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How hungry do you require to be to consume sheep’s head?

Not pretty, as it occurs.

Prior to my four hour-extended, belly-busting meals tour of Marrakech began, I’d barely completed my final mouthful of an remarkable chicken tagine lunch of sizemic proportions. So great, in reality, was the giant tagine – expertly and no doubt lovingly ready by a Berber household – that I’d say it comfortably ranks in my leading 5 meals of all time. The chicken and vegetables had been cooked to perfection, so tender they virtually melted in my mouth. And the stacked plate of flavoured couscous, the tray of fruit, cake, and tea that followed – not to mention the salad and soup beforehand – it was adequate to feed a starving household for a week.

I was deliriously complete, and racked with meals guilt. But I’d produced a commitment to meals that day, and I would under no circumstances let meals down. Meals is a loyal buddy, whom I respect and admire. Food has constantly been there for me, and the pretty least I owe food is my complete focus when it offers itself to me, in any shape or unsightly type. Even sheep’s head.

marrakech food tour

The Marrakech Souks

The Marrakech Meals Tour

We met the rest of our group in the electric Jemaa El-Fnaa square, and have been led by Youssef – 1 half of Marrakech Meals Tours – to a nearby restaurant, exactly where we have been shown what can only be described as a hole in the ground. Inside this hole was an underground oven, in which complete sheep meats are hung and tentatively cooked by means of. Historically, the leftover ashes of classic Hammam spas have been utilized to heat the oven, but these days they burn their personal fires.

Rather than jumping in for a closer appear, we took our seats upstairs, exactly where strips of salted lamb, citrus-marinated lamb, flatbread, and the principal function – a head on a plate – have been quickly served.

marrakech food tour

The Sheep Oven

marrakech food tour


Consuming sheep’s head

I’d be lying if I mentioned I wasn’t just a bit apprehensive, specifically just after watching the girl in front of me pop the sheep’s eyeball into her mouth, and then bite down like it was a cherry tomato (fortunately it didn’t burst and squirt everywhere). But there was no way I was going as well sit this 1 out, and I was, as they say, “in Rome”.

I believed it ideal to make up to the principal function, so started with some meat that had apparently not originated from the head. But this was a error, as when I ultimately did get my fingers in there (knives and forks are a no-go), I ended up with a gristly bit from someplace close to the eye socket, as an alternative of the juicy cheek. Acting all hard, I chewed and swallowed like it was no huge deal, when in my head I was just prepared it to finish. What can I say? I’ll attempt uncommon foods for the sake of embracing foreign culture, but there’s a great opportunity I will not like it.

A single mouthful was adequate, which was just as properly, taking into consideration the absolute avalanche of meals that was about to hit us.

Subsequent up was a choice of olives – from mild and fragrant to salted and added spicy – procured from a smiley chap in the Souk. They came as rather a relief, which proved to be rather brief-lived when we found what was to be our subsequent dish: a sardine sandwich.

marrakech food tour

Olives in the Marrakech Souk

Sardine Sandwich

Yes, I have to admit I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of sinking my teeth into a sardine sandwich, but fortunately these sardines have been not tinned and covered in oil rather ground down into a mince, and served with fresh onions, olives and hearty flatbread. It proved to be a palpable hit, prompting numerous nods and noises of approval about the table as thy have been wolfed down.

With a dodgy burger van appear about the spot, we all agreed that we’d under no circumstances have stopped there to consume ordinarily, under no circumstances thoughts attempt a sardine sandwich. And that is precisely why the Marrakech Meals Tour is worth performing.

marrakech food tour

Sardine Sandwiches (excuse the poor photography right here!)


Subsequent up have been freshly boiled-alive snails, whom I’ll admit I felt rather sorry for, as they have been forced to appear on in horror when their brothers have been scooped from the pool and poured into the steaming, bubbling-hot death pot. And nevertheless I felt a pang of guilt as I pierced 1 slimy snail corpse just after the other with a cocktail stick, pulling them from their shells and then dangling them into my cake-hole, to bring an finish to their gruesome fate. But nature is cruel. And snails are surprisingly tasty.

marrakech food tour

Snails dead.

marrakech food tour

Snails alive!

The ideal couscous in Marrakech

Soon after this we followed Youssef to a restaurant that he claimed produced “the ideal couscous in Marrakech”. Now I’m no professional, but I knew the couscous I’d had earlier that day in the Atlas mountains was going to take some beating, and I actually wasn’t remotely hungry any longer. In reality, my meals intake threshold was coming blurrily into concentrate, but I would not be defeated. I nevertheless had some fight in me.

We arrived at the household-run restaurant and have been seated. No matter if or not I’d ever be capable to get up once again, I wasn’t completely certain. Youssef explained that the pretty ideal couscous in Morocco was produced by the hardened biceps of Moroccan mothers and grandmothers who had been generating the stuff for centuries, and that that was the explanation we’d come right here. Quickly adequate, out came the couscous, piled up on 3 substantial plates, with tender vegetables draped more than the leading. It was excellent, but just after 4 or 5 mouthfuls mentioned threshold was reached. I couldn’t take any a lot more.

marrakech food tour

Moroccan Couscous

About Marrakech Meals Tours

Significantly less consuming produced time for a lot more speaking, and we got to find out a tiny a lot more about Marrakesh Meals Tours. Youssef is Moroccan, but met his American companion, Amanda, in the states. They decided to re-find to Marrakesh a handful of years ago and – spurred by the clear chance in the industry for genuine Moroccan meals tours in Marrakech – chose to commence their personal meals tour business. Now the tour runs twice a day, and has a group of 5 professional guides who speak eight languages involving them. At $65 per particular person the tour is not low-priced, but this is a exclusive encounter you just will not come across anyplace else in Marrakech, or certainly Morocco.

Apart from all the scrumptious meals we attempted, we also had the uncommon chance to see what goes on behind the scenes. A stop by to a neighborhood bakery, for instance, exactly where we discovered about the generations-old bread-generating course of action, and a peek into the back area of a classic Hammam, exactly where 1 man had the job of maintaining all the fires burning. We experienced the Souks in a pretty neighborhood way.

marrakech food tour

Inside the bread oven, Marrakech

The tour completed with a milkshake of our option – I went for the avocado, honey and almond milk flavour – and 3 trays of particularly sticky biscuits. But so insanely complete have been we by this point that it really hurt to breathe (#firstworldproblems). So, on Youssef’s insistence, I gathered what remained of the sticky biscuits (the vast majority) and packed them into a box, which I would take household to my appreciative mother.

The tour had somehow lasted virtually 4 hours – my idea of time had clearly been impaired. And my waistline had under no circumstances expanded so swiftly. But I had fulfilled my commitment to meals, and for that explanation I could waddle household with a clear conscience.

Effectively, virtually. Sorry snails.

marrakech food tour

Youssef and the girl who ate the eyeball.

For the record, Youssef and Amanda have been sort adequate to present me a cost-free tour, in exchange for this overview. But all opinions are my personal. If I hadn’t enjoyed the tour, I just wouldn’t have written about it. If you’d like to book the tour for your self then head more than to Amanda and Youssef’s site, to make a reservation.

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