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I visited Spain for more than two weeks and I certainly loved it, they are a men and women who genuinely have a zest for life. At New York City’s iconic IAC HQ Creating  Olives from Spain with the Tourism Institute of Spain celebrated the distinctive wines, meals and culture of Spain. It was a scrumptious day of regional tasting seminars, wine stations and stroll about tapas tastings. This was a superb chance to knowledge Spanish culture by means of their large wide variety of meals and drink. There was so a lot to discover all through the day, for instance did you know that Spain is the biggest producer and exporter of table olives in the planet? I didn’t recognize that and the olive’s at Spain’s Good Match NY 2016 had been robust with a one of a kind flavor!
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The olives at the event were ready with a lot of marinades, which consist of oregano, thyme, garlic, orange, lemon, onion and a lot more.


The wine seminars had been complete of intriguing data, for instance the vines for Godello White Wine develop three,00 ft above sea level and some of the vines are more than 100 years old.



This was a tasty stew!


Spanish men and women really favor green olives.



It was good to be capable to speak to so a lot of men and women who had been a wealth of data about the Spanish wines.



There had been tons of suggestions at Good Match about the olive edible pairing solutions.


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I enjoy any occasion that has cheese this very good!



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This occasion featured a wide variety of tasty olives for just about every occasion.





I was invited as a guest of Olives from Spain, as generally all opinions are my personal.


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