Major Factors To Do in Cairns For Adventure Lovers


There are a lot of factors to do in Cairns, Australia, specifically if you are into intense adventures or are an adrenaline junkie. Blogger Karla Ramos of Karla Round the Globe conquered her fears when she visited Cairns. Verify out how substantially enjoyable she’d had there!

There are numerous amazing locations in Australia, from the urban to the wild. Cairns is a city that straddles these two distinctions, with a bustling enterprise district and an inimitable patch of unspoiled nature.

If you want to get lost in a lush rainforest, skydive onto a wild beach, abseil (aka rappel) down a waterfall, or swing by way of the air at terminal speeds, Cairns is your finest bet. Positioned in Queensland, it is extra than two,000 kilometers north of Sydney. It is fairly far from the capital, but it is nonetheless renowned as a vacation location due to its special offerings.

Acquiring to Cairns and Acquiring About

Cairns is served by an international airport, and a number of airlines deliver flights from the Philippines. The airfare averages about $1,000, with considerably less expensive costs provided for flights with extra than one particular cease. I suggest checking for the most up-to-date and most cost-effective airfare costs at Kayak — they also give packages with hotels and vehicles, so it is pretty easy when you are preparing your Cairns adventure.

After there, you can decide on from a wide selection of transport alternatives, as Cairns is an significant hub in this area of Australia. There are buses to and from the Cairns CBD (exactly where there are two terminals), and there is also a railroad network following the eastern coast. Of course, taxis are also pretty typical in the location.

Adventurous Factors to Do in Cairns

When it comes to intense adventures, Cairns does not lack for something. Name your adrenaline repair, and they in all probability have it! Right here are some of the ones that I’ve attempted.

Skydiving at Mission Beach


The ultimate adrenaline rush!

Cairns has enjoyable to give wherever you view it from — land, sea, and air. I can nonetheless recall the nerves I felt just just before I jumped, but it was partly eased by the clear blue Australian skies, and the sapphire waters bordered by brown sand way down under. This surely beats bungee jumping!

There’s a full briefing at eight,000 feet, appropriate just before you and your tandem jump off from the plane. Just take note of all the directions, and you will be protected all through the 40-60 seconds of free of charge fall. As quickly as your tandem pulls the chute, it is absolutely nothing but appreciating the rough and raw Cairns landscape. If you have ever believed what’s it is like to wander like a bird and get in touch with Nature from higher above, then this is your finest bet.

Go Bungee Jumping in Cairns

Bungee jumping is large in Cairns, largely thanks to the presence of the AJ Hackett Bungy Corporation. Their web-site is positioned much less than half an hour from the city center, and they operate the only bungee tower in the entire of Australia.

I attempted this out back in 2016, when my skydiving was cancelled due to inclement climate. At that time, a Terrific Barrier Reef dive was out, also, so my good friends and I ended up pushing every other to stand on the platform of the nearby bungee tower.

Yes, I loved the adrenaline rush but…bungee jumping in Cairns was some thing else altogether. It took me a couple of minutes just before I was in a position to jump. I screamed my lungs out, but the free of charge fall was extremely wonderful. It is certainly an knowledge to attempt, even if you have attempted other bungees just before. As a plus, you get to see the organic beauty of Cairns from the bungee platform.

Go on an ATV Ride


Riding an ATV is a lot of enjoyable.

This quad bike tour was in Kuranda, close to Cairns. However, the firm has currently closed down by early 2018, even though other individuals have sprung up in its location. Cairns Quads (positioned straight in the rough and tumble rainforest), for instance, provides an exhilarating tour by way of the muddy and rocky rawness of Australian nature.

The tours take about an hour and a half, mainly excluding the instruction and briefing. The rainforest is positive to test your mettle as it did ours, splashing you with dense dirt and creek water! There’s also a cool down session afterwards, full with a cup of tea.

Go Canyoning in Cairns

This activity is for these who feel that the ATV ride is not sufficient of a challenge. Back at the Cairns rainforest, Crystal Canyon awaits for a bout of zip lining, rappelling, and waterfall jumping. This secluded adventure web-site provides compact group half-day tours, full with lunch.

Immediately after the several climbs and abseils, you will certainly really feel the burn in your muscle tissues. Do not be concerned considering that you will be in a position to cool off at the refreshing pool under the waterfalls. Hold your eyes peeled for the Cairns wildlife also, such as the colorful birds, butterflies, and several critters you will see on the way.

Snorkel or Dive in the Terrific Barrier Reef

great barrier reef adventure

The Terrific Barrier Reef from Dropu/Shutterstock

Lastly, the ultimate adventure is to discover the excellent Terrific Barrier Reef. It is one particular of Australia’s greatest organic wonders, and the finest portion is that it can be knowledgeable in distinctive methods. You can dive or snorkel, and you can get seriously up close and individual by waiting for the low tide so you can stroll on the reef straight. You can also view the reef from above by way of a scenic flight or a glass-bottom boat.

Cairns is just one particular of the 3 towns about the Terrific Barrier Reef (getting the latter extends for about two,300 kilometers, the biggest of its sort in the globe), and is the key launching point to the spectacular colors of the coral. You can pay a visit to right here any time of the year! We enjoyed a day cruise that showcased the numerous colors of the sea in this area. It was an wonderful knowledge, and we had been in a position to swim out in the open sea, also.

When it comes to adventures, this portion of Queensland need to seriously be in your bucket list. There are so numerous factors to do in Cairns, specifically for adventure lovers, that it can be difficult to leave when you are there!

Have you been to Cairns? Will you do any of these activities that Karla has attempted?

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