That time I lived with an Ex Monk in Northern Thailand (Component 1) – Pearls and Passports


I nonetheless recall the anticipation prior to he picked me up. What was I undertaking waiting at a tiny shop in Northern Thailand to go and reside with a man I’ve under no circumstances met. An ex monk no much less! He pulled up on his scooter and spotted me straight away, The only non-Thai individual in the modest cafe shack. Soon after a rapid introduction I was on the back of his bike, helmet-much less and clinging on to him for dear life.

Was I permitted to touch an ex monk? This believed rapidly evaporated from my head as we accelerated more than undulating hills and swerved across tight bends. I held him tighter.

The rain began softly and was refreshing on my hot and weary physique. The sensation rapidly turned to discomfort as the rain bucketed down from the sky. Every drop feeling like a needle on my face. I prayed for window-wipers for my glasses so I could at least see exactly where we have been going. Why wasn’t he at least slowing down?

We came to a quit at his residence. A primary open program residence with a big outside kitchen surrounded by modest huts. I was to reside in hut two close to the residence. My neighbour was a really aggressive fighting cock the ex monk would prod each morning till it attacked him. Could ex monks help a sport as cruel as cock fighting?

I had so a lot of inquiries swirling about my head when a modest face peered about my door. “Hello lets go and play!”, it was the ex monks son. I can”t recall his name so let’s get in touch with him Aat.

He sweetly grabbed my hand and led me to a rapid flowing river. He began deftly jumping about on sharp rocks in the way that only modest young children can. At very first i had exciting watching him but It gradually dawned on me that I was not accountable for this reckless four year old who seemed to have no information of security. I known as him to come back as he began to wade deeper into the thrashing river. He now conveniently decided to pretend not to comprehend English. I could not physically attain him so decided to go back to camp.

The ex monk was sat cross legged in his open program living space. Half of his nutmeg face lit up by a shaft of sunlight. I told him about his son and he waved his hand dismissively at me and mentioned, “no worry”.

I want I had the heart not to be concerned about young children wading by means of rapturous rivers, but I did. 6pm was dinner time and I produced my way to the primary residence to see hippies sitting cross legged at the lengthy, low level dining table. My brunette curls felt out of spot amongst the mounds of dreadlocks and my Craghoppers clothing felt brash and utilitarian amongst the neutral earth tones and highly-priced organic fabrics.

“Welcome to Delighted Healing dwelling!”, they muttered as they saw me sheepishly sit down at the finish of the table.

What the hell had I got myself into?

My fellow hippies chilling


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