Bariloche (Argentinian Patagonia): lakes, satellites and ghosts


Bariloche is a stunning and intriguing location. Lovely mainly because it is surrounded by lakes and mountains. Fascinating mainly because there’s very good chocolate and technological and scientific activities. This post is a mixture of factors to see in Bariloche, and my expertise there. 

Bariloche: lakes, satellites and ghosts

A strange noise abruptly woke me up. It was nevertheless pitch black and my nose was frozen. I moved below the six heavy blankets to attain my telephone. It was 5am.

I heard the similar noise once more. I listened to it with all my interest to recognize what it was. It sounded like a person was moving soil, or rather gravel, on the other side of the wall. It didn’t make any sense given that there was a further building suitable subsequent to the home, and it was empty.

I place my ear on the wall. Yes, the noise was coming from there, from inside the empty home.

It was my third evening in Bariloche and the two earlier nights had been extremely silent. What could it be?

Bariloche: the city and the lake

Bariloche and Cerro Campanario

Bariloche is in the northern aspect of the Argentinian Patagonia, close to the Andes and the Chilean border. I was essentially traveling about the South of Chile and crossed the border to stop by this stunning area of mountains and lakes.

The most effective views of the location are from Cerro Campanario. I went there twice: the 1st day it was foggy and rainy and couldn’t see something, so I went back the following day.

I was told I could hike up. Nicely, it was essentially attainable but the paths weren’t effectively signaled and I got lost a number of instances. I did get to the best even though, but by the time it began to rain and I took shelter in the cafeteria.

“We do not have wifi, we have views”.

“Not today” I believed, tired and upset. I waited for a though but it didn’t appear like the climate would transform so I decided to go back down. I got lost once more and lastly walked suitable below the chair lift. Men and women had been hunting at me. Yeah, technically it wasn’t a path but at least the path was clear!

Bariloche: hiking up to Cerro Campanario

Bariloche Argentina: views from Cerro Campanario on a rainy day

It was a great deal superior the second day. Remembering how tough it had been to hike up and down, I took the chair lift. So a great deal less complicated and much less tiring.

I was pleased I went back. The sky was fully clear, deep blue, so I could see all the surrounding mountains and lakes, aspect of the Nahuel Huapi National Park.

The highest mountains had been white on the best. It was mid June: winter was coming. Getting practically winter in northern Patagonia meant that it was extremely cold. I do not keep in mind specifically but it was most likely about -5ºC for the duration of the day, beneath 0ºC at evening.

Bariloche Argentina: the chair lift to Cerro Campanario

Bariloche, Argentinian Patagonia: views from Cerro Campanario on a clear day

Hotel Llao Llao

Yet another location with fantastic views close to Bariloche is Hotel Llao Llao. It is on the similar bus line as Cerro Campanario so it is uncomplicated to stop by each on the similar day. There is no require to keep in the hotel (it is a 5 start off hotel!). I went there and just walked about the hotel to appreciate the views of the lake and the distant mountains.

Bariloche: views from the hotel Llao Llao

Bariloche Argentina: lake and mountains seen from hotel Llao Llao

Chocolate in Bariloche

Bariloche is normally compared to Switzerland mainly because of the mountains, the lakes… and the chocolate. There’s a lot of very good chocolate shops, most of them in Mitre street. A gourmets dream!

I purchased some chocolates and also some of my favored sweets in the planet: alfajores. Alfajores are created with two cookies and a sweet filling in involving. I really like the ones filled with dulce de leche, which is caramelized condensed milk, and covered in white chocolate. Yes, it is a sugar bomb, but I had to survive the cold!

Chocolates in Bariloche, the Switzerland in South America

Building in Bariloche


I was shocked to hear that my couchsurfing host worked in the aerospace sector.

Satellites in Patagonia??

Yes, satellites in Patagonia.

He told me that the area received several immigrants from everywhere: other components of Argentina, Peru, other Latin American nations, Germany, Holland, Russia, Spain…

The German introduced technologies and the organization of the city. These days sophisticated technological and scientific activities are becoming created in Bariloche, like Masters and Doctorate degrees in physics and engineering, scientific and applied study and a higher-technological corporation.

Park in Bariloche, Argentina

Wooden statues in Bariloche, Argentinian Patagonia


On my third evening I woke up with a strange noise. It sounded like a person moving gravel, but it couldn’t be. The subsequent developing was empty. I felt extremely uneasy, I do not like unknown noises in the dark, even if I’m in a home with other men and women.

I went out of my area to verify if, by any opportunity, my couchsurfing hosts had been awake. It was 5am so of course they had been sleeping.

When I came back to my area I discovered 1 of the dogs on my bed. I attempted to push it out, but it was a extremely huge dog.

“Ok, you can stay”.

The noises created me really feel uneasy and the dog reassured me. He lived in the home, if he wasn’t nervous about the noise, I guessed it was nothing at all I should really be concerned about.

Chile Argentina border crossing
Ok, this was not Bariloche, it was for the duration of the border crossing from Chile to Argentina. But it appears scary, suitable?

I went to sleep again… but I couldn’t.

Each now and then the dog, which was completely asleep, moved and smashed my feet. If that wasn’t adequate, it smelled a lot. And… it snored!!

By 8am I couldn’t stand it any longer. I required to get some sleep. So I opened the door, awoke the dog and asked him to go back to the dinning area. It wouldn’t move. I’ve never ever had a dog so I didn’t know what to do. At the finish I attempted to pull it out, which was tough mainly because it was huge and heavy and it was holding to the bed with the front paws.

I apologized about kicking him out of the area, but soon after that moment it never ever looked at me once more.


Mate, chacarera and fernet con cola

On my final day a pal of my hosts came and we all spent the evening collectively.

They showed me how to correctly drink mate. Initially you place the mate in the container and turn it upside down to get rid of the dust. Then you add a bit of cold water and hot water at 80ºC. Then you can drink. The conventional mate is extremely bitter and some men and women do not like it, even with sugar. These days there is mate with distinct flavors, I liked the orange 1.

They also taught me chacarera, a conventional dance which is danced in couples devoid of touching every other. Following dinner they let me attempt fernet con cola, a robust licor with coke. Urgh, it was certainly robust.

I told them about the noises I heard the earlier evening. They told me it may well be a ghost and laughed. It was most likely an animal which had gone inside the empty developing. Just an animal? We laughed.

That evening I heard the ghost once more, but I wasn’t so scared any longer.

Fantastic TO KNOW

  • Cerro Campanario
    • How to go from Bariloche to Cerro Campanario: bus 20, km17.
    • Bus ticket: 12 pesos
    • Chair lift: 120 pesos
  • Hotel Llao Llao
    • How to get there: bus 20
    • Ticket: six pesos from Cerro Campanario, 12 pesos from Bariloche

Note: costs from June 2015

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Bariloche (Argentinian Patagonia): what to see and my experience there


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