Get pleasure from Traveling Even though Earning, Be a Sun Life Monetary Advisor


When we speak about insurance coverage, the initial point that we would consider for certain is the safety we supply for our loved ones. Considerably extra if you are a traveler. The larger you are exposed to danger, the confident you develop into if you are insured.

There are a lot of major brands if we speak about life insurance coverage but it does not just finish there even though. In selecting the greatest a single, we will normally go for an established name and that supply a definite return to our investment. So we contemplate checking the monetary capability of the corporation ahead of investing.

Considering the fact that becoming a mom is not an straightforward process, it is normally critical to be ready for tomorrow. So I normally locate life insurance coverage an fascinating subject. With the current forum held at Quest Hotel final July 28, I knew that this is one thing I shouldn’t miss due to the fact it talks about becoming in a position to attain perform-life balance.

Trivia Evening

The occasion began with the trivia evening. There had been 12 tables inside the space exactly where the occasion took location. These 12 tables represent the teams who did participate in the game. We belonged to the table six and it was a evening filled complete of enjoyable and information and facts relating to finance.

Thanks to Cebu Trivia Evening for an great evening at that time. It was genuinely a enjoyable and thrilling evening to begin the occasion with.

Sun Life and Its History

The forum was all about inviting people today to develop into aspect of Sun Life increasing numbers of advisors in the nation. Thanks to Ms. Marga Bernardo and Mr. Don Ursal for becoming the speakers of the evening and for sharing their insights and experiences as properly in becoming aspect of the Sun Life loved ones.

Suitable immediately after the trivia evening, we then moved forward in discussing what the forum is all about. Ms. Marga, a regional sales manager, hosted the evening and discussed a short detail about Sun Life Monetary Philippines (SLFP) and how it played a key part towards the lives of numerous Filipinos a century ago.

Speaking about monetary stability, SLFP proves to have a stronger standing that every person would be confident to danger. They are the only insurance coverage brand that belonged to the leading 100 in Asia. And primarily based on the normal and poor’s ratings and monetary strength primarily based, they rank AA and A+ respectively. This shows that the corporation is financially steady as a entire.

Sun Life Enterprise is about assisting people today. Their advocacy is to assist spread monetary literacy that every person deserves. What I really like about SLFB is that their advocacy does not just finish in assisting their clientele locate the appropriate strategy for their demands but they assure of taking care of their clientele as properly. It is not just about organization but it is about touching lives as properly.


The Perks and Advantages

To be a Sun Life monetary advisor, you do not need to have to compromise your perform and your time. When you develop into aspect of their loved ones, right here are the perks you get to expertise:

  1. Flexibility – earning added can be a small rough particularly if you have an additional job to manage. But when you develop into a monetary advisor, you have the freedom to perform on your personal time.
  2. Earning – sky is the limit! Yes, earn as a lot as you want.
  3. Large Industry Prospective – a lot of people today have not deemed insurance coverage due to the lack of interest towards the market. This is exactly where the advisors play their part. Picture, the insurance coverage penetration nationwide is two% and if you make a decision to take an action, you do not just construct your profession in this market but also assist the people today as properly.
  4. A location to perform – offices are offered.
  5. Sales tools are offered – these are laptops, projectors, and extra.
  6. Help is offered for totally free – licensure exam, coaching, and such are offered for totally free. Yes, it will not expense you to be aspect of Sun Life loved ones.


Earning and Increasing

Earning is by commission. You earn by means of new corporations open and renewals. If most workers get two annual bonuses, at SLFP, you get bonuses on a month-to-month basis offered that you hit specific parameters. These bonuses could be in kind of all expense paid trip, present certificates, tickets, and extra.

It does not just finish there, profession development is assured right here also! When you develop into a Monetary Advisor and the corporation sees your prospective, you can get promoted to Manager Candidate. This goes on and on till you develop into a Enterprise Manager, your self.

1 of the living proof is Mr. Don Ursal who was a single of the speakers of the evening as described. He began operating as a BPO agent which now turned as a Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) member. Note that you develop into a member of MDRT if you earn 1.3M in commission alone. And picture how this man began his profession as an ordinary BPO agent and is now touching numerous lives these days?

In Sun Life, you do not just be enjoying commissions and earning but also expertise enjoyable and profession development. It is one thing you certain do not want to miss.

Here’s a reality verify:
Are you happy with your profession proper now? Are you living to perform? Or operating to reside?

If you have what it requires to be a Sun Life Monetary Advisor, then go to your nearest Sun Life workplace or pay a visit to their web-site at for extra particulars.


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