Causes for travelling solo as a male


On the Rocky Travel Weblog you study a lot about female solo travel adventures and how to travel alone as a lady. I was curious to hear what a man feels about travelling alone, so currently I am hosting Daniel, who is sharing his voice about his solo male travel in South America.

Causes for travelling solo as a male

Did you know solo travel does not imply getting alone?  When I initially began to travel inside Latin America by myself there have been a handful of lessons I had to discover prior to I could seriously master the art of Solo Travel and obtain my way. In this short article, I am going to highlight some of the largest challenges I faced as a solo traveller. I will also highlight some beneficial suggestions that will give you the self-assurance to commence your personal solo travel adventure with out ever seeking back.

With out additional ado, let’s appear at some of the factors why you might want to choose up your bag and commence a solo adventure about the globe.

Travel solo South America

Travelling Solo as a Male

If like me you are carrying out (or considering of carrying out) solo travel as male, initially of all, I’d like to remind you that you have a fantastic benefit. Which means, that you run significantly less threat of getting in danger when you travel alone. Why is this? Properly, simply because if you are carrying out solo travel as a female, there are a distinct set of precautions a single should take. For instance, ladies who travel alone have to take lots of precautions for security and properly-getting that do not all apply to solo travel as a male.

Nevertheless, getting a male, carrying out solo travel, does not assure you will be secure at all occasions.  If you are reading this as a lady, the fantastic news is, you will obtain that most of these suggestions are applicable to each genders. One particular crucial factor I discovered carrying out solo travel as a male, although, is to stay away from random travel. Let me clarify!

Random travel, as I contact it, is tricky to stay away from when we initially commence out simply because we have a tendency to float about from location to location far more than usual. Occasionally, we can stroll ideal into danger with out realising for no apparent explanation. This leads me into my initially tip for solo travel as a male.

Plan to succeed solo travel

1. Program to succeed

The finest solo travel trips I have had have been the ones exactly where I have had a clear thought about exactly where I’d like to go.  This does not imply you have to strategy out just about every day but have your important destinations planned out prior to you set off. Be open to alter them but have an thought of the locations you’d like to go and do your due diligence. Analysis and discover about any cultural variations you will have to have to be conscious of.

two. Turn into a social butterfly

I have often been the quiet guy. Travelling solo seriously forced me to speak with strangers. When I initially began my solo travel adventure in the USA I had my initially expertise of speaking to new people today in hostels. I discovered how to open conversations and inform stories by recollection applying my experiences of expanding up in the UK.

become a social butterfly

When I began to travel in Latin America, although, the style of people today I met look to alter. I had to discover how to inform the very same stories but in a distinct language.  As timid as you might be, other travellers are commonly really open to listening to your stories, so do not be afraid to share your anecdotes with other folks.

three. Watch out for scams

For some explanation, travelling alone tends to make you far more susceptible to petty scams. Travelling solo in Latin America, I have been fortunate to have discovered some simple Spanish that has saved me in lots of situations. But, I’ve come across people today who have been the victim of scams exactly where not even speaking the neighborhood language would have helped you.

Travel Scams

Take Scopolamine, for instance, it is a powder that can be placed in your drink or even blown in your face as you stroll the street. You will obtain oneself in a zombie-like state obeying orders of the scammers, you can actually be separated from your individual belongings in seconds. Do not let occurrences such as these place you off. The tip right here is to do a bit of study on neighborhood scams prior to you arrive. This can seriously place you a single step ahead of the scammers.

four. Travel as Light as a Feather

This has taken me years to master and even currently I’m nonetheless tweaking my backpacking checklist just about every time I travel. The quantity of occasions I’ve observed other solo travellers hauling two and in some cases three backpacks about with them, is insane.  When you travel with lots of gear you open oneself up as an simple target. The far more luggage you have, you are also far more probably to be a victim of a single of these petty scams that I talked about earlier.  If you can, discover to leave items behind. You will obtain oneself with a a great deal larger sense of freedom not getting to carry a lot of weight about with you. Not only does it make you far more mobile but it will place you up there with some of the far more seasoned solo travel authorities.

five. Be a Supply of Wisdom

This ties into getting a social butterfly but not in an extrovert sort style. The far more you travel solo as a male you will notice items about life, and, how your life relates to these items regardless of whether fantastic or poor. Lots of people today who travel solo are looking for anything and in some situations really feel unfulfilled by there every day lives back dwelling.  There’s absolutely nothing incorrect with this. Although, what will take place as you meet people today along the way, they might come to you as a supply of wisdom. In these situations, you can seriously have a constructive impact on somebody’s life.

Connect with the locals

six. Understand to Connect with Locals

I began as a newbie solo traveller who spent his days aimlessly wandering about cities taking pictures and sampling neighborhood foods. Nevertheless, more than time, my travels in Latin America have had a deeper which means.
This became far more apparent when I began to connect to neighborhood people today. Connecting with locals is not simple in most situations. The explanation why is simply because you have to break away from the hostels and far more widespread locations that other travellers remain. But currently with platforms like Airbnb you have a fantastic chance to remain with a neighborhood household. For me, staying with locals creates a distinct sort of expertise that is been a great deal distinct from that of staying in tourist accommodation it permitted me to discover far more about the culture.

Conclusion about solo male travel

So, if getting a supply of wisdom, connecting with neighborhood cultures and arranging your future travel plans do not sound fantastic to you, perhaps you ought to reconsider your travel plans as a solo traveller and travel in a group.
These are the factors I do solo travel and just about every new trip is about enhancing myself and the way I travel.

Reasons for travelling solo as a male - Why men travel alone

About this Guest Author: Daniel James of Layer Culture is a cultural traveller primarily based in the UK. Daniel dedicates his time to exploring and studying about life in Latin America. Choose up your backpack and join him on his lifelong mission to uncover Latin American’s hidden gems – you might even develop into fluent in Spanish along the way. You can also obtain Daniel on Twitter or on Facebook.

How is travelling alone as a male? In this guest post, Daniel shares his impressions about his solo male adventures in South America. #solotravel #men #tips


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