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Visited Tikal in September 2018, its hot and humid in September dress accordingly.

I had booked a tour on the internet, they had canceled on me as they did not have sufficient persons for the tour. I headed to Belize border town with Guatemala named San Ignacio. There are many tours that leave each day and I was capable to book a tour to Tikal very easily in San Ignacio.

The tour van was comfy and had A/C. They took care of all the border crossing charges, entrance charges to the Archeological web site, came with a guide and they took care of lunch.

The price was $135 USD, which I believed was a bargain. The beginning time was six:30AM and drop off about 5PM identical day.

Get a tour business and steer clear of all the hassles of carrying out it your self.

While all the things for the trip was paid for, I did transform 10 USD at the border to Guatemala Quetzal, in September 2018, 1USD = 7.5 Guatemala Quetzal. The purpose getting I will require regional cash for water and drinks on a hot day complete of hiking. I did purchase two bottles of Gatorade for 30 Guatemala Quetzal.

From San Ignacio to the Guatemala border is 20 minutes ride and about an hour to Flores Guatemala. The van drive stopped by the lake in Flores. And a coffee restroom break at a roadside souvenir shop.

September is low tourist season and as soon as we arrived in Tikal National park, there have been extremely couple of vacationers. The group I was in spent the hot day exploring the Mayan pyramids. The Pyramids with a space on top rated is a temple, the Pyramid which is flat on top rated is an Observatory.

Some of the Pyramids are nonetheless covered with dirt and have trees expanding on them, the guide explained the challenges that could arise by taking the trees out could lead to harm to the structure. With all the technologies we have, I believed it was the price involved in restoring and upkeep as Guatemala is not extremely wealthy, I could be incorrect.

The Tour van stopped on the road and absolutely everyone got out to take photos of the monkeys on the trees.

Above Image National tree of Guatemala ‘Ceiba’

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