Of the moment // 12.14.18


A single issue that has been on my list considering that we moved to San Diego: I wanted some good pictures of the 3 of us (aka me, David, Gert) in our new city! In other words, I wanted some pictures of us that I could hang in our home that weren&#8217t from our wedding and also didn&#8217t really feel super weird and staged&#8211but it&#8217s one particular of these points that is super uncomplicated to retain pushing off.Christine & David Merrill in San Diego

We ultimately set a tiny some thing up with my pal Kristina, and I am SO glad that we did! Not only am I dying more than all of Gert&#8217s hilarious facial expressions, but I&#8217m also definitely content to have a tiny slice of our life captured at golden hour. We took them at Scripps Pier, a beach exactly where we go a lot for David to surf (when Gert and I stroll or study). Moral of the story: get the good pictures taken, even through the non-unique events. These are the every day moments that I want to keep in mind!

Christine Merrill and Gertie the Pug


Aritzia is forever one particular of my preferred below-the-radar go-to&#8217s for super versatile products, particularly now that I found there is a shop in San Diego. I often head there for tops that can function for meetings OR weekend OR a good dinner out: they&#8217re typically flattering, in a selection of colors and not also highly-priced. I picked up this sweater and wore it for pictures, and then promptly for a function trip the subsequent day, and I essentially want to put on it for each and every day this winter.

Making homemade Italian raviolisMaking homemade Italian raviolis


We visited my parents in their new retired life in Arizona final week (which is amazing by the way: it&#8217s like college for adults!) and one particular of the initial points on our loved ones to-do list: generating homemade raviolis from a loved ones recipe! It&#8217s a quite labor- and time-intensive procedure, so it&#8217s valuable to have a couple of additional sets of hands. We make sufficient that we can freeze a bunch of batches, and then we packed many bags to bring residence with us: it&#8217s so good to have some homemade dinners, prepared to go on busy days!

A Double Life by Flynn Berry


I was on a lot of planes and in hotel rooms this week, so I got a great quantity of reading performed! I completely invest via A Double Life, which is a sophisticated mystery I did not want to place down. It also produced me want to study Flynn Berry&#8217s initial book, which apparently won a bunch of awards! I also read Human Acts, which follows the student uprisings in South Korea in the early 1980&#8217s: a tragedy that I knew completely absolutely nothing about, and is extremely sad to reflect on. I&#8217m reading The Fantastic Believers appropriate now, and it&#8217s one particular of the handful of current books that has entirely captured me from the extremely initial web page.

Gertie the Pug


“Keep some area in your heart for the unimaginable.” -Mary Oliver

This weekend, I&#8217m in New York City! My firm vacation celebration was final evening, and I&#8217m seeking forward to performing all of my preferred NYC-y points: a New York Pilates class, catching up with girlfriends more than wine, and a large stroll down Fifth Avenue to see all of the vacation decorations. 


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