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This year I will turn 30. FOGO is not a thing I actually endure from, but I’d be lying if I said the believed didn’t send a shiver down my spine.

As lengthy as I am pleased when that day comes, that is all that matters. But I’d also like to have ticked a handful of far more boxes on my travel bucket list when that day comes, which, for the record, is Might 6th. So technically, I’m currently effectively into my 30th year, but now we’re in 2017 it is basically began to sink in.

To mark the occasion, I’ve decided to do a thing I’ve wanted to do ever because I discovered out about it about six years ago…

The Massive One particular: Camino de Santiago, Spain

Cirauqui, Camino de Santiago, Spain

Pilgrims approaching Cirauqui on the Camino de Santiago (Supply: 4 Jandals)

This is Spain’s well-known pilgrimage route, also identified as “the way of St. James“, which stretches across Northern Spain.

Even though there are quite a few pilgrim routes which lead to the fantastic cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, in northwestern Spain, the principal route begins in France. So yes, it is a quite lengthy stroll.

It requires a month to stroll, and that is if you cover an typical of 30km per day. Considering that I can not actually afford to take 1 month off perform, I’m going to attempt and reduce the trip down to two-three weeks, which will imply skipping a section in the middle someplace. If any individual has performed this I’d actually appreciate some tips!

Why the Camino de Santiago?

There are quite a few causes I want to walk the Camino de Santiago. Firstly, I’m told it is a humbling, quite significantly life-altering expertise that inspires spiritual development. I wouldn’t say I was a specifically spiritual particular person, but I’m certainly open-minded and in need to have of a important digital detox. Persons say there is a special sense of camaraderie on the Camino de Santiago, amongst individuals from all walks of life with amazing stories to inform.

A few months ago a story about a guy with 96% cerebral palsy disability went viral soon after he and his brother, who pushed him the whole way, completed the epic 800km route from begin to finish (perfect.es). They did it all in one particular go to demonstrate that such a feat is attainable for the severely disabled.

So if you are seeking for fresh perspectives, inspiring stories and a reality verify or two (which I normally am), el Camino de Santiago virtually absolutely promises gratification.

Secondly, Spain is an definitely stunning nation with a amazing culture that I miss a lot. That, soon after all, is why I lived there for almost six years. In that time I only visited Northern Spain after – a week in País Vasco, which incorporated trips to Bilbao, San Sebastian and Pamplona. It was incredible and frankly I can not think I’ve never ever been back up north because. The scenery along the Camino de Santiago is apparently breathtaking, and pictures like this from Jess of Curiosity Travels pretty significantly confirm that:

camino de santiago, o cebreiro

Sunrise from the hilltop village of O’ Cebreiro (Supply: Curiosity Travels)

Then there’s the truth I do not want to resign another birthday to a booze-fuelled evening out. I have sufficient of these currently and I want to do a thing particular for my 30th. So, other than a rationed and shared bottle of my favourite rum (if only I could get my hands on a bottle of Santiago de Cuba), there will be no drinking involved. At least not of the irresponsible sort.

Other Trips on my Travel Hit List for 2017

Amsterdam, Holland

amsterdam, bridge, canals

(Supply: FlickrCC Bert Kaufmann)

This year I’ll be taking my third trip to Amsterdam, Holland. The final two instances are incredibly hazy – I’m certain you can envision why. But in spite of promising myself the subsequent time I went I’d go quick on the herbal remedy, this time promises to be no significantly less intoxicating, because I will be aspect of an unruly stag celebration.

With a bit of luck I’ll uncover time to do some sober exploring.

Madrid, Spain

real madrid stadium, santiago bernabeu

Estado Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid (Supply: FlickrCC Chris Brown)

My greatest pal also turns 30 this year and desires to go to Madrid to catch Actual Madrid in action. I could hardly say no to that. I enjoy Madrid, I enjoy football and I miss speaking Spanish terribly – as in I miss speaking Spanish a fantastic deal now that I reside back in the UK not that I love speaking spanish badly.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal, yellow tram, metro, yellow lisbon, colour

Also chalking up its third line on my ‘been there’ list in 2017 will be Lisbon, Portugal. And I really feel slightly abashed to admit it will be for the objective of but one more stag celebration. What can I say? I’m getting a massive year and I’ve got a strong group of mates whose 30th birthdays and bachelor parties I’d never ever dream of missing.

I know this city reasonably effectively, specifically the street art scene, so will not necessarily be desperate to cram in as significantly as attainable about the carnage that will inevitably take location. I’ll be pleased with a cocktail and an exquisite Portuguese pastry.

Krakow, Poland

drinking in poland

(Supply: FlickrCC Fabrizio Sciami)

Regardless of getting just a brief and incredibly inexpensive flight away, Krakow is one particular of these locations I normally inform myself I will take a look at but never ever basically do. I’ve heard amazing items about its culture, meals and celebration scene. As a 29-year old singleton in search of a mini solo adventure to close the curtains on his twenties, the time to ultimately take a look at could have come.

Panama / Colombia

colombia, lost city

Colombia’s Lost City (Supply: Indie Traveller)

Selection 1 of two for a longer trip at the finish of the summer season, based on offered funds, I would enjoy to continue my staggered tour of Latin America.

Final year I spent five months exploring Cuba, Mexico and Central America. This year I want to choose up exactly where I left off in Panama, property of the San Blas Islands and corrupt Panamanian law firms, and make my way down to Colombia, property of extremely stunning landscapes and equally as stunning girls.


chefchaoen, morocco, view

Chefchaouen, Morocco (Supply: The Italian Backpacker)

Selection two, if not as significantly as I hope is left in the kitty. Morocco is closer and as a result less costly to get to. Getting lived in Andalucía, Spain, for almost six years, from exactly where you can basically see Morocco on a clear day, it is definitely a shame that I nonetheless haven’t been.

I’d enjoy to taste an genuine Lamb tagine in Tangier, roam the blue buildings of Chefchaouen, delve into the Suks of Marakesh and put on a fez in effectively, Fez.


antarctica photo

(Supply: FlickrCC Andreas Kambanis)

Effectively, you just never ever know…

How about it? Any one out there performed the Camino de Santiago? I’d appreciate any advice! &#x1f642


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