A guide to the Robot Restaurant show in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan


If you are heading to Japan and will be spending some time in Tokyo then you most likely have heard about the renowned Robot Restaurant show positioned in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

To sum up the show, it is an expertise you will never ever overlook. It is an very more than the leading Japanese expertise all combined into a single outlandish entertainment show. You basically have to see it to think it.

This weblog post is a guide to the Robot Restaurant show in Shinjuku.

Be confident to devote some time walking about Shinjuku as it is a amazing aspect of Tokyo to discover with its nightlife, entertainment, buying and big selections of restaurants to select from. You must entirely add this amazing location to your trip to Japan.

Travel details for the Robot Restaurant

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The easiest way to attain the Robot Restaurant is to take the subway line Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin to Shinjuku Sanchome Station.

Take exit B9, and the stroll to the restaurant is about five minutes. You will get started to see signposts from the Metro station. It is effortless to spot when you arrive so do not be concerned about receiving lost.

Robot Restaurant Discount with Voyagin

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For the ideal Robot Restaurant discount price tag, I would advise booking your ticket in advance for a major saving.

Immediately after browsing on line, I identified that Voyagin presented the ideal ticket price tag on line. You could even book it in advance and get an e-ticket, which produced the entire approach a piece of cake.

I identified my individual saving to be 34% off compared to the price tag on the day so it genuinely is worth booking in advance on line if you know that you want to go.

Commonly the initially show of the day is the most very affordable.

Immediately after creating a booking in advance, all you have to do is arrive on time to the restaurant and show your mobile voucher (e-ticket) to get your print ticket. Get pleasure from the saving and the Robot Restaurant show.

Opening occasions for the Robot Restaurant

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Each day you can select from a choice of 4 shows. Doors open earlier prior to each and every overall performance so you can take pleasure in a drink in the Robot Lounge prior to the show.

– Show a single: 16:00pm (reception opens: 15:20)
– Show two: 17:00pm (reception opens: 16:45)
– Show 3: 19:50pm (reception opens: 19:10)
– Show 4: 21:45pm (reception opens: 21:05)

The show lasts for about 90 minutes with quite a few breaks in involving, and they do retain the action going by means of that period.

Get pleasure from a pre-show at the Robot Restaurant lounge

Robot Restaurant Shinjuku Japan 16

The Robot Lounge is positioned on an additional floor than the show. You can wait in the lounge location for your show to get started and take pleasure in a pre-show overall performance in the meanwhile.

The venue itself is an attraction. You can sit back in the huge spinning chairs, relish at the wacky robot-like design and style and interior, and take pleasure in a robot band overall performance.

This will give you a light taste of what’s to come.

The Robot Restaurant overall performance

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Consider ninja’s fighting robots. Robots fighting dinosaurs. Laser shows. Robot Christmas. Electric drums. Oversized snakes. This show basically has it all.

Robot Restaurant Shinjuku Japan 41

It is cheesy as hell but for some purpose, I totally fell in adore with the show.

I had extremely low expectations going in but immediately after hearing so quite a few rave testimonials from close friends, I basically had to verify it out and see for myself.

Robot Restaurant Shinjuku Japan 35

I’m content I produced my personal judgement on this a single as it was basically out of this planet.

Robot Restaurant Shinjuku Japan 37

The power of the overall performance is properly place collectively and you can see that the performers take pleasure in bringing the show to life and it is rather impressive.

They also modify the show regularly each and every month or so in order to retain the Robot Restaurant trendy and new.

The overall performance is 90 minutes lengthy with breaks in involving, and the show is split up into 3 themed sections.

Robot Restaurant Shinjuku Japan 49

As I visited in November, a single of the themed sections was focused on Christmas so they do modify the show according to the holidays.

I would overview the show much more in-depth but I do not want to take away the magic, and with the show altering regularly, it is ideal to see for your self.

Top rated recommendations to enjoying the Robot Restaurant

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Even even though the show is known as the Robot Restaurant, the Restaurant side of the name shouldn’t be taken to heart. You can purchase a choice of snacks by the bar, but I would advise consuming prior to the show, and Shinjuku presents quite a few solutions to select from.

The overall performance is largely performed in English and you can take pictures as lengthy as you turn off the flash. You will have to also turn off your Wi-Fi and set your telephone to aeroplane mode to not interfere with the robot controls.

If the sound is also loud for you, you can request ear protectors to put on throughout the overall performance.

In the course of the show, you can discover a menu on your table and you can order to your seat throughout the breaks. I identified the costs to be affordable at the table, and you could need to have a handful of drinks to get by means of the overall performance.

Robot Restaurant Shinjuku Japan 10

At the finish of the overall performance, you can normally exchange your ticket for a drink at the bar.

Make confident you take a trip to the toilet as properly, you will be in for a surprise!

Thank you for reading my guide to the Robot Restaurant

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Thank you for reading my guide to the Robot Restaurant show in Shinjuku. I hope you take pleasure in the show and your time in Tokyo, Japan.

Really feel absolutely free to share with me on Twitter what you believed about the Robot Restaurant show expertise.


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