How to choose your solo trip location


Have you ever dreamed of going on a trip but you are not confident exactly where to really go? You are not alone. Very first-time travelers to seasoned travel veterans are not usually confident exactly where their subsequent trip must be. If you are US-primarily based like me, I know my initial believed applied to be, “I will need to go to Europe, of course” mainly because it is straightforward and somewhat prevalent. But in hopes of assisting you consider outdoors the box, beneath are 5 useful inquiries to ask oneself as you start off organizing your solo trip. This is various than beach vs mountain. I want to aid you uncover your dream location!

1) How a lot time do you have?

Time may perhaps only be an illusion for some fortunate travelers, but you nevertheless will need to figure out how a lot time you are prepared to travel. Regardless if it is a weekend or a year-extended jaunt, consider about the quantity of time you want to be gone from your actual life. This will aid choose how far away you want to go, how extended you want to really be traveling, how a lot dollars you can devote, and so a lot extra.

two)How a lot dollars are you ideally wanting to devote?

Several nations about the planet possessing various charges related with traveling to them. Summertime can be costly to go to Europe, whilst the winter months in the northern hemisphere implies summer season in the Oceanic area. So consider about the nation and the expense of traveling there. Some are just naturally extra expense successful than other people! If spending budget is a concern, consider about heading to Southeast Asia. It is a fantastic selection with extra bang for your buck!

I have an whole post on how to save dollars for your solo trip. Verify it out! 

three) Do you like adventure or leisure travel?

If you want to lay on the beach all day, excellent for you! That is relaxing and you deserve that. But if you are searching for extra adventure in your day-to-day, strategy on searching for areas that present that sort of exciting.  Think about the following:

  • What do you hope to acquire from your travels?
  • What experiences do you want to have?
  • How do you want to try to remember this trip? Is there a lasting effect you are hoping for?

All these inquiries will aid you choose how action-packed you want it to be and what you want to do whilst you are there. Recognizing what you want to get out of a trip will aid you choose what sort of trip to go on in the 1st location.

 4) What sort of climate do you want?

Climate can be a deciding element in how a lot adventure and leisure you have outdoors. Google the typical temperature for the month and location you are taking into consideration going. Know that items can transform, but it is possibly a excellent indication of what to anticipate. Not searching for a super warm getaway? Look at going to components of the planet that are in winter, for instance.

five) What time of year do you strategy on going?

In a related concept to the above, the time of year can make a significant distinction in the expense of travel. Summer time months are especially costly for European nations, whilst more than the holidays like November and December can be costly everywhere. Look at the time of year

This may perhaps be important… 

Do you want straightforward access to English language speakers?

Regardless of how normally you travel, and with folks or by oneself, security is usually a concern when traveling. (I wrote a complete post about it right here). But for some, becoming with folks who speak your language tends to make traveling a complete lot much easier when the folks in that location speak their native language. It is entirely not a requirement, but often you really feel superior and extra secure when this is a priority. I enjoy listening to various dialect, so this is not a thing i Look at, but I wanted to give you all the possibilities as you start searching for your subsequent trip.


No matter exactly where you choose to go, know you are going to have a excellent time and it is precisely exactly where you necessary to go!   Every trip is an adventure, and you are setting out on some of the most eye opening of your life as a solo traveler. So love it!

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