10 Suggestions on how to survive an Australian Summer time


Spending a vacation in the course of an Australian Summer time is a thing on everyone’s list. Who is not dreaming of white sands beaches, blue skies, fiery sunsets though enjoying the good outdoors? But let’s face it, hot summer time days and nights also bring a lot of wellness hazards.

These recommendations will show you how to deal with intense heat and support survive an Australian summer time.

How to survive an Australian summer time

The summer time months are meant to take pleasure in the time outdoors and if you strategy a extended summer time day, you want to be nicely ready to deal with an unpredictable heatwave. Right here is what you can do to hold your physique hydrated all the time

Why Drink Water in Summer
Drink a lot of fresh water! two-three litres each and every day!

1. Drink a lot of water

Drinking a lot of water in the summer time heat is the most critical issue you can do. But by saying this, I imply water and non-alcoholic drinks. Not beer or wine. Pack at least a major bottle of two litres of fresh water, preferably not ice-cold, and drink each and every 10-15 minutes, keep away from gulping lots of water at as soon as when you really feel the thirst. Take your water into 1 of these vacuum insulated stainless steel bottles they are good to hold it refrigerated. Taking an esky bag with you will also support hold your bottles chilled.

two. Start out your day early

On a hot summer time day in Australia, you want to arrange your plans to adjust to the climate and hot temperatures. Start out your day as early as feasible, amongst six.00-eight.00 am is a fantastic start out for these who adore aerobic activities like operating, cycling, walking, hiking and swimming. From 12.00pm to five.00 hide inside in an air-con or nicely-ventilated location, or remain in the shade. A library or a purchasing mall is a fantastic solution if you are on the go.

three. Maintain your head and physique cool

To cool down from the sweating, pack a cooling towel in your backpack like these from Journext, they are great excellent. A cooling towel is exclusive mainly because it can cool down beneath 20°C even when it is hot outdoors, so it really is fantastic to cool down soon after a hike or a bike ride and hold your physique at a comfy temperature. Its silicon case assists to remain cool longer, so it comes in handy for any outside adventure.

You can view this cooling towel on Amazon.

Cooling Towel by Journext

four. Take vitamins and minerals

Drinking water is very important to hold your physique hydrated on hot summer time days, but it is not adequate, with out an proper intake of minerals, vitamins. These are essentials nutrients mainly because, by sweating, we drop minerals. So you want to compensate with a reasonably fantastic intake of mineral supplements and of course by consuming the appropriate meals.

five. Consume light meals and the appropriate meals

In the heatwave months, consuming smaller sized portions assists your physique sustain the appropriate balance of power and the appropriate intake of vital nutrients like magnesium, calcium and potassium that are very important to keep away from muscle cramps. These recommendations support you remain match and healthful. The ideal foods I recommend  consuming in Australian in summer time are:

  • Fruits salads.
  • Mixed nuts.
  • Fresh citrus and carrot juices.
  • Cold pasta and rice dishes.
  • Legumes.
What to eat in Summer in Austraila
Fresh Water, juices and fruits support you remain hydrated in the Australian Summer time

How to cope with the heat in Australia

If you are not familiar with this Australian slogan, slip slop slap was applied in an marketing campaign in Australia to support boost awareness about skin cancer which has a higher price of individuals. Slip on a shirt, slop on a 50+ sunscreen and slap on a hat, but there was also seek shade and slide on some glasses to block the sun. This turned into 1 of the most iconic Australian slogans that have entered the Australian dictionary.

six. Use sunscreen +50 SPF all day extended

In Australia, you want to use sunscreen from early morning to the evening to defend your skin from the intense sun. And it is not a joke. If you devote all the time outdoors you will want it. Way also a lot of travellers underestimate the dangers of the Australian sun and finish up with sunburnt. Although there are +30 SPF and reduced, it is a fantastic concept to use +50 SPF mainly because it will block 98% of UVB and UVA rays. But the most critical issue is to use a good item, do devote a small bit extra and do not use low-cost sunscreens that include lots of additives and colourants and might lead to allergies. I know a thing about the side effects of low-cost sunscreen.

7. Pick out functional put on and cover up

Also wearing the appropriate garments in Australia make a distinction. If you strategy to devote extended hours, at the beach, or walking outdoors, wearing light colours is a ought to, but the most critical issue is to put on functional put on with +50SPF also. These will support you defend your skin from the sun but also enables you to remain dry. Most importantly cover up your legs, your arms and shoulders. It might sound a bit exaggerated but the extra you cover, the much better for your skin. Lengthy-sleeve breathable shirts and extended pants are the ideal in the hot Australian summer time.

eight. Shield your eyes and your head

Do not neglect to defend your eyes from the intense sunlight by wearing fantastic sunglasses. These with sideway cover are great if you have sensitive eyes and yes a appropriate cap or 1 of the funny Australian hats with the extension to cover your shoulders is completely a ought to if you go hiking in the summer time.

Plan responsibly your road trips in Australia

How to remain secure in the Australian Summer time

If you are keen to devote your time outdoors and take pleasure in the good outdoors that Australia has to supply, it is essential for your trip enjoyment and private security to take lots of caution, particularly on hot days, when undertaking sports, going on road trips and swimming at the beach. Right here are a handful of recommendations on how to much better deal with this:

9. Strategy your road trips responsibly

If you strategy a road trip in Australia, ahead of setting off make positive you are familiar with all Aussie driving guidelines very first. Just before embarking on extended road trips in the Outback and remote regions of Australia, verify the heatwave forecast exactly where you get updates and bushfire alerts. Do not drive with intense heat to keep away from a tyre blowout which is not uncommon in the Outback when the temps attain 45-50°C. To be on the secure side, normally verify this web page for updates about heatwaves in Australia. Start out your journey early morning and late afternoon to keep away from driving in the hottest hours of the day.

10. Do not drink and swim, in no way!

There is a huge boost of men and women drowning in Australia in summer time with 48 deaths in January 2019,  at the beach, in pools or at lakes. And a lot of location locals. So not only vacationers but also locals who possibly overestimate what they can and cannot do. But 1 issue that you ought to keep in mind is not to drink a handful of beers and swim afterwards. The Australian ocean is unforgiving, and it is risky even for even specialist swimmers, so normally swim amongst the flags in Australia and comply with these simple beach security recommendations.

Conclusion on how to survive the Australian Summer time

Summer time is the ideal time to pay a visit to Australia for all summer time sports enthusiasts it can be fantastic entertaining and reward you with memorable moments.  As extended as we all use widespread sense and thoughtful considering about all these simple guidelines ahead of setting off, you will take pleasure in its organic beauty with all the fantastic factors that make it exclusive, swimming and surfing, camping and hiking, road tripping and spending leisure time with pals in its good outdoors.

I hope this survival guide on how to survive an Australian Summer time will support you strategy your vacation down beneath extra smartly and basically.

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Are you planning a trip to Australia in summer? Here are my best tips on how to cope with the heatwave. From how to stay cool and safe during the hottest hours of the day to how to plan your outdoor activities and road trip during the hot summer months. #australia #triplan #summer #traveltips


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