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Solo traveling can be intimidating to a new traveler, but it is a thing absolutely everyone ought to attempt at least when. Even though even when you have studied the guidebooks front to back, you could possibly nevertheless not be prepared for the outstanding but vast planet of traveling alone.

Realistically, you can travel by oneself anyplace, but the quantity of challenge you are prepared to face on could possibly differ. Do you want to dive in head-1st and get lost in a spot with a thick language barrier when hoping for the very best? Or do you want to dip your toe in with a easier nation that is a lot more relatable to your personal customs?

Taking the 1st step in traveling solo is much less scary when you can see how it has inspired other folks. If you are lost on exactly where to commence, these suggested locations to travel (as selected by 10 travel bloggers) ought to enable point you in the correct path.


Thailand Sunset

When it comes to terrific destinations for new solo travelers, Thailand would be my option. It’s exactly where I 1st encountered backpackers and had my eyes opened to the thought of lengthy-term travel. But why is Thailand terrific for a new solo traveler? It has a great celebration scene, lots of hiking and outside activities, scrumptious meals, relaxing islands, lots of locations to dive (or study how to dive), and adequate locals speak English so your trip will not be as well tough. With a created backpacking scene, it is also seriously quick to meet other travelers, which is seriously crucial when you are traveling solo.

Of course, it is also extremely distinctive from North America and Europe so you will be certain to knowledge a fantastic quantity of culture shock devoid of getting to be concerned about your security. Throw in some amazing events (like their multi-day water fight Songkran that celebrates the New Year) and you have got oneself a strong foundation for a life-altering trip! A solo trip to Thailand is essentially Backpacking 101. Positive, it is perhaps a bit stereotypical these days— but it is that way for a fantastic cause.

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Guatemala Must See

Guatemala was the 1st nation I traveled to alone. I was 17, I had in no way left Europe just before, and I try to remember actually trembling with worry as I got on the plane!

Guatemala is a lovely, colorful nation with a wealthy history, lovely nature and welcoming folks. What tends to make it quick to travel solo right here, is that it is a well-known location for young backpackers. I met folks from day a single at a Spanish college and at the volunteer perform I ended up undertaking and at hostels. Numerous of the travelers you will meet are also alone which tends to make it extremely quick to uncover folks to hang out with, to travel with or to just get guidelines from on exactly where to go subsequent.

On prime of that, Guatemala is extremely low-cost by Western requirements, and buses take you anyplace you want to go. Considering that most Guatemalans do not speak significantly English, I do suggest taking some Spanish classes. Antigua, Guatemala’s former capital is a well-known spot to take Spanish lessons and a lovely, lively town properly worth spending some time in.

If you want to know a lot more about Guatemala verify out my write-up about five Locations Not to Miss in Guatemala

Even now, immediately after getting lived in a lot more than 10 nations all more than the planet and getting traveled to quite a few a lot more, my six weeks in Guatemala stay some of my most valuable memories. To enter a planet so distinctive from your personal when you are nevertheless so young and inexperienced is a actually one of a kind knowledge and no matter how scary it could possibly look at 1st, I suggest it to absolutely everyone: commence traveling solo at a young age!

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Japan was the 1st nation I actually traveled solo. It was just about ten years ago just before I was significantly of a traveler. I had merely been sent to Tokyo for a perform trip and had added the weekend to discover by myself.

This threw me into the deep end—and I’m glad it did. Tokyo felt equal components delightful and confusing: the vibrant lights, the tiny ramen shops that seat only 3 folks, the waves of pedestrians crossing at Shibuya, the taxis that somehow nevertheless appear like they’re from the 1980s, the toilets that have about 20 distinctive buttons on them—everything in Japan is a possible mini-knowledge.

At occasions you can image oneself gliding by means of scenes like your eyes are a film camera — in reality, components of my keep felt like the film Lost in Translation. I sat in the identical chair as Bill Murray in that hotel in Shinjuku, met a charming and lovely French-Japanese girl, and inexplicably located myself at the album launch celebration of a Japanese reggae band.

I really do not know for certain if Japan is the easiest nation to meet other travelers or locals. Then once more, the folks are extremely respectful and beneficial to foreigners, the nation is secure adequate to stroll into any alley devoid of worry, and it is a spot exactly where you can get beautifully lost even by oneself. I hugely suggest it.

