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Mykonos, Greece

I went to Mykonos final summer season (I know, I know it is a lengthy overdue post!) and, as anticipated, I fell fully in like. The negative element is that I went there in the peak season (in truth THE peak week!!!). The great element is that I nonetheless loved it, even with all the individuals.

Greece has thousands of beautiful islands but somehow, some of them handle to make their way via the top rated preference of individuals and Mykonos and Santorini are correct there at the top rated. They are each drop dead beautiful but in a fully distinctive way!

Now lets see what tends to make Mykonos so particular, why I loved it and what you can do there. In truth, there is so substantially to inform about Mykonos that I am arranging to create three distinctive posts to appropriate cover it from all angles. So, this initially 1 is about what you can (or improved however what you Must) do there:

1. Attend some parties

Mykonos is popular for lots of motives, but almost certainly this is the key 1. Notice how I did not say nightlife? Result in Mykonos is on for 24 hours!!! Ok, yes, possibly a bit significantly less in the morning, when all the evening birds are nonetheless sleeping, but come early afternoon, the island begins vibrating once again!

We chose the a lot more chilled vibe of the early parties (afternoon and evenings) and decided to essentially take pleasure in our days at the beach so I can’t definitely relate about the evening practical experience initially hand. Even so, let me inform you this: there are buses choosing individuals up from many places to drop them off to celebration areas! Yup…. Celebration  BUSES!

two. Go beach hopping

Now, that was my favourite element about the island. And I am not speaking just go to the beach. No. Mykonos is popular for its beaches. There are so lots of and every of them manages to bring an additional vibe to the island. We stayed there for 7 days and attempted a new beach every single day. From time to time two per day! Even so, for the sake of this post not finding also lengthy, I will develop an additional 1 devoted only to the beaches! Deal?

All I will say right here is that there is a competitors as to which beach has got the bluest and clearest water!!! &#x1f609 My god, the colour of the water in Mykonos is out of this planet! Appear at this!

three. Unwind in a gay paradise (as a girl &#x1f609 )

Seriously! Hear me out right here, as I absolutely know what I am speaking about! Possibly everyone knows that Mykonos is particularly well known with gay individuals, so substantially so that some individuals even contact it the gay island. BUT….it does not imply that you will only discover gay individuals there, no way. Yes, you will absolutely discover A LOT a lot more than on any other island (that I know of).

Now, the most effective element about it, is that, as a girl, you really feel fully at ease in Mykonos! There is no confusion of somebody hitting (or not hitting) on you, so you can just have relaxed and pleasant conversations with individuals.

Mykonos, Greece
The popular Jackie’O

four. Splurge on top rated restaurants

In Mykonos you can dine as low cost or as pricey as you want to make it. For instance, do not consider a 300 Eur lunch is a thing uncommon right here. But on the other hand, you can also have a scrumptious gyros or a salad for significantly less than 10 Eur. It all definitely depends on you.  So… if you like going to good (and most of the time definitely pricey) restaurants, Mykonos has got you covered. It is a identified truth that Mykonos is the playground for  jet setters,  therefore you will discover lots of higher finish restaurants. I am only going to give you a couple of examples right here as I program to create a entire post just about this: Nammos, Scorpios, Buddha Bar, Jackie’O, Ling Ling by Hakkasan, Matsuhisa by Nobu…you get the gist correct? &#x1f609

five. Get lost in the old town

The white cobblestoned streets of Mykonos town, decorated with vibrant spots of colours from doors, shops, flowers to restaurants are inviting you to just preserve walking and learn them. Every single corner, every street reveals an additional charming sight and, if you are like me, you can’t cease taking images.

six. Shop till you drop

Becoming a jet setter location, you can picture that you will not only discover your usual souvenirs shops right here but a lot of style shops, art galleries, jewellery shops, household deco and so on. Do not leave Mykonos ahead of checking some of these out. The style shops essentially have some definitely particular and at times one of a kind pieces.

7. Rent an scooter/ATV/ automobile

If you are in Mykonos for a couple of days at least, it is a pity to just keep and hang about at your hotel beach. One particular of the key activities on this island is beach hopping (see #two above). And some of the beaches are really spread out and you can only attain them by automobile or ATV. Be cautious and do not rent a major automobile there, as the streets are not definitely meant for major vehicles. Quite a few of them are really narrow and I have observed a couple of website traffic jams developed just due to the fact some of the vehicles have been also major to be capable to pass quickly!

eight. Watch the sunset from Small Venice

This is hands down the most effective and the most impressive location to watch the sunset in Mykonos. You may possibly want to go there a bit earlier to make confident you can safe a spot at 1 of the terraces, cafes or restaurants aligned along Small Venice.

9. Take a boat

In addition to exploring the island by automobile/ATV, you can also attain some of the beaches by boat. And in truth, I preferred this to the automobile. So anytime it was feasible, we often chose the boat. And I do not imply boat tours. They basically operate like a water bus. They have an itinerary and they are choosing individuals from beaches along the way and dropping them off to other beaches. We have been staying in Ornos, which was the beginning point for most of the boat trips so it was fairly effortless.

And finally….

10. Chill, unwind, get a tan

You are on a Greek island so that really should essentially be your key activity correct?

One particular tip that I want to give you about Mykonos even though is that it is a quite windy location. Some beaches are windier than other people.  I have to say I could not unwind 100% on some due to all the sand flying about all the time. We also went there in August, which I comprehend it is ordinarily higher winds season so possibly verify this out ahead of you go.

I hope this guide is beneficial if you are going there and if you have currently been, let me know what you consider and no matter if you consider there is a thing fascinating I left out!

Also, I will be posting a lot of images from Mykonos (and other Greek islands) on my Instagram account so you may possibly want to verify it out right here

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