Flights Around the World


That was crazy. My girlfriend and I not too long ago booked a ton of flights about the planet. We required to get from Europe to South America, then travel all about South America prior to heading to the USA and back to Europe prior to I fly off to India in mid-February.

It is not typically how we travel – to have three months planned out and booked prior to we arrive – but this time, it was the alternative that worked greatest provided our tight schedule.

Our Flights About the Globe

When we completed all the bookings, I didn’t know what to do. Celebrate? Sleep? Shower?

Here’s what we booked:

– Barcelona to Miami
– Fort Lauderdale to Quito
– Quito to Rio de Janeiro
– Rio de Janeiro to Ushuaia
– Ushuaia to Buenos Aires
– Buenos Aires to Santiago
– Uyuni, Bolivia to La Paz
– Cusco, Peru to Bogota, Colombia
– Bogota to Medellin, Colombia
– Medellin to Fort Lauderdale
– Fort Lauderdale to London
– London to Budapest
– Budapest to Delhi

In 18 years of travel I’ve under no circumstances booked so a lot of flights in one particular go!

The Expense of All These Flights

At initial glance, it would surely be understandable to believe that the above 13 flights about the planet price us an absolute fortune in total. I nonetheless have a tough time seeking at all these flights and not pondering that myself.

Having said that, although that colorful array of air journeys surely didn’t price $200, the grand total of these trips…

$2200 USD

That is an typical of about $169 per flight. Some of these trips are 1 hour lengthy, other folks are 14 hours and the rest are in in between. And in the finish, these flights will take us to four distinct continents more than a period of virtually three months. That is remarkably cheap if you believe of what we’re acquiring for that quantity of dollars.

Flights Around the World - South America

My Procedure of Booking Flights About the Globe

My usual flight booking method is this:

#1. Verify the following web-sites:

– Kayak.com
– Kiwi.com
– Google.com/flights
– Orbitz.com

(I know a lot of folks use Skyscanner and Momondo but I’ve personally under no circumstances identified a more affordable fare on either of these web-sites.)

#two. Play about with dates and destinations.

Given that my plans are hardly ever 100% set in stone, I often play about with different dates. I also play about with distinct orders of the destinations. For instance, with our flight from Medellin to Fort Lauderdale, altering the date by one particular day decreased the price tag by $90. Going from Rio de Janeiro to Ushuaia and then to Buenos Aires was $150 more affordable than going from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires to Ushuaia. Flexibility is important!

#three. Grouping flights / Multi-city flights

I often attempt to group flights collectively. On this South America trip, booking separate flights was extra high priced than grouping collectively Rio to Ushuaia, Ushuaia to Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires to Santiago. Grouping these 3 collectively in a multi-city search saved us $200. (But booking Uyuni to La Paz, Bolivia was substantially more affordable on its personal. That flight price $85. When grouped with other flights, it improved the general price tag by $130.)

From Cusco, Peru to Medellin, Colombia, it was also substantially more affordable to group two separate one particular-way tickets collectively than to book one particular comprehensive ticket all the way via. By booking Cusco to Bogota and then Bogota to Medellin, we saved $110.

Here’s a further terrific instance: I as soon as required to fly from Budapest to NYC. The price of the one particular-way flight was $650 at the time. I then decided to attempt and group it collectively with a further flight I knew I required to take four months later – Miami to Delhi. The airfare went down to $625, total! I ended up with two lengthy-distance flights for the price tag of one particular.

Grouping random flights is one particular of the greatest procedures for minimizing airfares in my knowledge.

#four. Verify the airline’s web-site

As soon as I come across the lowest fare from the web-sites listed above, I’ll normally pay a visit to the particular airline’s web-site to see what they provide straight. Occasionally, the fare is the very same or even reduced. When that is the case, I book it on the airline’s web-site as this requires away the middleman and is substantially less difficult to deal with, specifically if there’s an situation at some point.

Having said that, from time to time, as was the case with LATAM Ecuador, the fares on their web-site have been Considerably larger than what we could get on Kayak for the very same flights. In these situations, I undoubtedly go with Kayak or Orbitz or whichever website provides the lowest fare. Even though it is easy to book straight with the airline, it is not typically worth a couple of hundred further dollars to do so!

If it is a multi-city/grouped flight, it depends on no matter whether it requires one particular or a number of airlines. If it is one particular airline, it can be booked on the airline’s web-site and if it is a number of airlines, it typically requires to be booked via the website providing the deal.

#five. Diverse languages

Our flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to London Gatwick is with Norwegian Airlines. I saved $37 by going to Norwegian Airline’s Swedish web-site versus utilizing their English-language web-site, exactly where the very same flight was extra high priced.

It is a small difficult due to the fact there are typically dozens of distinct languages you could test for every single airline. But I will normally attempt a couple of versions, typically the native language of the airline and a further nation nearby, just to see if there is any distinction in airfare.

Flights Around the World - Norwegian Airlines


#six. Discount codes

I’ve began carrying out this with something I buy on line. Just before I confirm the buy, I’ll do a Google search for the name of the web-site or enterprise followed by the words ‘discount code’. Some thing like “TAP Portugal discount code”.

Each now and then I come across some thing that performs. Possibly it is $10 savings, perhaps it is 10% or extra. All it requires is a couple of seconds and you could finish up saving some dollars so it does not hurt to attempt!


It Requires Time to Locate the Ideal Airfares

Acquiring superior airfares is not seriously difficult. Certain, there are some tricks involved, but it seriously just demands time. Search, examine, tweak dates, tweak destinations, group flights collectively, search again…and once again and once again.

But if you merely do not like browsing for flights, you may not want to devote as substantially time as I do seeking for bargains. I typically devote what my girlfriend describes as ‘way also substantially time’ attempting to come across more affordable fares. In the case of our 13 flights about the planet above, it seriously did take us a strong three days, browsing about three hours per day, till we finalized every thing.

But we did save more than $1200 every single primarily based on the total price tag we began with from our initial searches. I’ll take a $1200 savings any day for a couple of hours of function more than a three day period!

The further analysis also led to extra direct flights, shorter layovers and greater departure and arrival occasions. For me, the further analysis is worth it even if all I get is a later flight that does not need me to wake up at four:00am. Also, I landed 3 flights in premium economy class (it was more affordable than frequent economy for some purpose), a bonus I surely will not turn down!

What’s the greatest flight bargains you have ever identified? Any tips to add?