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In the preceding Namibia post we travelled to Kolmanskop – an abandoned mining town that is gradually getting reclaimed by nature. This week we travel to Lüderitz, a seaside town, which is kinda the final point you’d count on to exist just a 10 minute drive from what appears like an endless desert.

This tiny town is residence to about 12,000 persons, which tends to make it one particular of the most densely populated areas we visited in Nambia – which is surely saying a thing!

For us, the town of Lüderitz was much more of a base to discover Kolmanskop than it was a location in and of itself, and as a outcome, we might have overlooked some possibilities with which to discover it. Even so, on our final evening, we decided to attempt and come across a stunning spot to watch the sunset, and oh boy, Lüderitz surely delivered!

I had heard of a location known as Diaz Point which was supposed to be residence to a rather fairly lighthouse, so we decided that this would be a relatively superior location to head towards.

It didn’t take extended to come across this point, and I was quickly glad that we had created the work to do a tiny much more Lüderitz adventuring.

When we arrived, we decided not to head towards the lighthouse, but alternatively to head more than to a hill that seemed to have a cross perched at the major.

This ended up getting a excellent choice. Not only did we get an remarkable view of the lighthouse itself, we also got a jaw-dropping view of the ocean under us – which incorporated a complete bunch of sea lions who had been hanging out on and about the quite a few rocks which scatter the shoreline.




I have noticed a lot of beaches in my life, I am an Australian just after all! But I gotta say, these beaches are actually like practically nothing else! The rocks, the sand, the desert in the distance, it is just all so wonderfully specific!



My handsome man &lt3

We settled in to watch the sunset, and waited, and waited, and waited, and then we waited some much more!

Typically sunsets appear to come and go far also swiftly, but on this day, I genuinely began to believe that the sun was never ever gonna set! It seemed to keep in one particular spot, never ever lowering, for so extended! It sounds crazy, but just after waiting 20 minutes later than the sun was due to set, we basically gave up and began to make our way back to Lüderitz.


I’m positive that any of you who are familiar with Murphy’s Law will be capable to guess specifically what occurred.

As quickly as we got in our automobile, the sun began to fall so unbelievably swiftly, and prior to we knew it, the sunset we believed wasn’t coming was just about more than!

We swiftly pulled more than just up the road and ran out onto the closest beach to catch a glimpse of the final moments of daylight while sharing a rather romantic tiny smooch.

Lüderitz is hardly the sort of location to strategy a trip about, but it does hold an undeniable charm, and it is the fantastic location to devote an evening on the beach just after a day exploring Kolmanskop.


Receiving to Lüderitz: We drove from Fish River Canyon to the coastal town, which we utilized as a base to discover Kolmanskop
Element Riders Backpackers: This is a fundamental but protected backpackers which also permits persons to camp on the premises, click right here to study much more
4×4 Car Employ: Completely equipped 4×4 autos are offered to rent from quite a few organizations in RSA and Namibia – we rented a Toyota Hilux from South Africa 4×4 for about $155 AUD per day, which is very typical pricing for the duration of peak season
Camera: Photos captured with an Olympus OM-D E-M1 in conjunction with M.Zuiko 7-14mm f/two.8 and M.Zuiko 12-40mm f/two.eight lenses
Bear in mind: In theory, Namibia could be explored by a 2×2, but it will be uncomfortable. Splash out that additional money for a superior 4 wheel drive!



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