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Vietnam Views

It is tough to choose just a single spot, but if I had to it would be Vietnam. It is got all the enjoyable (and culture-shock) of a classic backpacker location like Thailand devoid of the polish and heavy-handed celebration scene. It is less expensive than Thailand, just as secure, but a bit a lot more quirky and unfamiliar. There is a properly-traveled backpacker scene so a new solo traveler will have zero trouble meeting pals. There are adequate English-speaking folks in case you have a trouble, but not so significantly that you will really feel correct as well comfy. It is dirt low-cost (about $three per evening — which could involve breakfast and absolutely free beer) and there was a thing for absolutely everyone: beaches, adventure sports, hiking, and bars. I’d go back in a heartbeat!

1 memory that stands out was at my final cease in Vietnam: Saigon. I had a bunch of money I required to exchange and, not certain exactly where the closest exchange was, I asked a single of the employees members at the hotel. Rather of suggesting I go to some common currency exchange spot (exactly where I’d get a terrible deal) he wrote directions down to go to a black industry exchange out of some jewelry retailer. It took some time to uncover, and my self-confidence wasn’t brimming, but ultimately I went in and got the currency exchanged. The man spoke broken English but when I told him I was from Canada he gave me a half-toothless smile and a thumbs up. It was just a tiny moment, but as a solo traveler, these are the moments that matter.

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Antwerp City

Belgium is a single nation I’ve spent a lot of time in. So far, I’ve been flying solo every single time – and I wouldn’t alter a point! My 1st impression of Belgium was hitchhiking in West from Germany which gave me a fast introduction to the locals – every single a single becoming friendlier than the final. The final driver I had of the day was initially only going to take me a quick distance, but ended up going 40 minutes out of his way to take me safely to my Couchsurfing host in Gent.

My host, Sven, happily gave me a tour about the city displaying me the highlights and gave me quirky bits of know-how about the city that I in no way would have otherwise found. On prime of that, he took me along to a celebration his pal was throwing for his dog’s birthday, which only introduced me to a lot more of the friendly locals.

Belgian locals have a tendency to be extremely open to foreigners and usually have a best grasp of the English language, removing worry of miscommunication from your worries. All of the main cities, from Gent, to Brugge, Antwerp and Brussels, bring their personal one of a kind vibes to the table, but every single place in this nation is a best option for a 1st time traveler.

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Panama Jungle

Panama is a single of the very best nations for solo travel simply because Panamanians enjoy adventure. The nation is complete of waterfalls – actually thousands! As properly as waterfalls, you will uncover endless hikes, epic beaches, and island getaways. Basically, it is an adventurer’s paradise. In contrast to quite a few nations about the planet overwhelmed with tourism, Panama appears fairly low important. This is why neighborhood Panamanians are keen to show fellow adventurers from about the planet the beautiful places in their nation.

Whilst traveling solo in Panama, I have met so quite a few outstanding locals who have created me really feel like their very best mate for the day! On a single day, two locals I chatted to on the net picked me up and took me to all of their favourite waterfalls. When you travel solo you seriously cherish these days a lot more so than when you are with your personal pals back dwelling. We ate Panamanian meals and they taught me Spanish as we attempted our very best to have a fantastic conversation. You do not uncover these types of experiences in a Lonely Planet guidebook. You uncover them on solo travel adventures with locals who go out of their way to make certain you delight in their dwelling, which they are immensely proud of!

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Solo Travel in Cuba

Cuba is a nation that went straight for my heart when I travelled there solo for three weeks. It did reside up to its reputation of becoming a rough spot to travel, but the unpredictability is a big element of its appeal. What I loved about the nation, is the way music is not noticed as just recreation, but rather felt as the blood in one’s veins. I try to remember passing by the most threadbare of homes in central Havana exactly where even a layer of paint hasn’t been laid upon the bricks that make their walls, but a shiny new music method sits correct in the centre of the home, reggaeton blaring and hips shaking.

I noticed a robust sense of neighborhood and the aliveness of interpersonal interactions, fostered by a lack of continual quick net. Individuals appear at faces far a lot more than screens. I stayed with locals in casa particulares (Cuban B&ampBs) immediately after a beautiful week as a Press Week guest with Mhai Yoga Retreat Centre. My favourite memories would be the salsa classes, the days I spent hiking in the Topes de Collantes National Park, and walking the streets of Havana, observing the way folks carry themselves with that distinct Cuban swag. Mass media has but to take a swing at people’s instinctive enjoy and acceptance of their bodies right here, so Cuba was rather the lesson in physique positivity as properly.

