Bangkok Named Amongst World’s 100 Most Costly Cities


The most current expense of living survey coming in reveals that Thailand has develop into extra pricey than ever prior to, with Bangkok for the very first time generating it to the list of major 100 most pricey cities in the globe for expatriates to reside. This implies living in Bangkok is far extra pricey compared to Scandinavian cities such as Stavanger and Oslo.

The survey was released by ECA International and it was primarily based on the expense of living across 450 areas inside 196 nations. The study, which is performed twice each year, excluded things such as normally bought customer goods, charges of living for instance accommodation, college costs, vehicle rentals, and utilities.

Although Thai cities are popularly envisioned as low-priced locations everyone can reside in, they had been amongst the greatest risers, with Bangkok climbing 32 spots to ultimately join the major 100 list. Hong Kong which is the sixth pricey in the complete globe emerged as the most pricey city in Asia for expatriates coming second to Ashgabat, capital of Central Asian nation of Turkmenistan, and the followed by Seoul and ultimately Tokyo.

The Asian director of ECA International, Mr. Lee Quane, stated that black marketplace and foreign exchange prices had fueled inflation levels which have led to the rates of goods rising considerably in Turkmenistan in the previous 12 months. 

If you want to move to Thailand but do not want to invest considerably in Bangkok, Digital nomad Harvie of A Farang Abroad identified that the typical expense of living for expats in Chaing Mai is about $438″, this excludes housing and rent. If you are arranging to check out with a household of 4 folks, anticipate to element with 75,800 THB, excluding housing or rent charges but its much better to get a travel agent who can take you about locations that match inside your price range.

The Ten Most Costly Places In Asia (2018 Asia Ranking)

  • Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
  • Hong Kong                                                    
  • Seoul, Korea Republic                 
  • Tokyo, Japan                                
  • Busan, Korea Republic           
  • Shanghai China                             
  • Yokohanma, Japan                      
  • Nagoya, Japan                             
  • Singapore                                     
  • Osaka, Japan                               

Ten Most Costly Places In The Entire Globe (2018 Ranking)

  • Ashgabat, Turkmenistan                    
  • Geneva, Switzerland                          
  • Zurich, Switzerland                            
  • Basel, Switzerland                              
  • Bern, Switzerland                               
  • Hong Kong                                         
  • Seoul, Korea Republic                        
  • Tokyo, Japan                                       
  • Oslo, Norway                                        
  • Scavanger, Norway                          

Bangkok has develop into pricey for so several factors, with millions of expatriates and travelers flocking in, this has created expense of living to skyrocket. Nevertheless, each class is catered for, there are locations inside Bangkok exactly where you can love your comfy keep for as tiny as $1.

Bangkok is nicely identified as a city with low-priced meals and housing, but the most current reports reveal otherwise. This has left so several travelers and expatriates at a loss as they have to make sense of these figures. The typical expense of one particular bedroom is about 21,400 THB per month this has created it just about not possible to purchase or rent a decent home in the heart of Bangkok unless you have saved sufficient to salvage you from future debts.

As a traveler, experiencing diverse sorts of foods and cuisines have to be on your to-do list.  The typical cost of a meal in Bangkok is about 80 TBH. Street meals may well be a tiny bit less expensive with a dish of meals going for an typical of 40 to 60 THB on the streets, but when you add other charges such as appetizers, water, dessert, the expense comes to about 80 TBH, and this is what we take into consideration to be an averagely ‟affordable” meal in Bangkok.

Presently, the most pricey city to reside in Asia is Tokyo, Japan. Right here, for an ordinary functioning citizen, the expense of living is about 35,000 THB excluding housing or rent charges. Basel in Switzerland crowns it all as the most pricey city in the complete globe to reside. The typical expense of living in Basel is a whopping 49,400 THB per month with rent or housing charges not integrated.

Nonetheless, Bangkok is identified to be one particular of the major tourist destinations in the complete globe. It is a city of contrast with a lot of action at each turn you make. From gleaming temples, bustling town life, Chinatown, taking boats via the floating markets, bustling nightlife, regional cuisines highlight it all, from regional dishes served on streets and roadside stalls, to sumptuous cuisines served at uptown rooftop restaurants


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