7 Travel Packing Ideas For Girl Travelers


Possibly it is due to the fact I am a girl traveler but I am a really serious more than packer. I often want to pack that further shirt, toothpaste, or device–just in case. Since my instinct is to pack far more, I’ve had to understand a couple of tricks that lighten my backpack (or suitcase), make it uncomplicated to discover what I have to have and general make my life less difficult. Here’s a list of my preferred packing hacks for ladies who travel.




A massive swift dry towel

large quick dry towel

I appreciate these towels due to the fact they are thin and soft for showering, wash and dry actually swiftly and fold up actually tiny. They do not take up any area in a suitcase. Some accommodations do not consist of towels so this is a terrific backup.&nbspWhen a towel is incorporated then I use my swift dry towel at the beach or for my hair. It can have various utilizes because it is so uncomplicated to wash.


Detergent in a travel size shampoo bottle

travel bottles

In some cases I run out of underwear or just necessary to wash a single or two products. Right after a sweaty hike or rainy stroll, you just want to clean your stinky socks, am I proper?&nbspA tiny detergent bottle is excellent for a sink rinse and avoiding higher costs for a tiny laundry.


A packable day bag

osprey packable day pack

Obtaining a day bag that folds up into a tiny ball is so hassle-free. It is tiny, packable, light but can nevertheless hold my laptop, tablet, camera and a bunch of other stuff. It is also good to bring a packable grocery bag for souvenirs or as a carry on!


A travel income belt alternatively of a purse

travel money belt

I brought a purse on my three month trip and I actually did not have to have it. I employed my day bag to stroll about throughout the day and a income wallet for purchasing at busy markets and going out at evening. With a income wallet I do not be concerned about loosing my purse, acquiring choose pocketed or holding my purse whilst dancing. Let me inform you, salsa dancing with a purse is a buzz kill. Cash wallet is the way to go (just place it beneath a loose/lengthy best)!


Obtain WHAT YOU Will need Effortlessly WITH:


Packing Cubes

packing cubes.jpg

I had never ever employed organizational packs till my final trip. Boy do they make a distinction!&nbspI did not have to dig for stuff. Almost everything had a spot. I could pull out a single bag alternatively of five shirts that necessary refolding. I also place electronics and cords in a bag so the wires are everywhere in my bag. I feel they should really have mini cubes for purses. My Mom would appreciate that.


A toiletry bag that folds and hangs

hanging toiletry bag 2.jpg

I do not know about you but I have face cleanser, face lotion, physique wash, shampoo, conditioner, hair curling spray, a razor, and make up remover. With all that it is so a great deal less difficult to not take it all out. A foldable bag lets you compartmentalize and take what you have to have. Also, not all bathrooms have a hook or shelf so a toiletry bag that hangs or suctions to the wall is killer.


A pill box as a jewelry box

pill box as jewelry box

I do not bring that a great deal jewelry when I travel, but I like to bring a couple issues for my nights out. A 7-day pill box tends to make it uncomplicated to bring a couple earrings, rings and tiny necklaces or bracelets devoid of it acquiring all tangled. And it tends to make you limit what you bring.




Foldable hat.. have to have I say far more?

foldable hat

My face is sensitive to the sun so I often put on a hat. A cap is uncomplicated to pack but not often a cute selection. Beach hats are cute but challenging to pack. I located this foldable beach hat (aka it rolls up) from Target and it is so hassle-free! #winning


Some of these products you can get at the corner shop.

For the other folks, you can verify them out or buy them right here.

The hyperlink above is an Amazon purchasing web page I produced for you. If you invest in something via this hyperlink (notice the products are not far more high priced), I get a tiny percentage.&nbspThank you for supporting me as a blogger and GirlGoTravel!

P.S. Do you have any packing ideas or items to a add? Comment beneath!


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