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I never ever asked to be a millennial but I slipped into the function way also quick, so yes, I am a social media burnt out millennial. What a ridiculous globe we have inflicted upon
. For a short moment there, I let social media dictate my life till I told the most unhealthy partnership I’ve ever had that I necessary a break, and that it was YOU not me.
Here’s specifically why the most millennial dilemma I’ve ever had really permitted me to reconnect to myself devoid of connecting to any individual else. 

Let’s immediately start out this openly and honestly, let’s not judge this 21st century ‘problem’, that yes, I know it entirely self-inflicted and ridiculous, let us
acknowledge that even though YOU may possibly not be experiencing it, you May perhaps do and other folks ARE. A dilemma is a dilemma, no matter how compact or how ridiculous (even even though this one particular is one particular of the most pathetic
ones about). 


I began blogging in 2014, proper on the cusp of exactly where bloggers had been effectively generating a complete time living on travelling and writing. I constantly say I was the final of the very first that managed to
make travel blogging their job. It is a distinct globe now, even four years on. Social media wasn’t as massive then as it is now, I did not start out a Facebook web page for a year following I began my weblog and did not take a great deal notice to Instagram for a year following that. It wasn’t
seriously till 2016 that my weblog seriously got effectively noticed, and when I say weblog, what I seriously imply is that my social media led people today to my weblog. I’d constructed up my Facebook web page to what is now 54,000 followers. 

Folks had been coming to the weblog much more, but primarily they had been interacting much more on social media. Naturally social media became much more of my concentrate, obtaining strategies to construct up a web page and a neighborhood. In
mid-2016 came the notion of Girls that Scuba. Now, that is a complete distinct story a
social media results which requires just about every moment of my free of charge time – on social media. My passion has come alive and connected thousands of girls about the globe and inside one particular compact year took the
title of the biggest female dive neighborhood in the globe (yeah, we sort kick-ass).

I now run three Facebook pages, eight Facebook groups, five Instagrams, two Twitter, Pinterest, plus profiles on other platforms (I’d hyperlink them all, but just no). Alongside three internet sites. Social media has my
complete focus, and I am completely ok with it! 


But, there is only so a great deal social media you can take. “Connecting” with the digital globe can immediately imply disconnecting with the genuine globe. The stress to develop content material
day-to-day, inspire and encourage, preserve up with comments, requests, messages and aimlessly scrolling can take its toll. I immediately realised to execute at my very best I had to quit it ALL for one particular
. No Facebook, no Instagram, no digital globe.

Let’s not be idiots, you know how to to take a digital detox. Just quit seeking on social media. But really you will not do that will you. So right here are some super patronising methods you can comply with.


The very first step is REALISING that you need to have a break.

Some indicators are:

  • Are you finding very easily offended by what people today are saying on social media?
  • Are you spending much more time on your telephone than off it?
  • Are you permitting other people today to decide how you run your social media?
  • Are you uploading just for the sake of uploading? 
  • Have you lost interest in what you upload?
  • Have you forgotten why you initially began your channel?


Subsequent is preparing your detox

Book a week off and make confident your function commitments are free of charge that week. 


Leave your laptop at residence.

This is crucial.


Delete social media apps from your telephone


Switch off and detox

Nicely carried out you, you are now a completely fledge millennial in rehab. 

coffee with a slice of life
Me loving the digital detox life in Kas , Turkey!
  • I realise I got swept into attempting to please other folks just before myself. Posting just about every day as I believed that is what other folks wanted. I learnt that I must only post when I really feel inspired and want to
    share one thing.
  • That I really did not care how quite a few followers I had (yup, I mentioned it), but rather how quite a few people today I could influence to comply with their travel dreams.
  • I learnt to connect with why I began and re-light the burning passion inside of me for travelling. 
  • Books are SO a great deal much more exciting than social media. So a great deal much more exciting.
  • A lot of creators develop for developing sake, not from passion. I promised myself I would only develop what I believed deserved developing, and that would show my passion in the very best way.
  • Not to examine myself to other influencers that are posting consistently. This was one particular of the huge ones, I believed that these influencers that had been consistently travelling and sharing had been the
    effective ones. But I immediately realised on my digital detox how a great deal function social media is, so how a great deal are they operating on themselves or on issues that really matter. Really like, well being, friendship,
    passion, creation, and creating one thing is so a great deal much more essential to me.

So are we breaking up? Hell no. I enjoy displaying you guys what I am finding up to! I am genuinely so excited to share with you my place for my digital detox and what and
totally breath-taking location Kas in Turkey is. I will continue to show you the globe via my eyes but on my personal terms. It
will not be just about every day – I am busy creating a enterprise and a brand more than at Girls that Scuba, and that is
absolutely one thing that is much more essential than sharing a photo of me “operating really hard from my laptop on a beach” who Seriously desires to see that any longer?

Sarah Richard travel blogger
Coffee taste much better devoid of a slice of social media!

I am committing to displaying you guys what seriously matters, wonderful nation, incredible dive places and issues that make a distinction to the globe. Have we spoken about my passion on generating YOU plastic free of charge? I am also opening
up much more to the shitty side of social media, I will be transparent, I will inform you when I do not agree with influencers, when social media is lying and how we can all have a much better partnership with
it. Yes, I am a blogger, but I am a typical individual also, and these bloggers who are posting curated photographs of themselves living ‘their very best life’ are most probably completed chained to the social
media life. I am going to share much more photographs of me becoming me, to show you you do not need to have to be an individual else to comply with your dreams.


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