The Dangers of Hidden City Ticketing: My Skiplagged Critique


Seeking for a lot more details about Skiplagged and hidden city ticketing? Here’s my truthful and unaffiliated overview. 

You guys know I’m the initially a single to take benefit of an chance to uncover a excellent airline deal. Practically nothing tends to make me happier than flying across the planet for an insanely low value.

So naturally, when Skiplagged came along, I was intrigued. Save cash by exploiting a ticketing loophole that gets you to your location for a fraction of the value? Count me in.

Then I discovered a lot more about the web site and the dangers of using hidden city ticketing. Skiplagged has produced the news a lot more than as soon as immediately after airlines sue clients for breach of contract immediately after they intentionally missing a connecting flight. 

This post will assistance you have an understanding of how Skiplagged operates, the dangers you take when you book with them and option selections offered to assistance you save cash on flights devoid of obtaining to be shady about it. 

Study on for my Skiplagged overview. 

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Skiplagged passengers in an airport

Skiplagged is a flight alert system that utilizes “hidden city ticketing” in locating bargains. The premise behind this system is that airlines connect via cities that would be a lot more high priced to attain outright.

For instance, a flight to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil may well expense you $1500 to attain typically, but there’s a deal to Buenos Aires, Argentina that connects via Rio and only fees $350 (do not laugh, I’ve discovered a flight to Argentina at this value ahead of!).

The target would be to book the deal flight and abandon the plane when you get to Rio, leaving the airport in Brazil rather of boarding the connecting flight to Buenos Aires.

This is a controversial ticketing system. It has the possible to hurt you in the extended run, and can be terrible for airline customers general. For these motives, I propose against working with it.

Airlines penalize clients who use hidden city ticketing so you are advised not to use your account, airline credit card or frequent flyer quantity when creating your reservation.

Probable consequences involve invalidation of airline miles and revocation of elite status. Guests who elect to use this system are unable to verify a bag as it would attain their final location devoid of them, so they’re restricted to traveling with a carry-on only. Even then, travelers could run into difficulty if their carry-on luggage gets checked at the gate.

Note: Airline agents appear for roll-aboard suitcases to gate verify. If you suspect this may well be an concern on your upcoming flight, take a malleable bag like a backpack or duffel bag to decrease your probabilities of getting chosen.

Guests who use this system could delay a subsequent plane that is waiting for them to make the connection. They can also drive up fares for other flyers by producing a false demand. Lastly, hidden city ticketing only operates for a single-way tickets, given that airlines will automatically cancel any remaining flights on an current itinerary as soon as a connecting flight is missed.


Passport and boarding pass

Hidden city ticketing is looked down upon in the travel business but is not technically illegal — however. You are free of charge to use this system and there’s no denying that Skiplagged characteristics some incredible bargains.

If you choose to use hidden city ticketing, nonetheless, you do so at your personal threat. Know that there are low cost flight option that will present you with comparable outcomes and none of the hassle. 

United filed suit against the founder of Skiplagged but it was thrown out for lack of jurisdiction. Lufthansa also filed suit against a client alleging breach of contract. It was dismissed and is at the moment on appeal.

Importantly, no court has decided this case on its merits however — that is, no matter if booking a flight you have no intention of taking constitutes any malfeasance or tortious interference with the company of the airlines. 

Skiplagged is at the moment the only web site that tends to make hidden city ticketing its distinguishing issue, but its not the only web site exactly where you can search for these bargains. 

You can go on the ITA Matrix and search for hidden city tickets by getting into the city exactly where you program to miss your flight as a connection in the selection to use sophisticated routing language. Then enter numerous airports as the location — it does not matter exactly where it is so extended as extended as it is less expensive to attain than a flight to the hidden city outright. You can list several airports separated by commas.

Plane flying over city

Frankly Skiplagged is a lot of function, inconvenience and threat just to save a buck on a flight. I adore low cost airline tickets, but there are superior techniques. Initially, I propose that you sign up for flight alerts. I’m a extended-time subscriber of Scott’s Low-cost Flights and cannot propose them sufficient. They inform you when there are error fares or value drops so the bargains come to you, not the other way about. 


An additional selection is to fly with spending budget airlines. Specifically for these searching to fly to Europe, this is a low cost, albeit not the most comfy, option to conventional carriers. WOW air and Norwegian have transatlantic flights beginning at $99 and flying to the east and west coast of the United States.

Spending budget airlines are also good for travel inside North America and the Caribbean. Southwest has new routes to Hawaii and JetBlue consistently flies to Puerto Rico, Aruba and Grand Cayman for significantly less than $100 every single way. 

There is a lot more than a single way to land a excellent airline deal. With so several selections and so tiny upside to using hidden city ticketing, I recommend you use them as a final resort.

I hope this Skiplagged overview assists you. Till subsequent time, secure travels! 

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Want to know more about hidden city ticketing? Wondering if Skiplagged is legitimate? Learn the risks associated with this booking method and alternative ways to save money on flights. #hiddencityticketing #travelhacking #traveltips #cheapflights #budgettravel
Want to know more about hidden city ticketing? Wondering if Skiplagged is legitimate? Learn the risks associated with this booking method and alternative ways to save money on flights. #hiddencityticketing #travelhacking #traveltips #cheapflights #budgettravel
Want to know more about hidden city ticketing? Wondering if Skiplagged is legitimate? Learn the risks associated with this booking method and alternative ways to save money on flights. #hiddencityticketing #travelhacking #traveltips #cheapflights #budgettravel


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