State of the Savage: February/March 2019


This week marks a major alter. I have returned to the corporate globe immediately after extra than eight years of self-employment. Just to allay any fears that this announcement may well instantaneously produce, Traveling Savage is not going anyplace (except for extra trips to Scotland). I will continue to create right here every week and offer you my knowledge to these looking for support organizing trips to Scotland.

There are a lot of motives for this life alter — all of them excellent — and I’m excited to commence this new chapter in my life. Let me break it down for you.

When I began Traveling Savage, Sarah and I did our most effective to guesstimate how lengthy it would take to decide accomplishment or failure. We settled on two years. At the time neither of us genuinely knew how the website would produce earnings, but there had been a lot of possibilities, sufficient to take the leap. About 2009-2010, the blogosphere was exploding and a lot of bloggers had been monetizing via marketing, affiliate applications, and sponsored content material. As time passed I watched a lot of blogs grow to be small extra than web billboards, stamped with advertisements and complete of other peoples’ “content,” and Google steadily punished site’s for promoting hyperlinks.

From day 1 I refused to post sponsored content material or sell my platform to the highest bidder. Rather, I worked via social media to make up an audience, even though admittedly it was a bit of a blogger echo chamber in the early years. For Traveling Savage to be helpful it necessary a lot of deep, initially-hand details about Scotland, so I traveled a lot (for me) and continually, doggedly, published my experiences. I’d get numerous emails every week asking to post random crap about razorblades or neck pillows or meals delivery solutions which instantaneously became digital trash.

My two years came and went, but now I was in the midst of writing a novel, as well. We each believed in these ventures and honestly there wasn’t even a second believed about shutting it all down.

By 2014 I’d traveled in Scotland to the point exactly where I felt comfy advising other individuals on their trips, so I created a series of consultation solutions to support other individuals get the most out of their trips to Scotland. Demand for these ramped up involving 2014-2017 to the point exactly where I was covering Traveling Savage’s expenditures and creating a little yearly profit. Not sufficient to spend the bills, thoughts you, but it was reputable and it felt excellent.

Loch Eck, Argyll, Scotland

Anything changed in the latter half of 2017, and by “something” I imply Google algorithms. By this point Traveling Savage was operating on a 7+ year-old site and hunting and feeling quite dated, so probably this contributed to the sudden cold shoulder I received from Google. I’ve generally been at the mercy of Google — ~95% of my consulting organization came from random Googlers locating my website and requesting a consultation. This stopped virtually cold turkey in September 2017, and more than the subsequent handful of months I witnessed Traveling Savage dropping down Google search final results — from web page 1 to web page two to web page three to web page 5… Most persons do not click beyond the initially web page of final results.

Final year was a major year for Traveling Savage and for me personally. Looking for to finish Google’s moratorium on my targeted traffic, and, frankly, since it was lengthy overdue, I relaunched Traveling Savage with a new, updated design and style and added functionality. I also re-upped my Search engine optimisation game (even though I hate playing it), but right here I am nevertheless waiting for Google to reduce me some slack.

Personally, I came to some realizations that clarified the path ahead. 1 of these realizations is that Traveling Savage is a labor of adore. I adore Scotland, I adore exploring the nation, I adore writing about it right here, and I adore assisting other individuals locate that exact same adore in their travels. I will continue to do these points. But I was asking as well significantly of it and by extension, Sarah. When this hit house I realized I could broaden my skilled strategy with no significantly sacrifice.

So I have returned to the corporate globe. I’m genuinely going to delight in functioning with other individuals when once more, and taking the monetary burden off Traveling Savage will do wonders for my mental well being. On my vacations you can bet I will be returning to Scotland for extra exploring and writing. It is premature for me to strategy trips for this year, but they are not out of the query toward the back half of 2019.

If any of you are questioning about my novel, it is at the moment in the hands of my editor and I’ll preserve functioning on it as edits come back to me!

Thanks for reading, want me luck, and till subsequent time,



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