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Anyplace in Europe

Europe Solo Travel

My favourite solo trip was really my extremely 1st huge trip abroad: I travelled across Europe! I began in London and went to France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, and a couple other folks along the way! Travelling by means of Europe is a terrific spot to travel solo simply because it is so secure and the language barrier is manageable. If you are nervous about travelling alone, then picking a spot that feels a lot more comfy is a terrific spot to commence! Plus, Europe is best for receiving a big dose of a variety of cultures devoid of getting to really travel as well far in involving.

Considering that this was my 1st huge trip abroad, I chose to travel on an organized bus tour. An organized tour is very best for a new traveller as you are nevertheless technically travelling solo, but have a tiny guidance along the way if required. Whilst this is not the most expense-efficient way to travel, it is terrific for solo travellers simply because there is extremely tiny organizing involved when you join the tour group, and the folks on the tour speedily grow to be your pals. In reality, a handful of of the folks I met I nevertheless preserve in make contact with with nowadays – a single of them is Dan, who is my present boyfriend and travel companion of four years now!

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Myanmar Landscape

I’ve traveled to more than 40 nations about the globe (most of them alone) and I can confidently list Myanmar as a single of my prime favourite travel destinations in the planet not just for common travel but in particular for solo travel. Myanmar’s beauty, culture, meals, friendly and resilient folks, affordability, security, trusted transportation systems, and its abundance of possibilities to immerse oneself in the neighborhood culture and nature make it quick to fall in enjoy with the nation.

As a solo traveler, I was welcomed and embraced by the locals as I explored the nation from south to north. Households would welcome me into their villages when I’d pass by on my e-bike, even if just to sit down for tea. Considering that it was formerly a British colony, quite a few neighborhood Burmese can speak English so connecting with them is a lot less complicated than in quite a few components of South East Asia. I also met with younger hip locals in Yangon who took me out to see a neighborhood glitzy side to Yangon’s nightlife which I wouldn’t have found devoid of them. Hearing 1st-hand neighborhood perspectives from older and younger Burmese was fascinating and helped me to much better realize my travel knowledge about the nation.

In addition to friendly locals, I also befriended dozens of other solo travelers each of whom I am still friends with nowadays. With higher-excellent hostel accommodations in Myanmar’s most well-known destinations, it is extremely quick to meet other solo travelers and join in on group excursions. Ostello Bello Hostel created it quick for me to make new pals throughout the country and presented a variety of solutions to hyperlink up with other folks such as absolutely free tours, overnight hiking adventures, e-bike riding experiences, and a lot more. Some of my very best memories in Myanmar have been sharing boat rides and tours with other like-minded solo travelers interested in local culture. Verify them out if you are interested in linking up with other solo travelers when in Myanmar!

If you are a lot more introverted and appreciate your solo time, do not be concerned. It is quick to uncover solitude, peace, and spirituality in Myanmar’s temples and nature.

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United States – Washington D.C.

DC Cherry Blossoms

D.C. is identified for the 3M’s – museums, monuments, and the National Mall. What do these all have in frequent for the spending budget traveler? They are all absolutely free. Washington D.C. is the capital of Absolutely free!

I have solo traveled to D.C. quite a few occasions, but a handful of experiences stand out. As soon as, I met a group of strangers who became pals when paddling an outrigger canoe down the Potomac. It was enjoyable to see the monuments from the water, but what I enjoyed most was the barbecue back at the boathouse. A different trip just so occurred to overlap the peak of cherry blossom season. I walked solo by means of the crowds at the Tidal Basin enjoying the cities three,000 cherry trees in complete bloom.

I crave the ethnic meals of Washington DC. All of the international guests and embassies make D.C. a actual foodie location.  Throughout my 1st solo trip, I located an remarkable Nepalese restaurant correct across from their embassy. On prime of that, I also enjoy a North Italian spot in Crystal City and a Peruvian spot behind the White Home. So quite a few meals, so tiny time!

Washington D.C. is a town constructed for travelers from the attractions to amenities. It is the best mixture of quintessential America and international influence.

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