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What inspired me to travel!

Persons normally ask me about what sparked my interest to travel and expertise distinct areas and cultures about the globe. The answer is very simple: when I was eight, my parents gave me a geographic encyclopedia. This very simple act had a profound effect. Small did I know but geography would go on to play an significant part in my life, shaping the particular person I am now and the alternatives I’ve created more than the years.

Why geography matters

At eight, I possessed a boundless curiosity in absolutely everyone and every thing about me. A entire new globe opened up when my parents gave me the geographic encyclopedia. The maps, illustrations and images captured my imagination and I realised that the globe I lived in extended a lot farther than the boundaries of my neighbourhood. The truth that there had been so several persons beyond these boundaries who lived in distinct circumstances and spoke distinct languages intrigued me endlessly. In addition, my fascination with the different climate zones and large diversity of flora and fauna about the globe ensured I was occupied for hours on finish, pouring more than the colourful images and illustrations. The significance of geography in stimulating interest in our globe is undeniable.


My ‘Jump Shot’ at the Iguassu Falls! I’d noticed them so several instances in my geographic encyclopedia that when I ultimately got to stop by the falls, it felt like the photos had come to life!

…my early interest in geography … opened my eyes to the globe and nurtured a good spirit of adventure.

Geography is additional than becoming in a position to point out a nation on a globe map!

Some years later, I had a circle of pen-pals (recall these?!) across the globe and by means of them, I discovered additional about their every single day lives and cultures – my pocket funds was spent acquiring postage stamps for these hundreds of letters.

My expertise has taught me that it was my early interest in geography, encouraged by my parents, that opened my eyes to the globe and nurtured a good spirit of adventure. The way I see it, geography is a lot additional than becoming in a position to point out a nation on a globe map or recognizing the capital city of every single nation in the globe (although if you did, I would be Pretty impressed!). It is about having to know our globe and its persons greater and understanding what tends to make societies tick. Geography assists to trigger our curiosity and as we come to be additional curious, our awareness grows. It opens our eyes to distinct cultures and perspectives, and assists us develop as properly-rounded, emphatic folks.


Following all these years of pouring more than geographic encyclopedias, it is a actual joy to watch it all from a plane window!


And I can normally recognise areas from 30,000ft with no utilizing the inflight navigation. This is Penang Island, Malaysia.

And all this can be attributed to 1 very simple act: providing a kid a geographic encyclopedia.

Verify out the gorgeous geographic encyclopedia for young children from Dorling Kindersley on Amazon.com.

How to encourage an interest in geography

Travel bloggers testing their know-how of geography

My parents sparked my interest in geography when I was eight by providing me a geographic encyclopedia as a birthday present. There are several additional approaches in which parents can encourage their young children to take an interest in geography. Right here are some concepts from me and fellow bloggers:

  • Aye, a fellow blogger, purchased a shower curtain with a globe map on it and teaches her daughter about the globe through every single bath.
  • Andy Jarosz brings an inflatable globe with him on his travels to teach youngsters he meets about exactly where he comes from. You could of course use your telephone but the inflatable ball is also fantastic for the beach or pool!
  • There are several geography games that can be downloaded from the app shop. The 1 that at present keeps me busy is Planet Geography.
  • Or decide on a entertaining board game for the entire loved ones. I specifically like this 1 named Continent Race which was produced by a kid named Byron who loves geography as considerably as I do.
  • Social media platforms like Twitter can play an significant part in bringing the globe into our classrooms. As an instance: get out a significant globe map and a box of pins. Send a tweet asking your followers and their followers to introduce themselves (for the goal of a small geography lesson). Request some facts about exactly where they reside and perhaps a photo of the most popular landmark in their hometowns. As the tweets pour in, get your kid(ren) to pin the areas on the map and show them the photographs of these areas.
  • Buy a geographic encyclopedia or a loved ones reference atlas that is complete of colourful illustrations and information. Encourage your young children to appear up travel stories and photographs from magazines or travel blogs to complement the facts in the encyclopedia. Zoom into these areas on Google Earth.

What can we do to nurture an interest in geography? Please share your concepts in the comments section.


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