Shibuya Tokyo Meals Scene with Arigato Japan Retro Meals Tour


Shibuya Tokyo Meals Scene with Arigato Japan Retro Meals Tour

Shibuya is one particular of the most well-known districts of Tokyo and you just have to check out this region on a trip to Japan.

Shibuya is well known for its mega crossing and neon lights, but if you dig a small deeper you can uncover quite a few hidden gems when it comes to Japan’s retro previous and its well known meals scene.

From standing up bars, old ramen shops and Japanese BBQ grills to a candy shop with limitless buffet, you will have loads of diverse dishes to attempt for all sorts of taste buds on this tour.

I teamed up with Arigato Japan Meals Tours who helped to show me the retro meals side of town.

If you check out Tokyo, Japan, you have to uncover the lively Shibuya region. Without having a guide, you could very easily get a small lost with the significant crowds. It can be a small overwhelming at occasions so be positive to take it quick while taking it all in.

Why not take a guided tour? This way you can let an professional tour guide show you the need to-check out retro meals spots of Shibuya.

This distinctive meals tour about Shibuya, Tokyo will certainly leave you with quite a few tasty memories which will make you miss Japanese meals when you return dwelling.

Let’s discover the retro meals scene of Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

How did you book your meals tour about Shibuya

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For this meals tour, I booked a guided group tour via Arigato Japan Meals Tours. It is good to go on a guided group tour for solo travellers so you can meet other travellers who are also discovering Japan at the exact same time.

Arigato Japan Meals Tours offer you guided meals tours not only in Tokyo but all about Japan. The tours are worth checking out if you want to recognize the Japanese meals scene a lot far better.

I’d heard very good factors about Arigato Japan Meals Tours from other travellers and study quite a few good evaluations on the web and was pleased with my selection.

I took the Retro Shibuya – Nearby Hidden Gems tour with Arigato Japan Meals Tours.

Japan can be confusing at occasions and that is what tends to make this nation so entertaining to discover. Possessing a guided tour can support to improve your understanding of this excellent nation, in particular when it comes to meals.

I discovered the greatest deal booking via Voyagin and discovered quite a few each day tours and activity solutions to match nicely with my Tokyo and Japan itinerary.

Meeting at Shibuya crossing by the Hachiko dog statue

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My tour meeting spot was subsequent to the iconic Shibuya crossing and the statue of Hachiko. It is a well known meeting spot with a bronze statue honoring Hachiko, the famously loyal Akita dog (I will leave the story for your guide to inform if you haven’t noticed the film which the story of the dog is primarily based on).

Just a word of warning, the Tokyo metro can get busy at occasions so strategy ahead and arrive early to your tour as the groups leave on time.

Meeting time was 15:45, and the tour began at 16:00 and ended about 19:00.

The tour will final about three hours, and it will take you about the back streets and hidden spots of Shibuya.

You will attempt about 12 regional snacks and dishes and the tour price tag involves a couple of added drinks as nicely.

This tour will take you back to the Showa era, and you will uncover some unique spots from Tokyo’s retro previous.

The tour is set in the evening and will show you areas about Shibuya that you just wouldn’t be capable to uncover on your personal.

At the finish of the tour, you have the choice to go off and discover Shibuya by your self. Be positive to stick about, the evening is nonetheless young. Immediately after the guided tour it is less complicated to navigate in the region.

Beginning the tour with a classic Tachinomi

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We start off off our tour by going to a Tachinomi which is a Japanese standing bar exactly where you can get pleasure from a drink in a classic way.

Tachinomi is a combined word: “tachi” which means stand and “nomi” which means a drink. Shibuya is a well known spot to uncover quite a few of these sorts of bars. Usually situated subsequent to train stations, Tachinomi have grown in recognition amongst salary workers hunting to get pleasure from a relaxing drink or two prior to commuting dwelling right after operate.

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Generally noticed as no frills, these types of bars offer you a sanctuary for these wanting to escape the rat race for a moment, and drinks are frequently enjoyed with a choice of bar snacks with close friends.

Delight in a tasty bowl of retro ramen

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Subsequent on the tour, we check out a well-known ramen shop which has been about for more than 60 years. Ramen has turn into well known all through the years and you can trace the origins back to shops like the one particular you will check out which has a wealthy history.

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This place was featured in a well known manga series about a salaryman, which has helped grown consideration to this place.

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Delight in a tasty bowl of ramen followed by a plate of fried dumplings known as gyoza which go seriously nicely collectively with a glass of beer.

Tokyo, Japan 2018 110

Head down a Shibuya back street and knowledge a distinctive blast from the previous at this iconic ramen place.

Immediately after you have enjoyed your bowl of ramen you will uncover your way back to the primary street and study about the history of Shibuya dating back to the Showa era and uncover some unique spots from Tokyo’s previous. Right here you can purchase some souvenirs as nicely if you want.

A hidden izakaya spot worth checking out

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I have to say, without the need of this tour I would have under no circumstances been capable to uncover this subsequent hidden gem. The entry to this izakaya (Japanese pub) is tucked away on a floor level and the izakaya itself is situated higher up in the constructing. Right here you will uncover a choice of izakaya snacks to opt for from.

Tokyo, Japan 2018 117

The moment you enter and leave the lift, it is like getting transported back in time. Delight in some tasty regional dishes and drinks in this retro setting.

Pick out a sake, beer or highball (whisky soda) as nicely as a choice of fried/BBQ grilled snacks and get pleasure from the retro wonderland.

A sweet finish with our surprise dessert knowledge

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We finish the tour by attempting a taste of Japanese nostalgia. It took me back to my personal childhood when I utilised to get my weekly pocket dollars and could go down to the regional corner shop to fill up a plastic bowl with the candy that I wanted to get pleasure from more than the weekend.

This place requires this childhood idea and turns it into a buffet! The only distinction is that all the candy and snacks you can opt for are from Japan’s confectionary previous. Choose up a basket and fill it up to your heart’s content material.

You can commit up to 3 hours right here sampling all the regional treats you can possibly consume. Brace your self as you are in for a extended feast.

Tokyo, Japan 2018 131

It is such a beautiful knowledge as you can attempt all these small candy and snack packets which are all diverse and distinctive.

As most of the packaging is in Japanese, it is good to have a regional guide clarify all the diverse flavours. Squid flavoured crisps, any one?

This is such a entertaining knowledge to attempt in Japan as you will uncover your self receiving lost amongst all the distinctive snacks and candy to attempt. 1 for the curious traveller, for positive.

Thank you for checking out my meals tour critique about retro Shibuya

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I appreciate you stopping by and checking out the critique post of my meals tour about Shibuya. It is a super entertaining way to discover this element of Tokyo and I hope you have a lot of entertaining performing the exact same.

If you have any additional queries about Tokyo or Japan, do let me know and really feel cost-free to send me an e mail and I will do my greatest to support.

Have a excellent time exploring Japan.


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