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In an work to bring you some new voices on Ottsworld, right here is a guest post from artist, writer, and hiker, Kate. I met Kate when she contacted me about her Camino de Santiago art company. I believed it sounded like such a excellent notion and way to have the Camino reside on in a distinctive way!  She had hiked the complete issue twice and that produced me curious. I wanted to know what was it about the Camino that brought her back to stroll the identical route once more. There are a lot of readers interested in the Camino de Santiago, so I asked her to share that knowledge on my weblog.  I hope you appreciate her story as substantially as I did! All opinions and experiences expressed right here are hers. –Sherry

Tired, sick, entirely exhausted and questioning what on earth I had just committed myself also I arrived at the albergue in Roncesvalles. It had been a grueling 36 hours of travel from Calgary, Canada (exactly where I was living at the time) to Northern Spain to hike 800k, entirely alone, with pretty rusty and poor understanding of the Spanish language, just the clothing on my back and feeling completely petrified! What was I carrying out!???

Let me inform you how it turned into the most wonderful knowledge of my life! The motives beneath, from massive to smaller, clarify why and how it turned into my life’s passion. Why I’ve been back a second time and why I want to return once more and once more! Do not be afraid, even the poor issues are superior!  You have heard why you must stroll the Camino de Santiago solo, but let’s back up and just speak about why you must stroll it in common, and come back once more!

Why Stroll the Camino – I’ll Give You 12 Motives

1.  The Persons

For a lot of individuals, the sheer quantity that stroll El Camino de Santiago Camino Frances, specifically in the summer season months, may perhaps be adequate to place a particular person off! I know it puts my mum off! And to be truthful I’ve by no means been superior in huge crowds either, but I decided the pull to hike the Camino became sturdy adequate that I ignored any doubt and just booked my ticket.

why walk the camino de santiago

In the finish the individuals honestly became 1 of the most significant motives I adore the Camino and motives I miss it just as substantially! I miss the neighborhood of pilgrims, mastering other people’s stories and journeys. I’m nonetheless connecting with pilgrims across the planet by way of forums on the internet and Facebook groups.

two.  A Challenge

You do not just really feel a sense of accomplishment when you arrive in Santiago, you really feel it each and every day, for 34 days! (or even so lengthy it requires you!) Every day faces its personal challenges, from the heat to blisters or if you had to push oneself to do a couple of much more kilometres to attain a bed for the evening. 800km can appear daunting and unachievable, but just like in life, all the things we want to accomplish is 1 step at a time the Camino echoes this completely.

three.  Can Aid Direct Your Life

In our regular lives we do not usually give ourselves time to assume, to let the answers to come to us. The Camino provides us this time, to reflect on our lives and the path we are moving.
For me, I realised I necessary to paint complete time. My passion for art and painting is as sturdy as my adore for the Camino is. I want to be an artist that connects with individuals by way of my art. That is why appropriate now, I paint the Camino, for myself and for other folks. I adore painting it and I truly would adore 1 day to paint and stroll at the identical time. But for now, I’ll settle for painting people’s memories from photographs in vibrant and robust alcohol inks. Pilgrims have commissioned me to paint a favourite photograph and memory from the Camino so they can have anything visual to see each day that is just about as specific as their Camino.

four.  Meals and Drink

This 1 does not need to have substantially explaining the meals is basically wonderful! From patatas bravas, olives, cheese and hams to paella and octopus. Yum yum yum! And there’s only 1 way to truly appreciate these meals to its maximum, and it is entails mastering a couple of Spanish words … vino por favour! The wine is wonderful! …and you stroll appropriate by way of the Rioja area.

why walk the camion in spain

five.  Life Lessons

A single of the most significant lessons I discovered on the Camino, is point of view. Quite substantially each and every circumstance comes back to it. A tricky circumstance with a good point of view can appear much less daunting. For every single of us that stroll the lessons we find out will be distinct, whether or not you realise how couple of material issues you need to have, uncover a new appreciation for the individuals in your life… or anything else!

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six.  Connection with Nature

Wow! The scenery is lovely even along the Meseta (A stretch of flat plains on the Camino), I identified it therapeutic and calming. But I do adore a superior climb as the reward is so worth it. A single of my favourite views the initially-time round was when I climbed O’Cebriero. Sneak-a-peak at the views right here.  It was such a clear day, fairly a challenging climb as it was steep and a hot day, but when I got to the leading the views have been worth it. There is so substantially to appreciate from the Pyrenees, to the Meseta, to pathways of poppies, fields of sunflowers, and the woodlands in Galicia, every single just as lovely as the final.

7.  Much less judgement

We’re all guilty of judging an individual on initially look, but the Camino teaches you to be much less so. You meet wonderful, inspiring individuals. Persons you do not count on to be walking, of all ages, sizes and skills. There’s a enormous acceptance for all our imperfections, limitations and our quirky personalities.

why walk the camino de santiago

eight.  A lot more thankful

I’m not going to sugar coat it, there are some ‘lesser’ entertaining issues about the Camino, but it all becomes just a component of it that you find out to embrace. When you arrive dwelling, you truly grow to be thankful for the fresh clean sheets on your bed that you know 100% will be bed bug cost-free and that you will not have to share a space with a number of snorers (we all may perhaps share a space with 1!). You will be thankful to be capable to shower with continuous hot water that you do not have to wait an hour to be accessible. You will have much more selections of clean clothing in your wardrobe that you do not need to have to wash as quickly as you have removed them, so they’ll be dry for the subsequent day. You may perhaps even be thankful for blisters and achy muscle tissues due to the fact it reminds you, you are healthful adequate to stroll 800 km and this just tends to make the work even much more worthwhile.

9.  You will surprise oneself

I assume we all wonder what we’re capable of, the Camino provides us time to find out that. Even if your knowledge is not life altering you will find out anything about oneself, other folks, nature or how to move forward in your life. From time to time we need to have to leave anything behind to uncover anything new.

10.  Religious or spiritual motives

I personally am not a religious particular person but have met lots of who are that have walked El Camino de Santiago. Getting an ancient pilgrimage, it is understandable, there are lots of churches and cathedrals to be admired by even a identified believer. For me it was much more a spiritual journey and I walked due to the fact I wanted to realize much more about myself and find out how to trust in myself, my choices, and how to deal with what the planet threw at me.

11.  Study Spanish!

I currently had a newbie level in Spanish and identified it a excellent chance to immerse myself with Spanish speakers. I also loved the chance to assistance other pilgrims that have been struggling to communicate, and my self-confidence grew. Even if you do not know a word of Spanish, find out a couple of of the necessary words prior to you leave and have entertaining employing them! A couple just to get you started…. Buen Camino! (Heard a number of instances a day!)

12.  Due to the fact you can!

There’s not substantially much more to say about this 1, other than, no matter your age or skills, you CAN do it, so you must! There are so lots of inspiring stories out there, Sherry’s is 1 of them often it is just a matter of discovering your way, and HOW you will do it.
Nevertheless not convinced, or have much more concerns? Verify out these Camino de Santiago FAQ’s.

Kate did a painting of 1 of my favored Camino photographs from my hike!  I adore it – what a super memory for me!

Meet the Author

camino de santiago artKate is a particular person of spirit and adventure and hiking the Camino de Santiago has provided her the self-confidence to comply with her dream of becoming an artist. It is not an simple road but then neither is the Camino. She’s completed the Camino journey twice and it is changed her life. Kates art now focuses on painting custom perform capturing the memory of the Camino for other folks

You can see Kate’s Camino de Santiago art right here:
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