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I had never ever even heard of Murmansk till a buddy visited there final year. It is a spot in the arctic circle in really northern Russia, correct subsequent to the arctic ocean. My buddy saw the mystical Northern lights and had enjoyable dog sledding in the snow.

Ever due to the fact I was a kid I’ve been fascinated with the Northern lights. I feel it is since it is a all-natural phenomenon that only occurs so far North. I dreamt of seeing it with my personal eyes.

Fortunately in Russia we get Woman’s day as a public vacation, so I decided to book a extended weekend in the mystical North. Right after getting there for four days I saw the Northern lights twice and had an awesome time exploring the arctic tundra.

I essentially feel that Russia is the very best spot to see the Northern lights. Right here are 3 factors why:

It is low-priced!

If you venture outdoors of Moscow, Russia is quite low-priced. Murmansk is the biggest city in the arctic circle but feels like a little town compared to colossal Moscow. I had awesome meals beginning at just £3.50 in swanky restaurants and my accommodation was just £20 a evening for a private area in a hostel.

There are lots of tour operators providing Northern lights trips in Murmansk. My hostel (Evrohostel), supplied it also but it was a single of the most high-priced costs that I had noticed (5500 rubles/£69.58), but they supplied limitless visits till you essentially saw the Northern lights.

I decided to go with Murmansk Turizm who supplied a tour for just 3000 rubles (£37.97) if you see the Northern lights and 2000 rubles (£25.30) if you do not see the Aurora Borealis. I was genuinely satisfied with my choice since the guide Roman was so enthusiastic about seeing the lights. His attitude produced the atmosphere so good that we have been getting enjoyable even ahead of we saw the lights. He blared out inspirational music and told us about what he was searching for in the sky.

He took more than 25 awesome pictures of m in front of the Aurora Borealis and sent them to me as quickly as I sat back down on the bus.

Lastly seeing the Aurora Borealis was actually a dream come correct. That evening I essentially felt like I was floating in bed when I was considering about it, It was so surreal.

Compared to the surrounding arctic nations like Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden, Russia is a wonderful spending budget solution to see the Northern lights. The tours to see the Northern lights are very low-priced when compared to comparable tours supplied in Iceland and Scandinavia. Couple this with the very low-priced accommodation, meals and drink and Russia is a wonderful spending budget location to go hunting the Aurora Borealis.


The Northern lights can be noticed from the city

I arrived late in Murmansk and I swiftly walked to the neighborhood supermarket to obtain some supplies. When I was walking back I saw a green line in the sky. Time seemed to stand nonetheless as I stopped to watch what was unfolding above me. At initially I believed it may possibly be light pollution or my eyes playing tricks on me. Gradually the line moved to the correct, to the left and then stretched out till it disappeared.

I had witnessed the close to not possible. Northern lights from the greatest city in the arctic circle!

The Northern lights right here are so powerful that they can be noticed from the city regularly. Heading outdoors the city and away from the light pollution gives improved views but it is an awesome practical experience to see the phenomenon on a normal evening.

Murmansk is the perfect spot to discover uncommon arctic tundra

Arctic tundra is essentially a snow desert. A stark landscape that is frozen for most of the year so vegetation and trees come across it not possible to develop. This bare landscape appears really spectacular when coated in gleaming white snow and is a wonderful spot to discover.

The following day I went on a trip to Teriberka, a little village on the arctic ocean. On the way we stopped off to take pictures of the stark however gorgeous landscapes. I genuinely felt like I was on the finish of the earth. Our guide likened it to the white area in the Matrix.

I’ve never ever noticed something like it, regardless of getting made use of to snowy winters just after living in Northern Japan and Moscow!

Go to Murmansk

You likely have never ever heard of Murmansk. This city is very close to Norway and Finland and just a two.five hour from Moscow. It is a wonderful spot to commit a couple of days getting an arctic adventure and see the Northern lights on a spending budget!

Have you ever noticed the Northern lights? If so when and exactly where did you see them?

Have you ever heard of Murmansk ahead of?




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