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It is 2019 and what superior way to begin the year than on a trip! When you are reading this, I will be sat on an overland truck creating my way by means of West and Central Africa for three months.

Possessing been on an overlanding camping trip five years ago, I can honestly say that South Africa was a life-altering expertise for me. I overcame my worry of insects (temporarily anyway), went on quite a few safaris, and camped in desert landscapes. Will West Africa and Central Africa be the similar? I consider it is going to be a lot rougher with even additional bush toilets.

Each West Africa and Central Africa are recognized for their political unrest and difficult terrain. This trip is certainly going to be difficult. Out of the 12 nations that I am organizing to take a look at, eleven of them call for visas which I am hoping to get on the road.

These nations are not destinations that I would have selected to travel to independently but I will be solo for components of Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, and some of Angola.

So my itinerary for the subsequent three months will go like this:

West Africa

I’ll be arriving in Ghana solo and spending two evening alone prior to joining the rest of the group in the city. Then from Ghana we travel to Togo, and Benin, prior to finishing in Burkina Faso.

Burkina Faso has the most special landscapes but this nation has lately hit the news declaring a state of emergency in the north following extremist terrorist attacks. Hopefully it regains some stability really quickly.

Cape Coast in Ghana was recognized for its slave trade and was the biggest slave trading centre in Africa. The nation also has some of the finest beaches in Africa and attracts surfers to its initially class waves.

Togo is a smaller nation with bizarre markets. Benin has ruins and palaces from the Dahomeyan empire, and is the birthplace of voodoo so I anticipate this aspect of the journey to be a fascinating 1.

Cote d’Ivoire

Then I’ll be flying to Cote d’Ivoire, which is 1 of the safest nations in the area. Cote d’Ivoire has rainforests and beach resorts. They speak French so I’ll be brushing up on my French vocab prior to I arrive. I’ll be hoping to catch up on some weblog posts, take a look at a project and do some guided hiking for the week.

Central Africa

From right here I fly to Cameroon for a couple of days solo prior to meeting a pal. With a rapid flurry of visas, I then begin my subsequent overland trip with Madventure. From Cameroon we go overland to Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo, and DRC, prior to leaving the group in Angola (they are continuing down to Cape Town).

Cameroon has stunning beaches, mountains and jungles and a capital city with monasteries and galleries.

Equatorial Guinea has just opened up to vacationers so this nation is going to be exceptionally exciting seeing it in its infancy. We’ll be seeking for gorillas which is a comprehensive initially for me, and seeing chimpanzees and elephants.

Gabon also has nature reserves and we’ll be trekking the rainforest looking for buffalo.

Each the Congo &amp Democratic Republic of Congo do not have the finest reputations for security and we’ll be passing locals in Congo who haven’t noticed vacationers prior to. From Congo we’ll be crossing to the DRC by ferry.


Angola has a history of decades of civil war and is also only just opening its door to vacationers. The nation has a mini Grand Canyon with strange-seeking rock formations as nicely as mountains and waterfalls. I’ll be finding out additional about the history of the ancient slave port of Benguela, the country’s most relaxed city.

Sao Tome and Principle

Following a couple of days in Angola finding applied to a bed once more, I’m flying to Sao Tome and Principle with my pal for a couple of days. This island is its personal nation and in contrast to the rest of the nations that I am going to on the trip, it does not call for a visa. Sao Tome is a volcano island with a jungle preserve which sits off the coast of Gabon. It appears completely amazing but there are difficulties on the island so I am hoping to take a look at a project to find out additional about the way of life while I am right here.

Then back to the UK. From April I am hoping to base myself in England and see what the rest of the year brings.

Have you ever been to West or Central Africa?


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