You Will not Think Almost everything I Match for a Month of Travel in this Tiny Backpack(video)!


I have to be truthful with you, packing is NOT my factor. My other travel blogger good friends joke that I ought to create a guide entitled “How Not to Pack”. Following six 1/two years of traveling I’m attempting to get superior at packing. I lately took a trip to Japan and South Korea and discovered some extremely inexpensive flights on Peach Airlines. The only factor was-they have been only inexpensive devoid of a checked bag. Packing light is difficult to me particularly with all of my camera gear but I did it!

This was my itinerary with flight rates:
NYC-&gt Florida $39
Florida-&gt Boston $103
Boston-&gt Osaka $514 (RT)
Osaka, Japan-&gt Okinawa, Japan $57
Okinawa, Japan-&gt Tokyo, Japan $58
Tokyo, Japan-&gt Seoul, South Korea $61
Seoul, South Korea-&gt Osaka, Japan $84
Osaka, Japan-&gt NYC

I saved $181 by not checking a bag, plus it was significantly simpler to travel so light. Verify out the video beneath I produced with dubcandy to see how I did it and some of my preferred issues to travel with:

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