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There’s a Facebook group known as girls appreciate travel. Portion of me loves it and element of me hates it. Naturally, I appreciate to travel and as a solo traveller, it is intriguing to hear what other girls about the globe believe of travel. Nonetheless, regardless of proclaiming to be travellers, quite a few girls on this website hold damaging opinions about nations that they have never ever even travelled to.

The very best point about getting a traveller is getting in a position to see areas with your personal eyes. To meet the locals, consume the meals and get a true really feel of the exceptional and complicated culture of every single spot. To see the true nations and not think the media propaganda we are force-fed every single day of our lives.

An individual posted a query on this group, ‘What comes to your thoughts when you believe about Russia’. There have been thousands of passionate responses from individuals who have travelled to Russia and individuals who haven’t. The several responses have been incredibly intriguing and I believe you will get pleasure from reading them.

“Beautiful women”

“Really, seriously cold”

“Putin, potatoes and vodka”


“That onion-domed creating, Saint Basil’s Cathedral”

“A mystery! To me, I’m usually curious to know what life in Russia would be like. I’d appreciate to go a single day”

Attractive architecture. I’ve been dying to go, but I have no a single to show me about.”

“An amazingly intriguing, perplexing nation complete of culture and mystery with scary politics”


Anastasia, Red square, Sochi, the Black Sea. I’ve been to Russia twice (volunteer trips pre-Olympics and Olympics). The daily individuals we met have been extremely welcoming! The black sea was fairly and the Mountains exactly where all of the downhill events have been held have been beautiful! I’m pretty much 100% certain we have been followed by perhaps government entities on each trips, but absolutely everyone on my group enjoyed the trips and the individuals!”

“My grandma, Peterson Palace, Lenin, Stalin, the Bolshevik Revolution, pelmeni, blinis, vodka, cold climate, Mariinsky Theatre/ballet, Church of the Spilled Blood, accents, a deep subway method, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, the bridges raising in St. Petersburg, the Russians who took me below their wing and translated for me and produced certain I was protected.”

Trans-Siberian Railway!!! Nearly at the top rated of my list!”


“aggravating and costly tourist visa process”

Sadly my 1st thoughts are not fantastic. I grew up an 80s kid and the motion pictures and television usually referenced the cold war… right now I believe of corruption. But I’m so fascinated by it regardless. Mikhail Baryshnikov actually produced me cry with a single of the pieces he danced in the silly film “White Nights”

“Mostly political stuff, regrettably.. issues like the invasion of the Crimea, prolonging a civil war in Syria, and lack of LGBT rights.”

“Pretty churches not open to individuals of colour.. (sorry) that is how I really feel. I hope I’m incorrect about the individuals of colour element.”


“that time that they kept dogs heads alive soon after severing them from their bodies”

“Us election &#x1f644&#x1f644&#x1f644&#x1f644”

“Bears on unicycles”

“Bad driving and dash cams”

Putin shirtless on a horse.
Also, Pussy Riot. &lt3
I know there’s far more to Russia that this, but I’ve never ever been and these have been the 1st to come to thoughts. :)”


Now I’m fairly certain that not all of these statements are correct, I’m certain quite a few of them are due to Western propaganda and the pictures that individuals are fed in the media. Nonetheless, it was quite intriguing to see what individuals about the globe seriously believe of Russia.

Now I’m seriously interested, What comes to your thoughts when you believe of Russia?




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