25 Inspiring Photographs of Cuenca the Undiscovered Village in Spain


Cuenca is a green mountain village tucked away with an hour and a half from Madrid in the automobile. Cuenca in Spain is surrounded with stunning wildflowers and hanging homes from the cliffs. Did I mention it is a Planet Heritage Website? Nicely, it is with the old center that inhabits a set of evocative medieval buildings. And that is not all there are lots of colorful buildings in yellow, red, and blue with smaller narrow meandering streets to get lost in.


25 Inspiring Photos of Cuenca the Undiscovered Village in Spain


Cuenca the Undiscovered Village in Spain, only two hours from Madrid City.




A day in Cuena is for exploring, walking about and learn cute restaurants that invite you to sit down with a great deal much more politeness compared to Madrid. It is noticeable you are not in the city any longer, this is the village of Cuenca, and almost everything is going in a slow and relaxing phase. Persons are drinking canas and nibbling to the no cost tapas. And that is excellent for recharging the batteries and get 1 with some much more walking about. For the reason that the landscape is marvelous and the river in in between the city delivers lush green blooming plants, and thereby reinforce the fresh mountain air.


Cuenca is a paradise for these in search of a relaxed weekend away from Madrid. Or a hidden getaway that not lots of vacationers take a look at. Cuenca is lush landscape and a excellent vibe for some relaxation, and I advise going to Cuenca if you are traveling about in Spain.


We had dinner at La Bodeguilla de Basilio, we went for the sitting table choice considering that we had a hereo of a kid with us. The meals is incredibly spanish with tomateos, eggs and white bread and of course wine! If you are not with young children, go for the bar choice. Hang in the bar and only order a canas/beers and get your tapas along with it and maintain drinking till you are not hungry any longer. Some of the no cost tapas are the size of a smaller meal!



Cuenca with the hanging houses over the cliffs in 2018. Spain.



Cuena in Spain with the colorful houses in yellow, red and purple.




Cuenca in Spain with lush green landscape.













Cuenca the Undiscovered Village in Spain with many colors on the houses.









My close friends and I went to Cuenca with a automobile rental and began our 72 hours Road Trip in Spain. Our initially quit was Cuenca, which was also our favourite quit of the trip. We stayed the evening in a excellent historic hotel.


The subsequent day we continued on the road. We went to the middle of nowhere, which was the Campillo de Altobuey for taking photos in a field of the stunning red flowers known as amapolas in Spanish. 4 our lunch we ended up in one more mountain village with the name Alcalá del Júcar, which was cool with the underground caves but, not pleasant for nonspanish vacationers going to due to no straightforward translation in English. What you are ordering for lunch is a surprise!


Then we ended our evening at Calp it was terrific feeling the fresh sea air coming in with the evening breeze. Then we ended our trip in Alicante. I returned to Madrid with BlaBlaCar, and my close friends went to Torrevieja. We had 72 incredible hours exploring the villages and the smaller roads of Spain.




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