Whats it like to attend the Prayagraj Kumbh Mela Festival?


To say the rest of my time at the Kumbh Mela didn’t go to strategy would be an understatement. The boats couldn’t get to exactly where they necessary, the logistics fell apart, and as people today bathed on either side of the river, we bobbed about a plastic pontoon, removed from the pretty purpose we have been right here on this day. We have been locked in limbo land, also far from either river bank to be totally involved.

The Sangam was in the distance, enjoying its prime moment of glory, and I burst into hysterical and delirious laughter from a lack of sleep. A day earlier we had accidentally arrived at the Sangam cursing, however now, at the moment we had come for, it was just slightly out of attain.

In hindsight, I can remind myself of what I believed at the evening aarti. This is not an occasion for me or my camera, and possibly it was a divine intervention that stopped our vast group of camera-wielding journalists from blocking peoples views of such a as soon as in a lifetime moment.

Kumbh Mela

Flowers and bathing at the Kumbh Mela

Travel is unexpected, and no matter how a great deal preparing you make points can go incorrect. This was 1 of these mornings, and it sadly brings my Kumbh Mela story to an abrupt, and uneventful finish.

Am I glad I went? Yes. Would I go once again? Unsure. Did I practical experience the occasion in the way I had wished? Undoubtedly not.

But if you uncover your self in India through the Kumbh Mela, it is genuinely worth attending even if just for a day, this is an occasion you will by no means neglect, and the practical experience and takeaway will be distinct for each and every individual.

Kumbh Mela Boat Ride

Sunrise and boats on the Ganga

Do not go marvelling at the millions of people today as I did even though, go seeking for that 1 story, that 1 human connection, and do superior than me, go a lot more in-depth than I did, and throw out any preconceptions or expectations.

Arrive at the Kumbh Mela with an open thoughts and let it play out. There are fifty million causes your journey will be distinctive, but you only require to uncover 1.

I’m sad I didn’t get adequate time to find out a lot more of the stories of why people today have been right here, the stories of their journeys and faith or what this meant for them. The only story I left the Kumbh Mela with was mine, an incomplete, pages missing type of chapter. The Kumbh Mela had left a mark on me, but I’m not so certain what that mark was.

Possibly, 1 day I’ll return to Prayagraj and create this stories ending.


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