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I like to give myself sufficient time to discover a city on foot, wandering a bit aimlessly, seeing each the primary attractions as properly as exactly where the locals reside, operate, and play.   Ghent has produced my list of finest cities to wander.  It is not also huge, so you can cover a lot of ground walking.  It does not really feel overly crowded.  However it has the art, restaurants, cafes, and beautiful architecture and cityscapes of important European cities.  It felt just appropriate.

Wandering Ghent

I had so a lot of images to decide on from.  I chosen a wide variety from the grand landmarks to random neighborhood streets, which includes some subtle quirky specifics that give this city its character.  And if you are asking yourself why there are not any images which includes the canals, properly, I have so a lot of favourite images that will be a separate post.

Belgium 2018 666 iPhone


Belgium 2018 758 iPhone


Belgium 2018 643 iPhone


Belgium 2018 591 iPhone

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Belgium 2018 574 iPhone


Belgium 2018 490


Belgium 2018 462


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