mm f/two.eight lenses
Bear in mind: Skip Saksun, it is not worth enduring the unfavorable power



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