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Hi once more! I am back to inform you much more about how I am preparing for lengthy-term travel, this time focusing on analysis and preparing. As I stated in my very first post, it can be a daunting job. I am nevertheless in the thick of it, but hopefully this post will assist make a tiny much more sense of it all!

I have spent numerous hours researching travel suggestions and destinations, and preparing my trip. I have study so substantially data I’m confident it is all going to spill out of my brain any minute and I’ll be left with no travel information. Of course I know this will not come about, but at times the quantity of data out there is overwhelming! Do not let that discourage you, even though. The time and work it requires to really prepare and do your analysis will be effectively worth it in the lengthy run.


I have discovered a lot about price range travel and travel hacking considering the fact that I began preparing my trip ten months ago. Travel blogs, travel books, and Pinterest are all wonderful sources. I have also gotten connected with other travelers and travel bloggers by way of social media, which I will go over additional in my subsequent post.

There is a TON of data out there about backpacking and lengthy-term travel. It is awesome how quite a few folks there are who have accomplished precisely what I’m attempting to do. I’ve discovered a lot and have been inspired from reading various travel blogs. It is a day-to-day reminder that folks just like me have sold all their belongings and quit their jobs to travel the planet, and that I can do it also. These are my favorites so far:

Nomadic Matt
The Blonde Abroad
Thrifty Nomads
Heart My Backpack
Adventurous Kate

I have study a handful of travel books – not any boring guide books even though! The finest a single by far is How to Travel the Globe on $50 a Day by Matthew Kepnes of Nomadic Matt. I extremely suggest acquiring this book – I hoarded a copy from my regional library for 5 months (sorry not sorry) and referred to it generally by way of my preparing approach. The book is divided up into chapters with generalized price range travel suggestions, and then the second section goes into location-particular detail for regions all more than the planet.

And of course there’s Pinterest – I have numerous travel-associated boards on my Kansas Girl Travels Globe Pinterest account.  I largely uncover travel suggestions right here, but I also make a new board for each and every location and pin activities and accommodations I am interested in, as effectively as price range travel suggestions for that particular place.

Above just reading items on line or in books, I ask! There are numerous effectively-versed travelers out there who are prepared to assist you out. Send them an e-mail, tweet them, or comment on their weblog. I have identified that the travel neighborhood in basic is really welcoming and open to answering inquiries from newbies.


A single point I have accomplished a fair quantity of analysis on is visa needs in the different nations I strategy on going to. I am not an professional by any indicates, but I will share with you what I have discovered so far for the destinations I strategy to go to.

Note that the data beneath is for US citizens with an American passport. We have an unfair benefit entry into other nations is ordinarily economical and quick. Citizens of quite a few other nations traveling, in particular to the US, are not so fortunate. When I very first began researching this subject I was shocked to study how drastically distinct entry costs and needs are based on exactly where you are from.

I have not too long ago booked trips to Colombia and New Zealand. In each nations a visa is not essential for stays of 90 days or much less.

In Australia you can get a tourist visa or a operate visa for up to a single year. I got a tourist visa which will enable me to remain up to 3 months, as effectively as leave and re-enter the nation. I applied on line, paid $135 USD, and it was authorized inside a handful of days. I also looked at the operate and vacation visa, which is $440. I decided against this considering the fact that I am not preparing on staying in Australia for an extended period of time.

I have not visited or applied for any visas in Southeast Asia, so I have no very first-hand expertise with this. From what I have study on line, in most (but not all) nations in this area you can get a 30-90 day visa on web-site upon arrival, and they variety in value from no cost to $70 USD. Verify out this complete post about visas in SE Asia from Goats On The Road for much more data.

In Europe, 26 nations are members of the Schengen Region. Fundamentally what that indicates is that you can travel freely all through these borders with no stamping your passport – equivalent to traveling among states in the US – and you do not have to enter and exit in the exact same nation. Inside a 180-day period you could travel the Schengen Region for a total of 90 days. Note: your time does not commence more than if you exit and re-enter! US citizens do not have to obtain a tourist visa to travel inside the Schengen Region.

There are some European Union (EU) nations that are not aspect of Schengen, as effectively as some non-EU nations that are aspect of Schengen. Verify out the map I produced of the Schengen Region beneath. What ever you do, double verify the visa needs for any nation you strategy to go to effectively ahead of time! I have not created a strategy however, but I will be bouncing in and out of Schengen Region nations to maximize my time in and about Europe.

Schengen Map

It is also worth taking note that most nations call for you to have a minimum quantity of blank pages in your passport, and that your passport is valid for a particular period of time (i.e. at least six months right after entry. Some nations even call for you to present passport-size ID pictures! Check out the US Division of State’s web page on Americans traveling abroad for much more data or to appear up needs for your location.


