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Walking along the corridors of the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The United Arab Emirates have come to be a prominent location for luxury way of life and superlative tourist attractions more than the final two decades. Nonetheless, behind this sophisticated planet, lies a humble and deeply rooted culture that are nevertheless meticulously preserved and cherished. Uncover the rustic charms of the UAE and take a trip to an era that existed extended ahead of the nation got swarmed with increasing skyscrapers and luxury malls. Here’s a peek into the finest historical locations of UAE a single should really surely stop by on their UAE trip.

Al Fahidi Fort, Dubai

Al Fahidi Fort Dubai

The Al Fahidi Fort in Dubai is stated to be the oldest current constructing in Dubai. It was constructed to stock artillery and weapons and as a prison for defaulters. Situated at the south of Dubai Creek, the fort now homes the Dubai museum that presents a glimpse into the bygone eras of Dubai’s standard way of life. A stop by to the fort presents guests a opportunity to get acquainted with Dubai’s heritage as it is now dwelling to some of the exceptional collection of genuine paintings, dioramas and antique assortments of pottery, weapons and other tools. The attraction lets you comprehend Dubai’s extraordinary progress from a modest settlement to a pioneering contemporary city.

Hatta Heritage Village, Hatta Mountains

Heritage Village Abu Dhabi

Get a gist of an Emirati village at the Hatta Heritage Village. Sprawling at the foothills of Hatta mountainous area, this restored settlement is a single of the oldest standard mountain village web sites of UAE. The complete village, appropriate from the architecture to the interiors is produced out of locally utilised supplies of Bedouin era. Situated at the outskirts of Dubai, this also takes place to be a well-known offbeat excursion for Dubai guests.

Al Bidya Mosque, Fujairah

Al Bidya Mosque Fujairah

Recognized as the oldest mosque of UAE, Al Bidya Mosque or the Ottoman Mosque is a easy mud and brick structure consisting of the principal hall and 4 domes produced in easy geometrical patterns. The precise date of the mosque’s building is unknown but it is nevertheless a functional location to offer you prayers. Situated at Dibba village in Fujairah, a stop by lets you appreciate its simplicity as effectively as get pleasure from the sweeping panoramas of the Hajar Mountains and the nearby Persian Gulf.

Al Bastakiya, Dubai

Al Bastakiya, Dubai

Occasionally, it is really really hard to fathom that Dubai was after a easy village settlement that consisted of trade merchants, pearl divers, and fishermen. Nonetheless, if you stop by the Al Bastakiya neighbourhood in Dubai, you will get the precise concept of Dubai’s humble settlements. Away from glitz and chaos of the contemporary city, this sleepy township filled with earthy toned buildings, serene Arabian courtyards and winding alleys are a soothing retreat to stop by. A stroll by way of these narrow lanes reminds you of the easy way of life of Dubai locals ahead of its surge to be a international metropolitan. Al Bastakiya is a single of the historical locations to stop by in UAE that should really be on your Dubai travel bucket list.

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

Sharjah Museum

Here’s a UAE attraction that presents you anything you have to have to know about Islam. This beautiful museum situated at Sharjah’s scenic Corniche Street flanked by the on the Majarrah Waterfront presents you an insight into the Arabian culture and has more than 5000 Islamic artefacts from all more than the planet which consists of scriptures, calligraphy, carvings, handiworks, paintings to name a handful of. 1 of the principal attractions not to be missed is the zodiac mosaic in the enormous central dome.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi

An iconic landmark in Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is an absolute beauty to watch and a well-known attraction to stop by in Abu Dhabi. The grandeur and splendour of the architecture will leave you awe-struck. This majestic mosque sprawling 1,380 feet is the biggest mosque in UAE and can accommodate more than 40,000 worshippers. This white pure white marble structure accentuated with touches of gleaming golden styles will catch your consideration with its sheer easy beauty. Inside the mosque, you will be surrounded with grand crystal chandeliers, intricately woven carpets, intricate styles with semi-valuable stones and marble mosaics. The courtyard top to the mosque is viewed as to be etched with the biggest marble mosaic in the planet. The mosque is a stunning blend of standard and contemporary Islamic architecture and appears mesmerizingly stunning when illuminated throughout the evening.

Qasr Al Hosn Fort, Abu Dhabi

This fort is a well-known and a single of the oldest landmarks of Abu Dhabi. Recognized as the White Fort, this structure with conical towers was 1st constructed as a watchtower to defend Abu Dhabi’s a single and only fresh water effectively. Later, it became the abode of the ruling loved ones. Now, it is a national monument and is a location for cultural discovery. The fort lets you journey by way of the life of Arabian artisans and the wealthy history of the nation. Qasr Al Hosn Festival is an 11-day festival held annually exactly where you can get pleasure from art, music and reside performances showcasing UAE’s heritage.

Hili Archaeological Park, Abu Dhabi

Hili Archaeological Park Al Abu Dhabi

Situated in Al Ain in Abu Dhabi, Hili Archaeological Park requires you back into the bronze age. Declared as a UNESCO Planet Heritage Internet site, this archaeological web-site dates back to Umm an-Nar period (about 2500 BCE to 2000 BCE) is the biggest bronze age web-site in UAE. The exhibits comprise of early settlements, tombs, and underground water canals. All these archaeological web sites have been integrated into a verdant, effectively-manicured landscaped garden dotted with fountains and green plants which tends to make it an excellent spot to get pleasure from a quiet time amid nature and history.

A Jahili Fort, Al Ain, UAE

These attractions are a fantastic way to fully grasp that UAE is additional than just sophisticated cities and opens up a new window of new experiences and information for UAE guests. So subsequent time you apply for Dubai visa on-line and program your Dubai tip, expand your vision to its neighbouring emirates as effectively and journey by way of its cultural experiences. The seamless blend of modernity with standard heritage will make your UAE travel expertise worth cherishing a lifetime.


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