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It is that time of the year once again when I create year-finish evaluation posts, take some time out to evaluate how I am performing and fine tune my life! Considering the fact that final year, I have been performing my year finish evaluations according to the Indian conventional calendars – Vikram and Veer Samvat (do not know about them? I have explained them right here). This “new year” comes along with Diwali, one particular of India’s most significant festival, and for me it is a extremely meaningful celebration. So I have decided not to bother with the other ‘new year’ that comes by in Dec finish, simply because culturally, I do completely absolutely nothing meaningful at that time.

The previous year: Vikram Samvat 2074 &amp Veer Samvat 2544,

Travelled for: about 7 months (I didn’t realise it was a complete 7 months of travelling till I wrote this review….)

Areas visited: Lisbon (Portugal), Andalucia (Spain), Tiruvannamalai, Isha Ashram (Coimbatore), Kozhikode and a small bit of Bangalore, Goa, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Kelve beach in Konkan Maharashtra.

Right here is a swift summary of all this travelling:

Final year I spent my Diwali &amp New Year in Kolkata with the major, extended loved ones. And in just a handful of days soon after returning from that trip I flew to Lisbon. There was an annual meeting of the organization I was operating with at that time. And I decided to extend that trip (who flies to Europe for only a week? &#x1f609 ). As it occurred, I took an Airbnb apartment in Lisbon and stayed there for a month.

A month in a European Capital City

I was often curious to commit a small extended time in a European city and realize the way of life. Lisbon gave me that encounter. Perhaps yet another much more taking place capital like Barcelona or Paris may possibly have been a much more charming encounter, but I consider it depends on the region we remain in. And provided the expenses and my option of apartment, it is really probably that we may possibly not remain in the coolest neighbourhood (and nevertheless be paying a lot for the accommodation). I paid about 80k/month for my Lisbon apartment – a extremely good 1BHK, totally equipped. A lot much more than what I anticipated to be truthful, but as it occurred, the Portugal visa arrived extremely late and so I had to book the apartment really final minute. (I consider the price can be brought down to 50-60k/month for a complete apartment if we book nicely in time).

And even at 80k/month, if you consider about it, the total month-to-month price of the European remain goes to about 1.two lakh/month. Adding air tickets that is inside the 1.5lk/month price which is the upper price range-regular limit for Europe.

Botanical Garden of Ajuda in the Setting Sun light(Image from the Botanical Garden of Ajuda, Lisbon)

It was an insightful remain. I want to create a lot of weblog posts about my experiences but so far I have managed only extremely handful of. One particular issue I realised clearly was that getting a digital nomad with a complete-time job is fairly considerably pointless. For the reason that operating that a lot of hours leaves hardly anytime for true exploration. A lot of individuals may possibly have the power to whiz about on the weekend or soon after function hours, but honestly, I just want to curl up with a book or watch motion pictures soon after a week of complete-time function. So at some point, when I returned to India, I decided to lessen my function hours.

I also explored a bit of Andalucia, Spain for a couple of weeks and fortunately managed to do a bit of cycling! And went on a solo hike exactly where I practically died. But then I got rescued. Phew.

Solo Hiking Safety

By no means a dull moment. &#x1f609

As soon as I got back and had the time to appropriately accept the truth that I had practically died, I decided it was time to tackle a major private matter which I had been avoiding…

And that is why soon after a handful of months I headed to South India.

four months in South India


Soon after as well a lot of years, I visited the Isha Yoga Center. This was a major private matter for me which I had to tackle. I attended their Mahashivratri occasion, met old good friends and camped in a derelict village hut – a story for yet another time. And, of course, met the Adiyogi!

More than the subsequent handful of months matters with the organization have been sorted out. And that was a extremely cool turn of events for me.


As a true alter of pace, I spent 10 days in Kozhikode finding out Kalaripayattu. To be truthful, I wasn’t certain I would be capable to handle at all. I am not the fittest individual nor am I comfy to physical exertion. But surprisingly I managed Kalari. The truth that it somehow aligns nicely with my yoga routine helped.


Soon after that I stayed in Tiruvannamalai for three months. This is the longest I have stayed at any one particular location as a traveler, and I completely enjoyed it. Produced lots of good friends in Tiru. I practically want to rent a extended term apartment there.

This was also a great test about my “nomad”ing capabilities – and I consider I did fairly nicely with gear and packing and all that.

This remain integrated a handful of days in Chennai exactly where I explored the Jain temples in Puzhal.

Ahmedabad &amp Kelve Beach

Soon after returning from South India in June, I spent a small more than three months in Mumbai. There is a alter in how I really feel in and about Mumbai. I do not specifically really feel like a “Mumbai person” but there is nevertheless a powerful resonance of dwelling right here.

As it occurred, this monsoon was an amazingly overcast and cloudy one particular which I completely enjoyed. Lot of time spent experiencing sunsets by the sea. &#x1f642

Went to Ahmedabad for a handful of days with parents. We explored the nearby Mahudi Jain temple.

On the way back, our train to Mumbai got stuck in the monsoon waterlogging. As a outcome, we had a swift halt at Kelve Beach – exactly where I got a opportunity to taste the Konkan laid back, sleepy town feels. &#x1f642

…..And South India Once again

I nevertheless had some unfinished stuff at Isha Yoga Center. So once again in September I headed to Bangalore for three days and then to Coimbatore. This time I stayed at Isha for more than 1 month.

And on my return trip I spent five days in Goa. (Watch my (amateur) video of the Anjuna beach sunset).

And then back right here in Mumbai for this Diwali &amp NY!

That is about it for the year that went previous.

Not as well a lot of plans for the upcoming year. But I will be spending some time at Isha Yoga Center once again (am assisting them with some function) and possibly a extended trip into some of the South East Asian nations.

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And what about your previous year? How was it? Did you do a year finish evaluation?

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