If you are capable to, commence your vaccinations six months ahead of you travel, in case there are any shots that will need two rounds six months apart. The a single vaccination I got that wants to be six months apart is Hepatitis A – I began 5 months pre-departure, but luckily the second dose can be offered at a later date, and I am nevertheless covered with only a single round, just for a shorter period of time. So, if you are not capable to get vaccinated that far in advance, do not be concerned! Most shots only will need a single round, just make confident you give it a handful of weeks ahead of traveling to take complete impact.

I have identified that most travel vaccinations can be received at your regional wellness division. I chose the wellness division more than my doctor’s workplace mainly because they are set up to do travel vaccinations, whereas a doctor’s workplace could not be.

The only vaccine I was not capable to get locally was Japanese Encephalitis (JE), which I am acquiring considering the fact that I will be spending an extended period of time in Southeast Asia. I went to a travel clinic in Kansas City, which is much less than an hour from exactly where I reside, but was shocked to uncover out this two-round vaccine expenses $740 in total.

I left the clinic, against the nurse’s recommendation, and did much more analysis. I identified that I can get the JE vaccine in Australia for about $200-300 USD, in Bali for $120 USD, or in Thailand for below $20 USD – what a distinction! It is also worth noting that in these nations they have a newer vaccine that only demands a single shot.

The vaccine requires two weeks to take complete impact, but the CDC only recommends it for “travelers who strategy to commit at least 1 month in endemic locations through […] transmission season” or “Short-term […] travelers to endemic locations through the transmission season, if they strategy to travel outdoors an urban location and their activities will raise the danger of exposure.” I am not however confident which route I will take, but I am leaning towards Bali or Thailand and staying in urban locations for these very first two weeks.

What ever you do, speak with your healthcare provider about exactly where you are going and what vaccinations are suitable for you! I am not a healthcare skilled and you need to not base your vaccination choices solely on my or others’ guidance on line!

Travelers’ Insurance coverage

Also coinciding with your wellness is travelers’ insurance coverage. No matter what you do or how lengthy (or quick) your trip is, if you are traveling overseas, get travel insurance coverage! The basic consensus I see on line is that Globe Nomads is a wonderful decision. Seasoned travel bloggers I trust, such as Nomadic Matt, use Globe Nomads and have for years. There are other corporations, but I have not looked into them substantially.

Globe Nomads enables you to customize your strategy primarily based on how lengthy you strategy to travel for. More than the final various months I have searched for costs from a single to twelve months a handful of instances, to identify the least expensive per-month choice. Every time I have come to the exact same conclusion: getting travel insurance coverage for six months at a time will give you the lowest price per month. See the graph beneath for a breakdown of value-per-month expenses.

Pic 3 (Insurance Graph)

I not too long ago bought the six-month Explorer Strategy for $483 USD. That is $80.50 per month, not also poor! Due to the fact I strategy on traveling for a single year, I will just renew my strategy at the finish of the very first six months.

Obtaining Gear

A further aspect of lengthy-term travel prep is creating confident you have the suitable gear. I am not going out and getting all new garments, but there are some essential items I did not currently have. Right here is what I have bought for my travels:

  • Backpack and Luggage Accessories
  • Tech
  • Footwear
  • Miscellaneous

I currently have an iPhone five that nevertheless performs effectively, so I am not investing in a new telephone at this time. I also figure that if the flip flops, sunglasses, or garments I’ve been wearing right here at dwelling give out on me, I can get some new ones wherever I am!

Organizing – Destinations and Activities

I have not however accomplished a lot of analysis on particular activities I want to do in particular locations, but the sources pointed out above are a wonderful location to commence for this variety of preparing as effectively. Most travel blogs have location-particular sections, and there are a slew of location-particular travel books accessible.

Anytime I see a post on Facebook or Twitter about a location I strategy on going to, I normally like to verify it out for suggestions and data on items to do. There are particular activities I undoubtedly want to do at the best that list is snorkeling. I have never ever been and cannot wait to snorkel the Wonderful Barrier Reef and other tropical destinations!

Like I pointed out previously, skilled travelers and travel bloggers are a wonderful resource. A further surefire way to get data and guidance is to ask locals! I like to adhere to folks (travelers or not) on social media who are from exactly where I am going. I also adhere to tourist accounts for these particular areas. Do not hesitate to engage with other people on line: tweet them, message them, e-mail them, and so forth. The worst point that can come about is somebody does not respond. Then, if you do develop a connection with somebody on line, you could just be fortunate sufficient to have a buddy to meet up with on your travels!

I have began to analysis transportation solutions in different areas on line, but have not dug deep into this however. In basic, I like to do a very simple Google search to uncover regional internet websites pertaining to public and national transport systems in different areas. Once more, travel blogs are also a great resource for data on transportation.

I have normally been a spontaneous particular person, in particular when traveling, so I will not be preparing itineraries and booking flights or other modes of transportation months in advance. Even even though I have a rough concept of exactly where I want to go and when, plans alter and I am normally open to new adventures!

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